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Lindseyallen theory


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Lindseyallen theory

  1. 1. Behaviorism By: Lindsey Allen
  2. 2. Behaviorism Menu What? Who? How? My Classroom
  3. 3. Aspects of Behaviorism Behaviorism- the idea that all behaviors are acquired through conditioning. Conditioning occurs through interaction with the environment. “All behavior can be explained without the need to consider internal mental states or consciousness.” “Man is nothing more than a machine that responds to conditioning.”
  4. 4. Jim trains Dwight!Jim uses a sound on his computer to trick his coworker,Dwight.Every time the noise sounds, he gives Dwight an Altoid.After a while of doing this, he does not give Dwight andAltiod.Dwight sticks his hand out waiting for an Altoid anyway!He also says his mouth tastes bad!This is an example of Conditioning.Menu
  5. 5.  John B. Watson-  Study was based on the experiments of Ivan Pavlov. He claimed that psychology would be concerned only with  Pavlov rang a bell as he fed behavior. dogs.  Each time the dogs heard the bell they knew that a meal was coming, and they salivated.  Pavlov rang the bell without bringing food, but the dogs still salivated.  They had been “conditioned” to salivate at the sound of a bell.John B. Watson
  6. 6.  Skinner developed the theory of “operant B.F Skinner conditioning”. This is the idea that we act the way we do because this behavior has had consequences in the past. For example, if your girlfriend gives you a kiss when you give her flowers, you will probably give her flowers when you want a kiss.Menu
  7. 7. Classroom Uses Positive Reinforcement: If a student performs well academically and receives positive reinforcement or a reward, the student will want to achieve again! Punishment: A student turns in a paper late, and the teacher gives them a zero. The student learns that he must turn in things on time!
  8. 8.  Behavioral change occurs for a reason! The students work for certain things that bring them constructive feelings, and for approval from people they look up to. They learn to change behaviors to please the things they have learned to value. Most behavior is learned and if behaviors can be learned, then they can also be unlearned or relearnedBehaviorism in the ClassroomMenu
  9. 9.  Student’s will receive positive reinforcement when they excel. There will be punishment for all disregards of the rules. Set up a positive learning environment, so my students associate my classroom with good feelings!How I Will Use It!
  10. 10.  I believe that  Students can learn behaviorism can from their mistakes have positive and good deeds to effects on my better help them classroom. how to thrive in life! I want my students to learn how to be well mannered students, and how to succeed!My Views on BehaviorismMenu