China online video alliance advertising strategy


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How to advertise in China online video market.
Among those video sites, what are the commons?
How copyright battle is going to affect
the content, therefore the video sites?

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China online video alliance advertising strategy

  1. 1. Online Video Alliance Advertising Advantages Present by 2012.5
  2. 2. When talking about online videosites, what are the namespopping into your head?
  3. 3. Online video allianceTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
  4. 4. How marketers normallychoose online video sites?
  5. 5. 5 Key factorsImpression PriceRanking 22% 38% 15% 15% 10% Media Attributes & Ad formats (targeting)The experience of Mediaa media planner Relations Data Source: hdtMEDIA Agency Survey
  6. 6. The problems Cross Site On Target Frequency Control Cost Efficiency Impression Investment
  7. 7. We can happily tell youthat we have a solution tothese through our OVA
  8. 8. It is Content that keeps people govisiting online video site frequently
  9. 9. 2011 x8 2010That is why the copy right price for onlinevideo content has increased like hell
  10. 10. The battle Online Copyright Video VSYouku & Tudou has merged early this yearQiyi, Sohu video & QQ video has formed Copyright price has decreasedVideo Content Corporation 50% compare to end of year 2011From exclusive content to content share
  11. 11. Online video content structure For now and the near future European/US ExclusiveTier 1 video sites Exclusive content Content Content UGCTier 2 video sites Website produced WebsiteTier 3 video sites content produced Domestic/Asian content Content Website produced content
  12. 12. 75% people visit more thanone online video site to getcontent People are loyal to content, not media 67% people often use search to find video content Data Source: hdtMEDIA Survey
  13. 13. Large video site can cover more than 50%of the online viewers. In another words,they fail to reach the rest 40%+Advertising not only about impressions, but about people Among ?% of those people are actually your Target Audience Data Source: hdtMEDIA Survey
  14. 14. Big video sites Right people
  15. 15. Right Content Right people
  16. 16. OVA Purchase Through ContentWe reach your TA through all video sites
  17. 17. OurAbilities Content Target People OVA Guaranteed inventory Frequency Low Cost Per TA Control (JS code) Targeting through content, all video websites coverage
  18. 18. Ad format – 15’/30’ pre-roll
  19. 19. Price Rate Card Net Cost CPM 90 60% CPM 54
  20. 20. We Look forward to hearing from you! hdtMEDIA 2012.5