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Non fun messages in games


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Lecture 2 or 3 - I'm uncertain

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Non fun messages in games

  1. 1. Må spill være gøy? Linn Søvig
  2. 2. Endgame: Syria Forbudt i Apple App store fordi: Weviewappsdifferentthanbooks or songs, whichwe do not curate. Ifyouwant to criticize a religion, write a book. Ifyouwant to describe sex, write a book or a song, or create a medicalapp. It cangetcomplicated, butwe have decided to not allowcertainkindsofcontent in theApp Store want-to-criticize-religion-write-a-book-dont-
  3. 3. Endgame: Syria Hvorfor er det ok å ikke sensurere bøker og musikk, men spill? Når er det for tidlig å ”leke” nyheter
  4. 4. Super ColombineMassacre RPG
  5. 5. Galt, ekkelt eller brilliant?
  6. 6. BrendaBrathwaite Train (or how I dumpedelectricity and learned to love design) Everyother medium captures and expressesdifficultemotions %28or-How-I-Dumped
  7. 7. To play ”A freeactivity standing quiteconsciouslyoutside ”ordinary” life as being ”notserious”, but at the same time absorbingtheplayerintensely and utterly. It is an activityconnectedwith no material interest, and no profitcan be gained by it. It proceedswithinitsown proper boundatiresof time and spaceaccording to fixedrules and in an orderlymanner. It promotestheformationofsocialgroupings, which tend to surroundthemselveswithsecrecy and to stress theirdifference from thecommonworld by disguise or othermeans.” - Johann Huizinga ”Homo Ludens: A Study ofthe Play Element in Culture” (1955)
  8. 8. Hva betyr det … å spille? å utvikle et dataspill?
  9. 9. Er dataspill … en måte å være sosial med teknologi? en ny form for dialog? kommunikasjon?
  10. 10. Parodi Jetset – a game for airports
  11. 11. Konflikt
  12. 12. Problemet med læring og spill
  13. 13. Historie
  14. 14. Følelser
  15. 15. Minimalist Gaming
  16. 16. Hva vil du kommunisere?