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Mei Chen Siang the Sample of website


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Mei Chen Siang the Sample of website

  1. 1. Mei Chen Siang A Food Expert Devoted to Your Needs
  2. 2. 美珍香 SINCE 1946
  3. 3. Mei Chen Siang started a business in the beginning of Taiwan’s economic development in 1946. At that time, while people were struggling to make a living, Mei Cheng Siang proudly provided a wide variety of pastry to broaden people’s horizon in food. Pictured above is what Mei Chen Siang looked like erstwhile.
  4. 4. Mei Chen Siang has always been at the vanguard of the pastry market in Taiwan. As a leader, we made our brand international for lots of military personnel and their families who were away from their homeland. This photo shows Mei Chen Siang’s regular adverts in the newspaper.
  5. 5. These are the window displays for Christmas and New Year, and it was very rare for a traditional society of that time.
  6. 6. American families enjoyed our products immensely, so they have been Mei Chen Siang’s regular customers since 1946.
  7. 7. As a bellwether of the pastry market, Mei Chen Siang regularly visited and introduced high-advanced processes of making pastry from many different countries. Pictured above is the second generation trailblazing associate of the establishment who ventured to Japan to explore and exchange cutting edge concepts of the trade. The Japanese Company he visited reported this memorable event in the intra-journal.
  8. 8. After 60 years, Mei Chen Siang has maintained its versatility to meet the public demands and expectations.
  9. 9. Delicate Foods/Pastries in Mei Chen Siang
  10. 10. Home-Made Sandwich
  11. 11. Home-Made Almond Biscuit
  12. 12. Traditional Cream of Wheat Germ
  13. 13. Crisp Wheat Germ Biscuit
  14. 14. Mei Chen Siang Wafer cream cookies
  15. 15. Taiwanese Pastry
  16. 16. Fresh Home-Made Ham exclusive
  17. 17. Burgers with Crisp French Bread
  18. 18. Classic Pineapple Cakes (the pioneer producer in Taiwan)
  19. 19. Dorayaki (Gateaux)- Soft Pancakes with Sweet Adzuki Beans Mousse
  20. 20. Stay Professional and Keep Contemporary in Serving Exquisite Delicate Foods– Mei Chen Siang