2012 china digital media scene


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A brief intro. of China digital media market including: display, video, social, mobile ad market analysis.

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2012 china digital media scene

  1. 1. n e c e a S d i re Me en mo tal ev igi ch ieve a D a yo u h in h el p 2 C c an 0 1 D IA2 tM E hd Nana Lin 2012. 2
  2. 2. Agenda‣ 2012 China Online Market Status Update‣ Display Advertising Market‣ Online Video Advertising Market‣ Social Advertising Market‣ Mobile Market‣ 2012 Olympic Marketing
  3. 3. hdtMEDIA is China’s Leading Integrated Online Advertising Platform Brief Management Analytics & Reporting P AM UA Media Planning Real Time Optimization U B DR Ad Serving / DSP LK I IE E ST N HE E C Iresearch/CNNIC/DCCI/ MillwardBrown/R Comscore/CMMS DoubleClick R EhdtMEDIA integrated online advertising platform bridges marketers andpublishers. This leading platform covers over 80% chinese internet users,deploying display ads over major portal, video, social and vertical websites.
  4. 4. China Online Market is Fast Growing, Nation Coverage up to 38%User in Millions 513 457 384 Total Internet User 298 Rural 200 84 106 125 136 29 2007 2008 2009 2010 CNNIC 29th China Internet Statistic Report Jan.2012 2011With the government driving the “The national 12th-5-year plan” and Tier 1-3 City Internet Coverage“3-screen project”, broadband facilities have been fast setting up 65%nationally and internet access has become a necessity in tier 1 cities. 43%In the rural part of China, Internet penetration rate grows evenfaster. For the advertiser to reach low tier cities, internet starts to 20%play an increasingly important role. Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
  5. 5. Mainly reach < 40 age group increasingly time consumptionAvg. time spent hour/day Addictive TV Internet users almost spend the Internet same amount of time on Internet and TV daily and the time spend on Broadcast Newspaper Internet will keep increasing due to Magazine the massive choices of content, easy & fun to social and interact. CMMS Summer 2007 – Summer 2011 Internet Penetration by Age GroupNot just for Youth anymore 10-19 69% Internet gained larger percentage of reach to age 20-29 73% 30-39 in 2011, creating more opportunities for marketers to reach those stable-income group. 30-39 51% Huge potential for E-commerce. 40-49 25% >50 7% 0% 80% CNNIC 29th China Internet Statistic Report Jan.2012
  6. 6. China Internet Ad Market Maintains the Fastest Growth(Billions) 90 2011 85.1 12% 2010 75.9 45 7% 37.4 46% 39 36.5 15% 25.6 24.1 21 0 TV Internet Print Outdoor DCCI Internet Marketing Trend Report Jan.2012 With more and more marketers get into digital thinking and shift traditional ad budget into digital market, Internet ad market will keep an even faster growth up to 50% in 2012. With users’ fast adaption to smartphone and tablet, we expect to see new opportunity and growth in mobile internet ad market as well.
  7. 7. China Display Ad Market will remain BIG 43%% of display ad budget Generating massive impressions is still the first 41% priority for marketers to 40% build brand image and an 39% important KPI to measure online campaign. 38% Whereas, marketers have2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014E become more sophisticated in planning display ads to Emarkers Nov.2011 reach more target audience. Display Ads Main Vendor Ad network Market (Billions) 7.7 An increase of ad network 5.9 budget and a decrease % of 42% 4.6 portal display ad budget 32% 3.6 shift to ad network is 26% 2.9 foreseen, due to ad network’s capability in cross-website coverage and Portal Ad Network Others 2010 2011 2012E 2013E 2014E targeting technology. DCCI Internet Marketing Trend Report Jan.2012
  8. 8. hdtMEDIA Ad Network Help Marketers Achieve Better Display Ads Result Over... Massive coverage, up to 80% of China Coverage Internet Users, effectively reach Tier1-3 cities. Targeting Optimization Real time campaign monitor andTechnology driven, deploy ads through optimization over websites,major types of targeting methods: keywords and creativeContextual/Behavioral/Geographic/Affinity/Demographic/Day part TransparencyPerformance/ROI Client side control enable real time data report. Open to the majority of third-party data monitorsProven result on achieve campaignKPIs, deliver high brand marketing ROI Control Frequency control, reduce coverage redundancy due to websites overlap
  9. 9. China Online Video Users Still keep a fast growth 325 Online Video User 284 240 202 160 63% of total internet users 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 CNNIC 29th China Internet Statistic Report Jan.2012The increasingly amount of online video content hasplayed an important role in driving more onlineusers to video sites. Whereas, with the rising price 10-19of copy right, the earning from selling ad spots is not 13% 15% 20-29 30-39enough to cover the cost. Nowadays, very few >40video websites are profitable. 21%As for marketers, to mix brand image with content 51%will be more effective. We foresee branded contentthe next big thing for online video advertising . CNNIC 29th China Internet Statistic Report Jan.2012
  10. 10. China Online Video Ad Market has Better Opportunity vs. TV Online Video Time Spend Post-80s online video users decrease TV view time by 1500MMh 63% GroupM research X12 784MMh 124MMh 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 SARFT TV regulations on Entertainment content & no insert ad during TV show Online Video Ad Market Doubled (Billion) 3.64 X2CCTV ad price Increase 1.7512.5%, Hunan TV increase 0.21 0.43 0.8854% on average. 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
  11. 11. China Online Video Ad Market The Challenges ‣ Redundancy The overlap among major video portal sites are as high as 60%, cross-site frequency control is difficult to achieve ‣ Targeting Major ad spots on video portal sites are not able to conduct demographic targeting. Advertisers have to target their audience through the choice of certain TV series ‣ Price A overall of 50% ad price inflation is expected, additional cost over geographic targeting
  12. 12. hdtMEDIA Online Video Ad Network: Help Marketers Achieve Better Video Ads Result Over... ...... • Overall reach 80% of online video users, covering major video portal sites, portal video channels, client-side video players and provincial TV websites • Prolific ad formats: display, video and rich media ads • Cross-site frequency control
  13. 13. hdtMEDIA Online Video Ad Network: Powerfully reach Tier 1-2 cities, complement TV coverage GRPs hdtMEDIA5000 CCTV1 CCTV 6 HuanTV3750 JiangsuTV25001250 0 Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Tianjin Nanjing Xian Chonging Zhengzhou CSM 2011.8Coverage100% hdtMEDIA TV 50% 0% H2-5 H6-9 H10-13 H14-H17 H18-H21 H22-25 CMMS 2009-2010
  14. 14. China Social Ad Market’s Overall Growth Slow Down, SINA WEIBO TopsTotal User Coverage KAIXIN001(Million) RENREN 98 97 • Social websites like RENREN 74 has shown slight drop in reach more online users • RENREN move to combine 50 online video & e-commerce 45 function in its site. 36 • Interest-based social sites: DOUBAN, Dian Ping gain 2009 2010 traction 2011 CNNIC 29th China Internet Statistic Report Jan.2012 The usage of Micro-blog The usage of non micro- blog social 35% 5% • Become the main portal with over 200MM 2011 registered user account • Shape online user behavior on obtaining customized news 2010 • Start to sell display ad spots on mobile apps CNNIC 29th China Internet Statistic Report Jan.2012
  15. 15. hdtMEDIA Exclusively Corporate with Sina WEIBO
  16. 16. China Mobile Market: Popular mobile equipments drive mobile internet usageChina Mobile Internet User400 355MM Internet user media behavior X7300 turns to multi-screen view200100 50MM Overlap for China mobile internet user and internet 70% user up to hdtMobile China Mobile Market Report 2012 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 China Smartphone Market CNNIC 29th China Internet Statistic Report Jan.2012 120 111MM Smartphone market penetration reach 20% 90 60 X7 In Tier 1-2 cities, users have more advanced 16MM 30 mobile equipments and common usage of APPs; In rural area, users tend to access WAP sites 0 through mobile phone. 2008 2009 2010 2011 GroupM Mobile Report 2011
  17. 17. hdtMOBILE: Build the cross-media bridge through Multi-screen AdsWide Coverage & Reach Active Interaction WEB WAP IOS & APP Android WEB Effective cost 360 Digital Communication Better ROI
  18. 18. hdtMEDIA Offers Exclusive Opportunity for 2012 Exclusive opportunity for advertiser to sponsor a certain Olympic sport and gain massive impression from display ads through all hdtMEDIA ad network keywords matched webpages in real-time.pingpangChina national pingpang teampingpang matchpingpang playerAnd etc....
  19. 19. hdtMEDIA Offers Exclusive Opportunity for 2012
  20. 20. We are looking forward tohearing from youWe can be find at:17/F, Tower A, Ocean Int’l 7/F, Building C, Income Int’l Room 1213, Metro Plaza, 183Center, 56 Dongsihuan Zhonglu, Tower, 547 TIANMU XI LU, TIANHE BEI LU,Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou+86 10 65916827 +86 21 63178866 +86 20 87557800