North shore health, beauty and sport march 2014


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We linku2 Health, Beauty, Sport and Recreation services and information for the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast. Local businesses and articles including items on hearing loss, balance and vertigo, facials, nails, preventing poisoning in the home, extreme sports in New Zealand and the paleo diet and recipes. Sponsored by local businesses as follows -
InShape Studio, Whangaparaoa
Northern Arena, Silverdale
Dynamic Martial Arts, Silverdale
Bronz Hair Design, Gulf Harbour
Ultimate Circuit Gym, Whangaparaoa
Rodney Wayne Glenfield
Horse Riding Warkworth
Positive Parenting NZ, Hibiscus Coast
Ti Tree Hills Horse Treks, Waiwera
Pacific Cheerleaders, Silverdale
Chris Lewis Alcohol and Drug Advisor

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North shore health, beauty and sport march 2014

  1. 1. Section Sponsors: Gold Sponsors: GULF HARBOUR Silver and Bronze Sponsors: GLENFIELD
  2. 2. Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention Dizziness and Vertigo – Causes and Prevention The History of Bungee Jumping Extreme Sports in New Zealand Paleo Diet Recipes What is the Paleo Diet ? Beautiful Nails – What are the Options? Top Tips to Keep your Nails Beautiful Facials – The Benefits and Types Why Should I Exfoliate? Preventing Poisoning in the Home Poisons in the Home – What to look out for … (Web article) (Print article) (Web video link) (Print article) (Web article) (Print article) (Web article) (Print article) (Web article) (Print article) (Web article) (Print article)
  3. 3. We are all aware hearing is one of our five senses all of which are critical in our understanding of the world around us. Read more …
  4. 4. If you experience lightheadedness, a sensation of losing your balance, or a sense of feeling unsteady, you may be experiencing dizziness or vertigo. Read More …
  5. 5. Henry van Ash and AJ Hackett talk through the history and behind the scenes stories of Bungy Jumping in New Zealand and across the world. This also includes AJ Hackett's Bungy jump from the Eiffel Tower. View a video …
  6. 6. Bunjee Jumping, black water rafting, white water rafting, scuba diving, canyoning, sky diving, you can do them all in New Zealand. Read More …
  7. 7. The Paleo Diet is an effort to eat like we used to back in the day…WAY back in the day. If a caveman couldn’t eat it, neither can you. Read More …
  8. 8. Shrimp and avocado starter, omlette, kale chips and rum infused stir fry. Read more …
  9. 9. Keeping your nails healthy and looking good doesn’t have to take much time or effort. Here are a few tips for healthy, good looking nails. Read More …
  10. 10. We live in an age where beautiful nails are no longer just a luxury. Read More …
  11. 11. Every woman, and often the men, are aware of a facial and how good these are for both the skin and general well being, but what are the different options and benefits. Read More …
  12. 12. Exfoliation is part of a good skin care routine, but don’t overdo it. Read More …
  13. 13. Everyday household items, such as cleaners and medicines, can be poisonous. Read More …
  14. 14. There are many poisons in our homes, some of which are so common we can forget their potential dangers. Read More …
  15. 15. Once again a huge thank you to our local North Shore businesses who support us in bringing this information to you – Section Sponsors – • InShape Studio – Hibiscus and Bays Region Sponsor – Get fit with Pilates, Boxing or Circuits or check out our massage therapists, personal training and Osteopath to keep your body in top condition located in Whangaparaoa we service all fitness needs for the Hibiscus Coast. Plus Baby Buggy fun sessions in Browns Bay and Takapuna Gold Sponsors – • • • • • • • • Bronz Hair Design – Gulf Harbour – Ph: 09 428 4840 – Dynamic Martial Arts – Silverdale – Ph: 021 214 7204 – Horse Riding Warkworth – Warkworth – Ph: 09 425 8517 – View at Linku2 North Shore Northern Arena – Silverdale – Ph: 09 421 9700 – Positive Parenting NZ – Hibiscus Coast and North Shore - Ph: 427 9279 – Rodney Wayne Glenfield – Glenfield – Ph: 09 444 4449 – Ti Tree Hills Horse Treks – Waiwera – Ph: 09 426 7003 – Ultimate Circuit – Whangaparaoa – Ph: 424 0423 – View at Linku2 North Shore Silver and Bronze Sponsors – • • Chris Lewis, Drug and Alcohol Counsellor – Ph: 021 784 194 – Pacific Cheerleaders – Ph: 09 428 3013 –