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Be thou my vision ***


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Be thou my vision ***

  1. 1. Be Thou My Vision Traditional Irish Hymn 8th Centurytranslated Mary Elizabeth Byrne 1905 From Voices United hymnbook
  2. 2. Be thou my vision, O Joy of my heartNaught be all else to me save that thou artThou my best thought, by day or by nightWaking or sleeping thy presence my light.
  3. 3. Be thou my wisdom, my calm in all strifeI ever with thee and thou in my lifeThou loving parent, thy child I might beThou in me dwelling and I one with thee
  4. 4. Be thou my battle shield through day and nightBe thou my dignity, thou my delightThou my soul’s shelter, thou my high towerRaise thou me heavenwardO Power of my power.
  5. 5. Riches I need not, nor life’s empty praiseThou mine inheritance, now and alwaysThou and thou only, first in my heartWealth beyond measure, my treasure thou art.
  6. 6. Life in all life art thou, life beyond death Be with me always with each lasting breathHeart of my own heart, whatever befall Still be my vision, O Lover of all.