China digital media scene by the end of 2012


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The most updated digital media scene of China - written on Dec. 2012

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China digital media scene by the end of 2012

  1. 1. A Digital Media ViewNana LinDec. 2012
  2. 2. 1 Digital Market in the World
  3. 3. The population of Netizen Worldwide internet penetration2,405,510,175 34.3 %7,012,519,841 The population of the world Source: United Nations, Jun. 2012
  4. 4. Asian Internet Users Top the WorldInternet Users in the World by Geographic Regions, 2012 1,077 million Internet users 4 Source: Jun. 2012
  5. 5. US Internet Ad Market Keeps a Steady Growth 5 Source: IAB internet advertising revenue report Oct. 2012
  6. 6. Internet Ad Still Has a Big Space to Grow % of Time Spend in Media vs. % of Advertising Spending, 2011 Internet Ad $30Billion Mobile Ad $1.6Billion 6 Source: IAB internet advertising revenue report
  7. 7. Facebook Over 1,000,000,000 Users 26% YOY 20min time spend per visit 7 Source: Facebook
  8. 8. Facebook 86% Revenue from Advertising, 36% YOY Source: Yahoo Finance
  9. 9. Facebook 14% ad revenue from Mobile Completely acquisition with Instagram Completely rebuilt Facebook for iOS for faster and more reliable 9 performance Source: Facebook
  10. 10. Facebook 10 Source:
  11. 11. Google Ad Formats – FY 2012, USA Search Ad $8.16Billion 2% YOY 11 Source: IAB internet advertising revenue report Oct. 2012
  12. 12. Google 77% Revenue from Advertising Revenue, 45% YOY 18% Ad Revenue from Mobile Bring Chrome desktop browser to Android & Iphone devices. Acquires Motorola Mobility 12 Publish Chrome OS system notebook Source: Yahoo Finance
  13. 13. Yahoo! Revenue flat YOY Launch IntoNow 3.0, an innovative and fun way to connect with friends and get more from TV experience. 13 Source: Yahoo Finance
  14. 14. Implications for us Despite ongoing economic hurdles worldwide, Internet ad market keeps steady growth. Comparing to offline media ad budget allocation vs. time spend, Internet & Mobile ad market still has a large space to fill in. Digital media companies are fast moving to mobile and have started to benefit from mobile revenue. 14
  15. 15. 2 China Netizen Status
  16. 16. Chinese Netizen Population Tops 392 million Urban Netizen In urban area internet users penetration is over 70%, the next wave increase of internet users will be seen mostly from rural area and elders. 16 Source: Jun. 2012, CNNIC Jul.2012
  17. 17. Chinese Netizen Major Internet Usage Note: HY Increase rate refer to 2012.6 to 2011.12 Comparing to developed country as US, the major purpose of internet usage in China is inclined to entertainment, but functional usage as online banking is also catching up quickly. 17 Source: CNNIC 2012.7
  18. 18. Chinese Netizen Major Internet Usage Average Weekly Time Spend by Media Type Min Chinese Netizens spend more time on online video, portal sites instead of social networking sites and blogging, among those sites, the most frequently visit by week is portal, online shopping & search. 18 Source: Iresearch
  19. 19. 3 In Chinese Consumer’s Mind19
  20. 20. Though Economy is in misty, Chinese ConsumersExpect High China GDP GROWTH, 2007-2012 The Chinese Consumer Index remains steady in the past 3 years though China GDP has dropped from 10.3% to 7.6%. Statistic till end of 2011, the Chinese income per capita has increased 17.9% in Rural and 14.1% in Urban area YOY. According to Mckinsey 2012 annul chinese consumer report, 56% of the interviewed chinese expect their income will increase significantly in the next 5 years. 20 Source: The World Bank, China National Bureau of statistics
  21. 21. Chinese Consumers are Likely to Pay Premium The Chinese are getting richer and under the influence of the western culture, the rising need for better products and services are forged into the lifestyle changing phase in which the majority of Chinese people are experiencing. China is well known for manufacture as well as its bad quality control, with the frequent reporting of fake and low quality products such as chemical eggs, poisoned milk powers, the Chinese consumer is very cautious about quality and they are willing to pay premium price for better quality. Source: McKinsey Annual Chinese Consumer Survey (2011-2012) 21
  22. 22. Same as Chinese, but Thinking Differently Apparently, China is huge and sophisticated that people behaves differently per city tiers, result from different economy growth and culture influence. Comparing Tier 2 & 3 consumers, Tier 2 consumers show a strong increase tendency in buying better products and services, whereas tier 3 consumers are intend to buying more in large quantity and more frequently. Tier 1 consumer are more into new products, and tier 4 for covering basic life needs. Source: McKinsey Annual Chinese Consumer Survey (2011-2012) 22
  23. 23. A New Trend of Consumer Spending Behaviour is rising With the increasing buying power of 70s, 80s, a new trend of consumer spending behaviours is rising as people are more brand driven.Old Value Seeking good value for money, resisting impulse buying, and spending considerable time researching purchases. New Value Consumption of the sort typified by westerners, whether a product reflects the user’s sense of individuality. Due to a busy lifestyle, shoppers are likely to rely on additional ways to purchase, notably internet, other than retail store. 23 Source: McKinsey Annual Chinese Consumer Survey (2011-2012)
  24. 24. Implications for us Chinese consumers’ buying power will continue increase along with the fast urbanization pace. High quality assurance is driven the need for Chinese consumers’ willingness to pay premium. The old value of price preference purchase behavior will gradually be replaced by brand/self indulgency toward. 24
  25. 25. 4 China Digital Media & Ad Market Status
  26. 26. China Accelerates Building Internet Infrastructure With the government driving “The national 12th-5-year plan” and “3-screen project”, broadband facilities have been fast setting up nationally. 73% of Chinese Netizen is broadband users, with an average of 3.2Mbps bandwidth, and in 5 years, China is aiming at improving the bandwidth to 20Mbps China has now more than 2,500,000 websites, with an increase rate of 36.6% YOY Source : CNNIC 2012.7, China Daily
  27. 27. Traditional Media Ad Resource Shrink in 2012 Due to a series of regulations on TV ads, TV ad resource keeps shrinking since 2011, Print media in China is kept losing readership, and in transit to content digitalization. 27 Source : CTR 2012
  28. 28. Radio ad Cost Keeps Growing, Newspaper Plunges % Change Ad Rate Card Cost 2012 Q1 vs. 2011 Q1 28 Source : CTR 2012.1-2012.6
  29. 29. China Internet Ad Market keeps the momentum 29 Source : Iresearch
  30. 30. Internet Ad Still Has a Big Space to Grow % of Time Spend in Media vs. % of Advertising Spending*, FY2012 *Analysis Data without Outdoor 30 Source: CNRS Jun 2012, AC Neilson 2012, Iresearch
  31. 31. Display Ads in China Remain BIG Generating impressions is still the first priority for marketers to build brand awareness and an important KPI to measure online campaign. Branding is one of the major purposes for online campaign planning. 31 Source : Iresearch
  32. 32. Display Ads Income is Still the Major Revenue for Portal Sites Display Ads Revenue by Media Types The majority portal sites have diversified its business to video, social and these may turn into additional revenues. The big events in 2012 as Olympic, help bring in more ad income for portal sites Major Portal Sites Revenue Though the major display ads revenue still goes to big portals, some portal site is converting to sell parts of banner ad placements through RTB, which will bring down the display ads price in the near future. 32 Source : Iresearch
  33. 33. RTB – The Future to Buy Display Ads in China? RTB on display ads allows advertisers to buy ads in real time based on a pairing of audience data with publisher-served impressions. Japan started to adopt the RTB mode this year and a $200million media purchase is predicted. With the current media agency & ad network vendors taking lead into developing RTB system, we will see China make the next big leap into the new ad-purchase territory as soon as in 2013.Source: 33
  34. 34. What RTB means for Marketers? Marketers will benefit in Media Buying, because RTB enables ad to be bought in Real Time at a Competitive Price. Marketers will benefit from Ad Efficiency, because RTB enables On-Target Ads and . cross site Frequency Control. Marketers will benefit from obtaining TA, because RTB enables to build TA database and Bring New Insights 34
  35. 35. How can Accuen help? Accuen can target those who have visited your Official Site Accuen can target those who have searched for your brand/product Accuen can target those who read your brand related content. 35
  36. 36. Tencent – Too Powerful to Neglect Simultaneously online users peak reach 167,300,000 An average account has 70 friends Comparing to Youku, Sohu Video, QQ video starts late, but now powering up. It aims at the hulu style,IM Account in not only domestic but overseas content as Active and brings Reach 721,000,000 CSI, Modern Family, a total of 24 shows, so as Hollywood movies. Over 50% active accounts has QQ show Monthly UV over 380,000,000, covering up to 70% Chinese netizen QQ onAge 19-30 quite common used for young students also for those mobile is users take up to 54% netizens in low tier cities in which they surf internet through their feature phones for browsing news (QQ WAP, QQ IE), IM, QQzone and etc. The biggest SNS in China for blogging, photo sharing Daily UV 37,000,000 36 Source : QQ 2012 Q1 Revenue Report
  37. 37. Tencent – The Next “Serious” Portal to be ? Though Tencent has a large user base originated from its IM, it is trying very hard converting its image from low tier younger user favorites, to a high-end serious news portal, as its rival SINA. Tencent is enhancing its news and big event report ability. In 2012 EuroCup and London Olympics, Tencent has showed influence in its news coverage effectiveness, building interactions with athletes through QQ Weibo and Wechat. 37
  38. 38. Tencent – Wechat, Marketing Sword for O2O? Location based Mobile Social Tool QR Code Integration O2O Restaurant Chain Xiapu encourages consumers to add its Wechat account by scanning its users - Over 200million QR code and immediately becomes a member to receive discount price. Available on IOS, Android, -. windows Phone & Symbian Nike utilize Wechat to support its Support Text, Voice & Video - offline events. Fans will Chat receive tasks and achieve badges, collecting 5 badges then can receive a gift. Social Chat by Interests Group Easy to share Durex to maintain daily intimate communications and interactions with Fans through WeChat. 38
  39. 39. Search Keyword Ads Keep Steady Increase Search ads in China are in various formats. The total search budget could take up to 40%, and with the popular usage of mobile and vertical search, search ads will keep a steady growth.Search Queries Traffic, 2012 Q2 Sogou, which is owned by Sohu, is catching up quickly. Its popular products: Sogou text input, Sogou IE, has brought in certain amount of loyal student users , and helped convert users to Sogou search. 77% search market revenue 39 Source : Iresearch
  40. 40. Baidu – The search Giant, or next Portal site to be?Mobile Search Queries Traffic, 2012 Q2 In mobile search, Baidu is still no.1 search engine, but its leading position is catching up by Easou, a local company focused on mobile search since 1999. Instead of mobile browser search, baidu is extending to mobile app and in-app search. Through Baidu app to conduct in-app search, user can play video, music directly from clicking on search result. 40 Source: iiMedia Research
  41. 41. Baidu – The search Giant, or next Portal site to be? Besides enhancing its search business, Baidu is aiming at diverse its business based on the insights from people’s search behavior. Online Music Platform Baidu has integrated Baidu MP3, TT player and Baidu Ting into a new platform as to provide tons of original music. Online News platform Baidu News Internet platform is an aggregation of information from many news resources, and this gives readers a wider choice of information and in-time news updates. Baidu recently launched its news app, which personalize new info. based on user’s interest, this way of filtering information fits into this fast pace and info. junky world, and now Baidu new app is the no.1 download on Android market. 41
  42. 42. Vertical Search, Another Area to Expect FastGrowth Vertical Search Ad Market Revenue The fast growth of vertical search mainly benefit from E-commerce. 42 Source : Iresearch
  43. 43. Vertical Search, Another Area to Expect FastGrowth Netizen Search by Media Type 2012 Search within websites Though comparing to generic and in-site search, vertical search showed a relative small percentage of usage, mainly due to lack of awareness, with dominant media vendors start to convert their in-site search into vertical search (Youku: Soku, Taobao: etao, Baidu: Qunar), we foresee a netizen search behavior change. 43 Source : CNNIC 2012
  44. 44. 44
  45. 45. Online Video, A Battlefield for Marketers -65% of total netizens -Daily average user spending time reach 35min. The amount of online video users has increased dramatically in the past 5 years. Since video sites provide a wider choice of contents and play on user demand, It increasingly occupies users’ time. With the government enhancing regulations on TV According to the survey report, content & ads, more and more TV stations considered post-80s users have decreased Internet as the second important content distribution TV view time by 65% in the past channel. 2 years. 45 Source : Iresearch
  46. 46. Online Video Sites are Turning Profitable The majority of video sites income comes from ad revenue, whereas in the past 2 years, with the high cost of copy right purchase, most of them couldn’t make profits. By the end of this year, with more and more marketers invest in video ads, and the cost of copy right falls back to a normal range, video sites will eventually start to be profitable in the following years. 46 Source : Iresearch
  47. 47. Since the merge in early 2012, the two video sites joined venture take up to21% of total online video ad market share, and cover 70% of online viewers. After the merge, youku & tudou has made big moves to enhance its no.1 online video site position. Import Contents - Paid membership to 2 million Sign with Sony Picture, DreamWorks, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, NBC, Lions Gate Films & Disney for hundreds of movie copyrights. Develop Contents - In-depth cross media relationship Produce Micro-film, talent shows with well known directors and TV producers Mobile System-level integration with IOS 47 Source : Youku Revenue Report Q1 & Q2 2012
  48. 48. Client-Side Video, Reach High Stickiness Youth Compared to webpage video sites as Youku, client-side video mainly focus on long length content, and they reach a different type of users (Age 18-35). Client-side Video User by Age Group Visitor Overlap 16.27% Client-side video daily average time spend per person is 50mins 48 Source : Iresearch, Nielson research Q2, 2012
  49. 49. Online Video Sites For Marketers - I It is most commonly used among video sites to purchase copyright through copyright distribution or exchange instead of exclusive copyright due to the high cost. This will lead to the fact that there are less content differentiations among video sites. Video ad as a complement to TV ad, but better deal Enhance Brand Engagement 15’ Pre-roll video ads and various types of video ad formats is able TV to deliver rich interactive content to users and the engagement rate is higher than regular banners. Result Traceable Through online video ads, you not only can see the average ad view time, also identify the users following behaviors. Cost Efficiency & Targetable Online video ads can be delivered by geographic/content, and have a much lower cost than TV ads. Online Video 49
  50. 50. Online Video Sites For Marketers - II Branded Content, Easily engage & Influence Branded content is - A form of content produced by a brand through entertainment to build consumer knowledge and affinity of the brand. The way to use branded content varies from product placement, program sponsorship, custom programs, game developing, micro-movies, “how to” videos, Apps and etc. 50
  51. 51. 51
  52. 52. Cannes Branded Content Bronze, 201252
  53. 53. Content – Brand Will Become Media? Driven by social media, many brands have started to produce their own content, but sooner or later, brands will need to build their own media empires. Because much of the content that tends to do the best is oftentimes associated with current news or highly relevant social issues. In another words, brands need to team up agency partners to catch the real-time pulse and make efforts. Source : 53
  54. 54. Social media is never a simple media touch is a platform where we understand, engageand influence our target audience. We need Tools to listen, analysis our TA’s social behavior to understand them and get insights. We need Strategy to guide overall content development and campaign deployment We need a Team to react & response fast 54
  55. 55. Sina Weibo, Mobile is the Great Accelerator According to Iresearch, the traffic of Sina weibo usage from mobile has exceed PC in 2012. - Total Users exceed 368million Sina weibo mobile - Daily Active User 36.5million ads keywords targeting - Active user mainly age 20-40, white collar, tier 1 city - Average Daily Time Spend 16mins - Daily Visit 3.1 times 55 Source : SINA Revenue Report Q2 2012, Iresearch
  56. 56. Sina Weibo for Marketer - Daily Communication Durex Weibo Account sends out on average 10 pieces of information daily, the majority messages include a picture Among those forward over 1000 messages, less products info., more related to audience, the tone of content is funny. 56
  57. 57. Sina Weibo for Marketer – Follow the Big Event At 9:30pm on 6th Aug London Olympics, Chinese athlete Chen YiBing lost golden medal. Most of viewers and sports experts claimed the unfair judgment of scoring. At 10:06pm, Nike post the Weibo on its official JustDoIt account, using the copywriting as: “There isn’t absolutely fair, but there is absolutely great.” This weibo was forwarded 60,000+ within several hours. 57
  58. 58. Sina Weibo for Marketer – Follow the Big Event Chinese athlete Sun Yang broke world record of swimming by 2 seconds’ margin.15million weibo users were talking about him after his 2nd victory in Olympics. Nike post the creative with: “Great is to let world record rushing behind you.” And it achieved near 15,000 forward within 2 days. 58
  59. 59. Renren, In a Critical Transition to Mobile - Total Users 162 million 2012 - Daily Active User 42million 2011 - Active User mainly age 19-30, 2010 student & white collar, tier 1-2 2009 - Average Daily Time spend 12mins 2008 Smiliar to Facebook, Renren has 2007 introduced Timeline to user and brand page layout. This approach is 2006 easier to show/tell brand story. 2005 Renren’s overall strategy is changing to mobile focused, as Born investing in mobile gaming, ads & mobile ecommerce. 59 Source : Renren Revenue Report Q2 2012
  60. 60. 60
  61. 61. Mobile, Tomorrow is Today Netizen by Internet Access Device Mobile Netizen by Age Group Mobile Netizen Urban vs. Rural The composition of mobile netizen contains bigger percentage of rural (27% overall Internet netizen)and younger users (26.6%). mobile is the major drive formobile The amount of China mobile netizen has reached to 388million, and rural area internet coverage, as for recent analysis, 60.4% new netizens from rural area access device has surpassed desktop becoming the No.1 Internet access device. internet through mobile, compared to desktop (45.7%) and laptop (8.7%). 61 Source: CNNIC 2012.7
  62. 62. China, No.1 Smart Phone Market Top 5 Smartphone Markets Share by Shipments, 2012 290millon smartphone users in China The low-cost smartphone (<$200) is the main drive for China smartphone fast adoption. 62 Source: IDC, iiMedia Q2,2012
  63. 63. Chinese Netizen Major Mobile Usage Note: HY Increase rate refer to 2012.6 to 2011.12 Comparing to internet usage, mobile usage is still focused on basic functional usage as text messaging, browsing text-based content and search info. With the 3G/4G prevalence and the increase of connection speed, more variety behaviors will be expected. 63 Source: CNNIC 2012.7
  64. 64. Mobile, the Always-on Screen Market Mobile Ad Market Brands need to focus on mobile, not only from a media perspective, but from an overall marketing communication point of view, Mobile is playing an important role in our consumer’s daily life. From getting info., social to entertainment. 64 Source: Iresearch
  65. 65. What mobile advertising can bring to Brand? Wide Reach, Mass Awareness With 880 million Mobile phone users this year, and mobile becoming the no. 1 way to access internet in China, it’s clear that mobile advertising allows for mass reach, making it a powerful tool for brands to use to drive awareness. Awareness Consideration 65 Preference Purchase
  66. 66. What mobile advertising can bring to Brand? Mobile advertising is not only simple reach. With the right context and relevancy to the said target, it has greater impact in driving consideration & purchase. Targeting, targeting, targeting! Mobile advertising provides unparalleled opportunities for targeting. At a basic level, brands can target by time of day, handset type and operator. Now, location—down to a matter of meters—is also increasingly being offered as another targeting option, meaning brands can target a specific audience outside and even in store with mobile specific messaging. Media bought on portals that collect consumer details enable even more specific targeting based on factors like gender, age, interests, and postal address Awareness Consideration 66 Preference Purchase
  67. 67. What mobile advertising can bring to Brand? Rich Interactivity & Better Engagement Result According to Media Mind 2011 report, an average Mobile ad CTR is much higher at 0.61% compared to the online ad CTR at 0.07%. Rich Media Ad interactivity can include- Call in to a hotline number- Registration- Share to social network- Video link- Map view- Link to web Tap Slide Shake Awareness Consideration 67 Preference Purchase
  68. 68. What mobile advertising can bring to Brand? Product Discovery Mobile banner ads, especially the rich media ones can have unlimited discovery opportunities with features, like scroll, mouse over to know more about each feature of the product or product reviews from other consumers. A great way to bring alive your product catalogue or insert a video ad demonstrating the product in action. - 360’ product exploration - Embedded video to tell product story and build emotion - Swipe to see more photos Awareness Consideration 68 Preference Purchase
  69. 69. Mobile Ad Formats Pros & ConsText Message Wide Reach Cost Effective Targeting Interactivity Can text a large number of people at one time making it a cost effective way to reach a large number of people. Can be very targeted as opt in databases from networks traditionally hold a lot of information such as age, sex and interests There is a danger that your message may be unwelcome and treated as spam. There is a challenge creatively as you need to fit your message into 160 characters including spaces Deployed to All handsets 69
  70. 70. Mobile Ad Formats Pros & ConsBanner (basic) Wide Reach Cost Effective Targeting Interactivity Mass reach and easy and quick to implement. Targeted; on ad networks by handset, operator, time of day and potentially location and, for media owners who collect the data, age, sex, interests etc. Visible and eye catching as often the only ad on the mobile screen and the only thing moving. Limited creative capability Deployed to all handsets can access internet Mobile WAP Sites, Applications 70
  71. 71. Mobile Ad Formats Pros & ConsBanner Wide Reach Cost Effective Targeting Interactivity(expendable) Targeted and experiences high CTRs of 0.61% compared to 0.07% for online ad (MediaMind 2010). As are interactive can be very visually captivating providing a stronger branding experience than basic banner adverts Requires creativity and development; more costly than a basic banner ad. Still relies on people clicking the banner advert to expand it and get the full branding experience. Slightly lower reach as only work on smart phones. Deployed to Smart Phones Mobile WAP Sites, Applications 71
  72. 72. Mobile Ad Formats Pros & ConsIn-App Ads Wide Reach Cost Effective Targeting Interactivity All the benefits of the above banner ads plus allows the user to have an app like experience without downloading an app making these units highly engaging for consumers. Very good media to use for “disposable” app ideas i.e. an app which it is likely consumers will only access once Requires creativity and development; more costly than a basic banner ad. Smaller reach as Only work on iPhones and Android handsets. Small screen size may affect the ad display effect. Deployed to Smart Phones Applications 72
  73. 73. Mobile Site for Marketers With more and more people access internet through mobile, shouldn’t brand have a mobile-friendly site? Consumer Says YES When they visited a mobile-friendly 67% of people say Nearly 75% of that when they visit site, 74% of people prefer a a mobile-friendly people say they’re mobile-friendly site, they’re more more likely to site likely to buy a site’s return to that site product or service in the future 73 Source: Google Mobile Site Research July, 2012
  74. 74. Mobile Browser, the Entrance to Mobile Internet The usage of browser on smartphone by OS 73.1% smartphone users access internet through mobile browser and over 50% mobile netizens use browser in a high frequency on a daily basis. Websites browsed by Netizen The main purpose for using mobile browser is to obtain information. Comparing to social and video usage, which takes longer time and interaction, mobile netizens prefer to access through APP for a richer user interface. 74 Source: CNNIC 2012.7
  75. 75. Mobile Search, An important Way to Drive Traffic How mobile netizens access mobile sites through mobile browser The most common way to access mobile sites is through search engine. What mobile netizen search through search engine 87.3% Mobile Netizens use mobile browsers to search. 75 Source: CNNIC 2012.7
  76. 76. What Mobile Site can bring to Brand?A mobile site is a key asset that can help your brand capitalize on many other opportunitiesmobile has to offer, like Mobile Advertising, QR codes, AR technology, mobile text call to actions.Communicate with Consumers Anytime, Anywhere Unlike traditional websites, mobile sites are accessible anytime, anywhere, and on the go – as long as there’s a data connection. By building a mobile site, brands ensure that they are maximizing their availability to consumers. Mobile sites put brands wherever consumers might need them, whenever they want: in store as a result of seeing their product, on the couch after seeing a product advert on TV, or in the kitchen while thinking about what to cook for dinner. 76
  77. 77. What Mobile Site can bring to Brand? Unique Opportunities for Engagement Mobile sites have unique features and capabilities not found on websites. From a basic mobile site, consumers can click to find their way to a restaurant or store and click to call and make a reservation. They can personalize their phones with branded content such as a ringtone or wallpaper. And with newer HTML5 sites, they can interact even further by tipping the phone or blowing into the receiver making the user experience even more fun and engaging. 77
  78. 78. Mobile APPs for Marketers APPS in Apple Store 78 Source: Apple Q3 Revenue Report, 2012
  79. 79. Mobile APPs for Marketers Disposable APPs An app which it is likely consumer only access once 79
  80. 80. Mobile APPs for Marketers Marketers are recognizing mobile apps as a relevant tactic for brand awareness and engagement as well as personal productivity and connectivity. Entertainment Brand Butlers Tools Enhance brand Support end customers Help audiences or customers engagement and create the most of their do their jobs fun, through games and daily lives and tasks. more efficiently and branded activity. effectively. 80
  81. 81. Zhanghua introduced a Mobile game app with game-like-mentor program built into it for students. The game idea revolves around the concept of Army where Generals help guide their student force to perform better. Inspired by Unilever’s well known ‘Huang Pu Military Academy’ tag in China marketing industry.• Gamified 3D visual designed battle field• 2-ways to explore the battle field (SOS - ask question and March - quiz)• Social account log-in• Communicate via voice• Shake the phone for career tips 81
  82. 82. Coca Cola fully utilized cross screen opportunity through this fun app.The game is designed along with Coca cola commercial music. Whenits TV ads on, users who play this game, are eligible for lottery. 82
  83. 83. Lee Kum Kee make an effort to encourage Chinese users to prepare home cooked meals by developing an APP to guide people to cook.- Today’s recommendation: Shake for the choice of 3 daily recommend recipes- Ingredient list: Add recipe & ingredient to shopping list.- Latest promotion news: Latest products & promotion news.- Photo Sharing by social platform- Unit Conversion- Official online store link : Online shopping address 83
  84. 84. Change the mood of a photo with the GE MoodCam™! Take a picture of a room (or any scene!), then watch the mood change as you shift the lighting using the GE Moodometer™. Learn how to create the look at home, and even save a shopping list for a quick, easy way to find the right light bulbs in the lighting aisle.GE MoodCam 84
  85. 85. GE China Box is a useful tool for GE employees and customers to keep updated with everything happens with GE as well as industry news.- Online content to be synchronized in real time- Offline capabilities to interact with all downloaded content- Flexible mobility architecture – with capability to display differentcontent format: from text files to PDF; from images to videos, HTMLand more 85
  86. 86. The Dell IT Executive Network (ITEN) app puts in one place the industry content in the world for IT Executives. Constantly updating with great new content from Dell and around the world, the app will also feature exclusive content from the Dell World event.• Content is available in the form of audio, video, PDF, web content• Share content via email, Facebook, and Twitter• Latest in solution specific content (i.e., Cloud, Virtualization, HPC, etc)• Content filtering available by topic• Download and save content for viewing later 86
  87. 87. Dell Mobile is a complete product app all its product lines: desktop computers, laptops, monitors, printers and etc. User can place direct order through this app and trace the delivery process. This App is also connect to Dell service center.- Compare up to three choices side by side- Read product reviews and ratings- Open our advisor tool, instant Dell recommendations- Track your order status- Scan your Dell service tag to check warranty and get support 87
  88. 88. Mobile Technologies for Marketers IR (Image Recognition) AR (Augment Reality)Everyone who has a camera AR allows for putting life back intoenabled phone can use IR if a print & publishing. A print ad or ancertain Mobile APP offers the IR image can effectively be turned into atechnology. Content on a snap website or detailed informationof a picture. On the go, browser. A static pack shot image canespecially at point of purchase. augment itself to give a sight & sound of that product in action or recipe. NFC(Near Field Comm.) QR Code NFC is perfect for more secure applications like paying for things orVisual way to connect digital securely logging in at a location since itinformation to physical locations. only works if the 2 devices are in veryOnce user knows how to use QR close contact.code with camera and has GPSdownloaded thereader, it is a sticky behavior.. GPS enables brands to easily include event or retail finder into their digital & marketing programs. A very effective way drive in-store or in-event traffic. And for users to easily search nearby information. 88
  89. 89. 89
  90. 90. 5 An Outlook for the Near Future
  91. 91. China, the Major Drive of the Global EconomyGrowth in the Next 10 Years
  92. 92. China, the No.2 Digital Media Country in 2014 China is set to become the world’s second-largest advertising market in 2013, and the second-largest digital advertising market the following year, behind the US. Source: 92
  93. 93. Source: Xinhua Net
  94. 94. The World Will be in Connected Through Multi-screens Multi-screen life will make us less focused in one screen, but switch fast among. 49% People when watch TV, Mobile Device 77% will have another device in hand 34% PC/Laptop 94 Source: Google Study
  95. 95. Smarter Screen & Mobile Device Drive Always On Markerless AR – a combination of AR and pattern recognition – where images are fired up based on a visual cue in the camera as opposed to GPS position.Google introduced Ingress, A world-wideAlternate Reality Game. transforms the realworld into the landscape for a global game ofmystery, intrigue, and competition. 95 Source: China Market and Media Trends, phd
  96. 96. Offline to Online, or The Other Way Around? PayPal is testing a new mobile shopping initiative that allows customers to point and purchase using QR codes. PayPal has created catalog “mobile shopping walls” in 15 metro stations in Singapore. 96
  97. 97. Offline to Online, or The Other Way Around? Perch’s displays helps consumer to get more info. about the shoes from retail store, e.g. what other colors it’s available in, how it could be styled. When you lift it from the counter, interactive surface shows details about the brand, model and price. 97
  98. 98. Offline to Online, or The Other Way Around? Uber allows you to order a black car to come to your location via the mobile app, and then watch it come to you as the app tracks the car via GPS. Payments are handled automatically by charging the card you have on file, and it costs at least 50% more than a taxi. 98
  99. 99. Offline to Online, or The Other Way Around? BaubleBar, a two-year-old online retailer of affordably priced jewelry. On Oct. 17, the company opened its first shop at 230 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Much of the merchandise will be exclusive to the Fifth Avenue location, catering to regional tastes, trends and styles. Impatient shoppers will be able to stop by for more immediate purchases and shop with their friends. BaubleBar, in turn, will track buying trends and interact with customers as a means to inform its overall merchandising strategy. 99
  100. 100. Thank you!