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9 Tips for Facebook Timeline Page Layout

  1. 9things to pay attention to… FACEBOOK TIMELINE FOR PAGES
  2. #1 - LARGER BRANDING IMAGE Now spans the top of the page, making more space available to introduce your page to new users.
  3. #2 - PROFILE PIC Smaller, square thumbnail with a white border. Think about how to use it together.
  4. #3 – NO MORE LANDING TABS The ability to force non-fans to land on a specific page is gone. 
  5. #4 - APPLICATIONS You can still host custom content on your Facebook page and the new layout gives you more room to make a splash with design! You can still ‘gate’ your content so that only people that ‘like’ your page can see it.
  6. #5 - MILESTONES Every company has milestones in their lifetime – opening date, first client, expansion, etc. Add them into the timeline so your clients can get the essence of your company.
  7. #6 - EXPANDED POSTS You can ‘highlight’ important posts that you want people to pay more attention to by expanding them on your timeline. Great for images.
  8. #7 - PINNED PLACEMENT Along with expanding posts, you can also ‘pin’ posts to the top of your page that are useful and important.
  9. #8 – MESSAGING ON FACEBOOK Finally you can accept direct communications from fans on your fan page. Make sure it’s enabled.
  10. #9 – ENGAGEMENT IS STILL KING Facebook has made this transition because it’s looking to filter out the crap and ensure the truly interesting and relevant information is top of the list. Be engaging!