Hibiscus Coast Babies and Toddlers - Winter 2013 Edition


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We linku2 information, articles and local Hibiscus Coast businesses including midwives, health services, baby and toddler classes, maternity, pre and post natal exercise classes, preschools, childcare and kindergartens

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Hibiscus Coast Babies and Toddlers - Winter 2013 Edition

  1. 1. www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz|WeLinku2|BabiesandToddlers
  2. 2.  Want a Girl? Want a Boy? Myths toInfluence the sex of your Baby Maternity Clothes Tips Sleep Baby Sleep - Part 1 Learning to Swim: The Physical Benefitsfor your Baby Activities for Toddlers Toddler Discipline Already Pregnant: Myths to discover thesex of your Baby Got the clothes - Here are the MaternityStyle Tips Sleep Baby Sleep - Part 2 Learning to Swim: The Emotional Benefitsfor your Baby Craft Ideas for Young Kids (video link) Got the Discipline now make sure you haveToddler Safety in the HomeBabies and ToddlersBusiness ServicesEducation and Training, Clubs and CommunityGetting MarriedHealth and Beauty, Sport and RecreationLiving and LeisureMotor and Marine, Industrial and RuralProperty: Real Estate, Building and DevelopmentSenior LivingShopping and Retail, Wining and DiningVisiting the Hibiscus Coast and RodneyBABIES AND TODDLERSSummer/Autumn 2013www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | We Linku2 | Babies and ToddlersTo feature in this booklet and on our Linku2 website plans startfrom $25 pm.For details phone: 09 428 0204, Email:admin@linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz or visitwww.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | About Linku2 Hibiscus Coast| Advertise with Linku2 Hibiscus Coast(Rates subject to change - for up to date information visit the website)Linku2 Hibiscus Coast Business and Community Servicesare kindly sponsored by Pak n Save Silverdale helping ussupport our local CommunityArticles in this print issue:Visit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | We Linku2for information, articles and local service links for the following -Articles on the web links:
  3. 3. We Linku2 local services, information and articles through ourLinku2 website and print booklets in stands across the area.Our onsite web ―We Linku2‖ sections and print booklets are updated quarterly bringing greatinformation, articles and links to local services over 11 main sections from Babies to Proper-ty, Health to Seniors.Visit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz to find everything you need locally, pick up a free book-let from one of our many stands or download a copy on site.Linku2 also provide on site information including - Free Classified Sales Local Events Calendar Latest news Information on the local area and services (eg bus timetables, rubbish collections, librar-ies, emergency procedures, etc)Plus we run our own unique Fundraising Programme with paying Web and Booklet advertis-ers contributing back into our non-profit community. All local non-profit groups can register toreceive funds.We welcome any feedback and love to be involved with our communityCall us on 09 428 0204 or email admin@linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz.Visit us today at www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz and support ourcommunity to - Go Local, Grow Local ...LINKU2 - WHO ARE WE AND WHAT CAN WEDO FOR YOU?SO WHAT ARE QR CODES?A QR code is a type of bar code with an embedded URL that linksto the internet. By using a QR reading programme on your smartphone you can link directly through the QR code to the link.If you have a smartphone but don‘t have a QR App you can download a QR codescanner free at www.qrstuff.com Or text ―QR‖ to 710 (Vodafone)
  4. 4. WANT A GIRL? WANT A BOY?Some say eat chocolate for a girl or red meatfor a boy. But do these myths work? Well ifyou are keen for a particular sex it can‘t hurtto try. If you are reading this and you arealready pregnant check our onsite article onmyths for finding out the sex.So if you have a particular preference foryour babies sex some say -Its all in the timing...or the directionMany people check their daily horoscope forguidance, so it isn‘t surprising the sameforces can dictate when to make love if youwant to pick your babys sex?If you want a boy... Have sex at night Make love when theres a quarter moon inthe sky Mark your calendar — more boys areconceived on odd days of the month Follow the compass — it is believedpointing the womans head north whileyou make love guarantees a boyIf you want a girl... Do the baby dance when the moon is full Make a date for love in the afternoon Enjoy your pleasures on the even days ofthe monthKeeping your coolIt is believed being relaxed when youconceive means youll have a girl. If youre aworrier it‘s going to be a boy.But temperature may play a role too. Somesay a mans testicles should be cool beforeyou have sex if you want a daughter; for ason, warm them up.This follows the belief about boxers versusbriefs — go for tighty-whities if you want aboy, but hang loose if it‘s a girl you are after.Your child is what you eatMany believe what you eat beforeconceiving may affect what sex appears ninemonths later.If you want a boy... Eat more meat — the redder the better Stick with salty snacks Dads-to-be: Stock up on fizzy sodas,especially cola drinksIf you want a girl... Both partners should eat lots of fish andvegetables Give in to your chocolate craving, or justeat sweets in generalIdeal for newborns to 5 year oldsNeed quality care for your child?Extend your family with us with fun,safe, stimulating and educational carein a warm, loving home environmentPlus 20 free hours care offered toeligible familiesFairy Godmothers Inc  Ph: 424 8868Email: f.g.inc@xtra.co.nzWeb: www.fgi.co.nzProfessional HomeBased Childcare
  5. 5. The joy of sexHow you make love can also be aninfluence.If you want a boy... Lie down after sex and stay there for awhile. That will give the boy sperm achance to beat the girl sperm to the egg Focus on his pleasure — if the malepartner climaxes first, supposedly youreguaranteed a boy Make love standing up Ladies sleep on the left side of yourpartner Try the rear-entry position Give in to seduction — if the man is theone to suggest some baby-making, youllget a boyIf you want a girl... Give the missionary position a go Make love with the woman on top Focus on her pleasure — if the womanorgasms before her partner, this is thesign for a girl Take the lead — if the woman initiatessex, youll get a girlAnd finally ...Some tales can‘t be categorised. ForPersonalised Meal Plans and DeliciousHealthy RecipesCurves 30-minute Total Body WorkoutDaily Motivational Videos and WeeklyOne-on-One Support from a CertifiedCurves Complete CoachWhangaparaoa Curves  Ph: 09 424 0423Facebook Page: Curves WhangaparaoaSee the results© 2012 Curves International, IncWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST MUM AND BABY ACTIVITIESInShape Studio, 55 Karepiro Drive, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 428 2251, Mob:021 888 476E: Helen@inshapestudio.co.nz, W: www.inshapestudio.co.nz - As well as our wide rangeof fitness services we also have popular preg-fit classes, fitness for Mums to be! Get thebest start for you and your baby. Plus after birth special programmes for new mums andbabies are welcome to come along too!Northern Arena, 8 Polarity Rise, Silverdale, Ph: 421 9700E: justinb@northernarena.co.nz, W: www.northernarena.co.nz - Learning to swim isnt anactivity it is an essential life skill! Northern Arena offers learn to swim classes including Ma-nuka Doctor free babies lessons.The Leisure Centre, 159 Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay, Ph: 424 9227E: leisure@aucklandcouncil.govt.nz, W: www.theleisurecentre.co.nz - The Leisure Centreoffers great facilities for kids to give mums a break. Mums can have a coffee at Curl whilethe kids play or take your babies to mums and bubs swim classes or fitness groups.
  6. 6. example, some say if the hairline at the baseof your last childs neck is a ducktail, yournext baby will be a girl. If its straight across,prepare for a boy. Or the babys sex isdetermined by which partner is dominant inthe relationship at the time of conception.MATERNITY CLOTHES TIPSSo why maternity clothes? Why not just wearbigger and baggier clothes? Well unless youwant to just look like a tent your wholepregnancy – and don‘t get me wrong there‘snothing wrong with time out, flopping aroundin a big baggy t-shirt and the hubby‘s boxersbut there are a lot of benefits to wearingmaternity clothes and a range of styles thatare very flattering without having to breakthe budget. Below we have a list of some ofthe best options to have around in yourwardrobe when pregnant and for maternitystyle tips see our onsite article.Don GibsonBaby NamingsMarriage CelebrantCivil UnionsPhone: 426 1284Find out about services Donoffers by scanning this QR codewith your smartphone or tabletDownload a QR code scanner at www.qrstuff.comOr text “QR” to 710 (Vodafone)ALREADY PREGNANT -FIND OUT YOUR BABYSEX?If you are already pregnantand want to find some oldwives‘ tales to help discoveryour baby‘s sex without having to ask atyour ultrasound, scan this QR code forsome fun ways to see if they work for you.Or visit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz |We Linku2 | Babies and Toddlers - Scroll-ing item or link in Summer/Autumn ArticlesWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST BABY AND TODDLER EVENTAND ENTERTAINMENT SERVICESHoyts Hibiscus Coast, 6 Link Crescent, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 488 6000, Fax: 428 4358,W: www.hoyts.co.nz - Weve Made Movies Cheaper on the coast! Come and check outour Mums and Bubs screenings on Wednesdays at 11am!Event Designers, P O Box 83, Orewa Ph: 021 716 713E: hellen@eventdesigners.co.nz, W: www.eventdesigners.co.nz - Baby Showers, Chris-tenings, Birthday Parties - To ensure your event is great every time, call Hellen and theEvent Designers team who can help.Don Gibson, Celebrant and Justice of the Peace, 196 Blackbridge Road, Dairy Flat Ph:426 1284, Fax: 426 1284E: ryedale@xtra.co.nz - Namings, Blessings, Christenings - For a tailormade event to fitevery requirement, Don will help make your babies special day a day to remember.Flowers by Joanne, 12 Bakehouse Lane, Orewa - Phone: 426 5285E: Barbara@flowersbyjoanne.co.nz, W: www.flowersbyjoanne.co.nz - For all your floralrequirements - bouquets, posies, new baby flowers and a wide range of wonderful gifts.Kids Republic, Unit 5, 26 Karepiro Dr, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 428 4831E: kidsrepublic@paradise.net.nz, W: www.kidsrepublic.co.nz
  7. 7. Maternity clothes are designed to makeyou more comfortable in pregnancy. Theyfit differently than regular clothes so thatyou can still move comfortably and enjoygood coverage of your body. What feelsgood to one woman may not feel good toanother.One of the first questions is when should Istart wearing maternity clothes? Well reallyyou should start wearing maternity clotheswhen you can no longer comfortably fit intoyour pre-pregnancy clothes.By having a few essential maternity clothesand combining them with existing, maternityfriendly items in your wardrobe such asshawls, cardigans and more flowing, longertops you can end up with a great variety ofmix and match.So here are a few suggestions on maternitywardrobe wear-Maternity Wear Checklist - Classic T-shirt – Make it stretchy with aneckline with room to grow Mens-style button-down shirt (raid thehubby‘s wardrobe!) - Can be worn withanything for a classic look Black stretch leggings - Comfortablebottoms that go with everything Loose-fitting pants - Roomy pants with anelastic or tie waist, comfortable foreveryday wear Black dress – If you like to go out find aflattering one – this may be one of themore expensive of your maternity itemsbut help you feel really great! Maternity underwear – Important supportfor your breasts, stomach and back Tank top - The most comfortableloungewear Maternity-style blue jeans - These lookgreat with sweaters, tanks, tunics, buttonshirts and jackets Maternity Support tights - Help preventvaricose veins and takes pressure offlegs and feet Fun accessories - Liven up your newwardrobe with necklaces, scarves, andEarly Childhood EducationSpecialized infant and toddler areaStimulating educational programmeHigh staff to child ratiosFully qualified, experienced staffFull time and sessional visitsSafe and secure environmentNursery - Ages 0-2 yearsPreschool - Ages 2-5 yearsSure Start Early Childhood Education26 Brixton Road, ManlyPh: 424 2315  E: sure.start@vodafone.co.nzSureStartWhangaparaoa Kindergarten - 7 Motutapu Ave,Manly, Ph: 424 5130Email: whangaparaoa@naka.co.nzEnrolling now, Limited SpacesVisit or Call Today
  8. 8. more, of course you can use these aftertoo!Final Tips –To finish here are a couple of tips forextended dress wear and that might justsave an awkward situation towards the endof your pregnancy! When your pants get uncomfortably tight,loop a rubber band over the button, thenslip it through the buttonhole and backover the button – and cover with a longshirt. Many womens feet get bigger duringpregnancy. If you find yourself shoppingfor larger shoes, choose slip-ons so youwont have to bend over and lace uptackling your beautiful baby bump!SLEEP BABY SLEEP – Part-1By Kathy Fray(See our onsite article for Part 2 - Do’s and Don’tsRegarding Baby Sleep)When heavily pregnant with your first baby,you can often begin to feel rather swampedwith peoples‘ remarks regarding the pendingsleep deprivation which is going to beset youonce your baby is born…―You should appreciate your peaceful nightsleeps while you can!‖ … ―You know babiesare easier to look after ‗in‘ than ‗out‘!‖ …―You‘ll be falling asleep at 8 o‘clock out ofshear exhaustion, you know – no more latenights for you for a long while‖.Oh, and isn‘t it foul! All that condescending,patronising advice – with the most awful partbeing that you know it‘s actually probablytrue. Unless of course you ordered yourmodel to be a baby with the customisedluxury accessory of being born a greatsleeper – oh no, did you forget to tick thatbox?!Let‘s face it, probably the most insidious partof being a new Parent (primarily a newMummy), is the reality that it can be a jollylong time until you will be able to relish eighthours of uninterrupted sleep again.Certainly, Sleep Deprivation must rate asone of the most challenging difficulties forthe majority of new mothers.You see, when you are woken from anuncompleted ‗sleep cycle‘, and then go backto sleep, the cycle begins all over again fromMATERNITY STYLE TIPS...Now you have your essen-tials read some tips on thebest styles to flatter yourpregnancy bump! Scan thisQR code for styles to make you shine!Or visit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz |We Linku2 | Babies and Toddlers - Scroll-ing item or link in Summer/Autumn Articles
  9. 9. the beginning. So it is very possible to behaving say five 2-hour naps over a 24 hourperiod – but still be REM (Rapid EyeMovement) sleep-deprived. And deprivinghuman-beings of REM-sleep is recognizedas an effective form of torture. Your bodygoes completely out of equilibrium, heavilydue to the homeostatic imbalance within yourbrain‘s neuro-transmitters. You can‘t thinkstraight, you‘re unable to concentrate, youfeel despondent, your body easily becomesunwell – in fact you can even be an unsafedriver!It is no understatement to realise, thatlearning how to teach your new baby to be agood sleeper, can pay huge rewardingdividends to you and your household – andto your baby, as scientific correlations arebeing made between children‘s intelligenceand their sleep patterns.However, the subject of parents directinginfant sleep habits is a topic rife withcontroversy and oozing with ―expert‖opinions. But a good first place to start is tohave a clear-ish understanding of how muchsleep is ―Normal‖ (bearing in mind that theonly one thing we can truly name as―Normal‖ is a cycle on a Washing Machine).We Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST MIDWIVESKathy Fray, Ph: 027 436 4750, Hibiscus Coast and North ShoreW: www.kathyfray.com - Hibiscus Coasts only Orewa based midwife. Friendly, profes-sional and holistic and founder of the caring MotherWise Maternity team.
  10. 10. Here goes… Newborn: About 16-20 hours (say 6-8sleeps of 2-3 hours). 4-6 Week Old: About 16-20 hours (say 4-6 day-sleeps of 2-2½ hours, and eveningsleep of about 5-6 hours, eg 10pm-4am). 2-3 Month Old: About 15-19 hours (say 3-4 day-sleeps of 2-3 hours, and eveningsleep of about 7-8 hours, eg 10pm-6am). 3-4 Month Old: About 15-18 hours (say 3day-sleeps of 2-2½ hours, and overnightsleep of about 9-11 hours, eg 8pm-6am). 4-6 Month Old: About 15-17 hours (say 2-3 day-sleeps of 1½-2½ hours, andovernight sleep of about 10-12 hours, eg7pm-6am). 6-8 Month Old: About 15-16 hours (saymorning & afternoon day-sleeps of 2-2½hours, and overnight sleep of about 10-12hours). 9-12 Month Old: About 14-15 hours (saymorning & afternoon day sleeps of 1½-2hours, and overnight sleep of about 11-12hours, eg 7pm-7am).The topic of Infant Sleep philosophies is anarea where you will need to make someblack and white decisions, based oninformation mostly in shades of gray. Andthe bad news is, that you will be needing torepeat that process on hundreds or eventhousands of parenting decisions as yourwee sweet little darling grows. Our lives areso complicated these days by dataasphyxiation, that parenting instincts can beleft paralyzed by the overload of opposinginformation!Kathy is a wife; mother of three; Orewa basedBABY SLEEPING TIPS...For the golden rules on Do‘sand Don‘ts regarding infantsleep scan this QR code formore advice from KathyFrayOr visit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz |We Linku2 | Babies and Toddlers - Scroll-ing item or link in Summer/Autumn ArticlesWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST PREGNANCY, POST NATAL ANDBABY FITNESSInShape Studio, 55 Karepiro Drive, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 428 2251,Mob: 021 888 476E: Helen@inshapestudio.co.nz, W: www.inshapestudio.co.nz - As well as our widerange of fitness services we also have popular preg-fit classes, fitness for Mums to be!Get the best start for you and your baby.Curves Whangaparaoa, Unit 3, 641 Whangaparaoa Rd, Stanmore Bay, Whangapa-raoa, Ph: 424 0423E: curveswhangaparaoa@xtra.co.nz, W: www.curves.co.nz - Great fitness classes andnutritional information for women. Come and work out in a fun and friendly environment!Dynamic Martial Arts, 4A Agency Lane, Silverdale, Ph: 021 214 7204Email: dave@dynamic.org.nz, Web: www.dynamic.org.nz - We offer a wide range ofclasses that the whole family can enjoy. If youre a busy parent you are welcome tobring your baby or child along to our morning classes!Northern Arena, 8 Polarity Rise, Silverdale, Ph: 421 9700E: justinb@northernarena.co.nz, W: www.northernarena.co.nz - Learning to swim isntan activity it is an essential life skill! Northern Arena offers learn to swim classes includ-ing Manuka Doctor free babies lessons.
  11. 11. self-employed LMC midwife with MotherWiseMaternity; Parenting columnist for Woman’s Daymagazine; founding director of BabyOK™Products (producers of the renowned Babe-Sleeper); and author of NZ‘s No.1 guide for newmums “OH BABY…Birth, Babies & MotherhoodUncensored” and her latest sequel “OH GROWUP…Toddlers to PreTeens Decoded”.www.kathyfray.com - www.motherwise.co.nzLEARNING TO SWIM: THEPHYSICAL BENEFITS FOR YOURBABYBy Northern ArenaTeaching your baby to swim might help themovercome their initial fear of water andprovide a great excuse to have some fun andexercise at the same time, but it could haveother benefits as well.Recently, researchers from Norway andBritain found that children who had takenbaby swimming classes did better on testsinvolving gripping and reaching as well asbalance, compared to children who had noexperience swimming as babies. This helpstheir physical progress later in life as well,along with providing them with someessential social skills.All babies have primitive and posturalreflexes, one of which is the MammalianDiving Reflex, which is strong between 0-6months. The Mammalian Diving Reflex ismost well developed in children, and isgradually decreased with age. It enablesthem to naturally breath-hold whensubmerged, and this can be seen quiteclearly when you plunge your baby into thewater during a swimming lesson or in thefamily pool. When baby‘s face enters thewater covering their forehead and nose area;the body automatically redistributes theblood flow ensuring the key organs such asthe brain and heart, receive a constantsupply of oxygen.This reflex is perfectly natural and leavesaround eight months of age. Gradually thisreflex turns into the Dive Response, whichCheck out what we can do for yourevent by scanning this QR codewith your smartphone or tabletDownload a QR code scanner at www.qrstuff.comOr text “QR” to 710 (Vodafone) Corporate Events Christmas Parties Special Occasions On-Site Management Room Dressing Baby showers ChristeningsFor an obligation freechat call 021 716 713hellen@eventdesigners.co.nz
  12. 12. continues into adulthood. As your baby isonly submerged for a matter of secondsduring a lesson, it is the Dive Response thatthen kicks in and helps them as they learn toswim. Swimming lessons will ensure thatthey are comfortable with this reflex, and seethem becoming happier and more confidentin the water.Gross and fine motor skills are alsostrengthened and coordination and balanceare enhanced in babies who enter the waterearly. For this reason the younger your littleone starts in lessons the easier the transitionis to enjoying the water. A baby who is usedto being stationary can move aboutindependently in the pool as they learnbalance and coordination. The motion andsensation of the water gives them anawareness of self that otherwise would notbe gained at such a young age, and setsthem up for life.Additionally, early experiences in water allowlittle ones to better develop theirpsychomotor skills, because there they canmove more freely and begin to understandconcepts of distance and movement. Theircardio-respiratory system is alsostrengthened as the baby exercises his orher heart and lungs.On the whole, a child who starts lessonsearly is far more relaxed and happy in thewater, and in a country as water loving asNew Zealand this is vital.Based in Silverdale, Northern Arena has fourcutting-edge, heated pools – all indoors.The pools are treated by ultra violet lightsimilar to the way drinking water is treated,allowing for a low level of chlorine thatmakes them ideal for babies and those withsensitive skin. All of their lessons aredesigned to be fun as well as educational,enhancing enjoyment and confidence in thewater.Preg-Fit Classes - Fitness for Mums to beUnit 3, 55 Karepiro Drive  Ph: 428 2251 www.inshapestudio.co.nzOur Pregfit classes areflexible and fit around yourlifestyleSensible exercise is a greatway to stay in shape and feelfabulous during pregnancyPukeko Early Learning Centre159 Brightside Road, Stanmore BayPhone: 424 2173pukekoelc@xtra.co.nz  www.pukekoelc.co.nzStimulating activities forages 2 to 5 years20 Free hours careavailable to eligible familiesGymnastics classes, Music and Dance sessionsand swimming lessons with qualified instructors
  13. 13. Have a think about popping your child in thewater whatever the time of year – you‘ll behelping them on the way to knowing how tosave themselves in the water, increase theirlearning ability and have a lot of fun whilethey‘re at it!Northern Arena, Silverdale – Free ManukaDoctor Baby Swim Classes. Ph 421 9700,W: www.northernarena.co.nzACTIVITIES FOR TODDLERSToddler activities can be a difficult topic asso much depends on age (there is a hugedifference of course between a 2 year oldand 4 year old) and development.Carers have to be wary as toddlers oftenwant to put things in their mouths, attentionspan can be very short and understandingdirections is very limited, especially for theyounger toddlers. However there are lots ofthings you can do that can be both fun andhelp in your child‘s development.Here are a selection of activities mostsuitable for the 1 year to 3 year age range.For some great activities for older toddlersscan the QR code at the end of this article orvisit the Linku2 website page listed at theend of this article for a great video link.With young toddlers you need to allow themto explore what you give them. Don‘t plan aspecific activity as it will be unlikely to beseen through unless you are happy to do itin stages! Exploration and discovery is thekey! Often a young toddler may beinterested briefly in the activity and then theattention span is lost. However, they willoften want to come back to it later so, if youcan leave the item out. Remember howeverif they have a tendancy to put things in theirmouth you must be aware of this and expectthem to do this.A simple activity for a young toddler is toplay and explore with materials, pieces ofdifferent fabrics, papers, bubble wrap, eggcarton, tissue paper, small boxes. Let themstart to explore with their imagination. JustWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST HEALTH SPECIALISTSAND SERVICESBowen Super Clinic, 44 Totara Road, Stanmore Bay, Ph: 424 1001E: bowenworx@clear.net.nz - Bowtech is extremely gentle and is considered appropri-ate for anyone from pregnant women to newborn babies.Kathy Fray, Ph: 027 436 4750, Hibiscus Coast and North ShoreW: www.kathyfray.com - Hibiscus Coasts only Orewa based midwife. Friendly, profes-sional and holistic and founder of the caring MotherWise Maternity team.LEARN TO SWIM: EMO-TIONAL BENEFITS ...You‘ve read how swimmingbenefits baby physically soscan this QR code to readabout the emotional bene-fits for your child.Or visit www.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz |We Linku2 | Babies and Toddlers - Scroll-ing item or link in Summer/Autumn Articles
  14. 14. leave them and watch them!Let them use their senses to discover touch,smell, taste. Some examples could includea bowl of soapy, bubbly water, flour, apaste of flour mixed with water, ice cubes,jelly, home made play dough or cookedpasta shapes. These are great hands onexperiences.Free play can also be great fun. Get somepom poms, pots and pans, stacking cups,pouring water through a kitchen colander,clean baby food jars let them fill with pastashapes or screw the lids on and off. Againcardboard boxes can be wonderful for theimagination.Crafts can be a little more difficult but trysimple things such as making an egg cartontrain with pipe cleaners or rubber bands, becreative with toilet roll tubes, foam shapesor sticker art. Get messy with papier macheor enjoy finger painting.Balloons can be great fun for all sorts ofgames as can building blocks.Outdoor activities can also be great and itdoesn‘t have to cost anything to be both funand a learning experience for youngtoddlers as well as sometimes helping outthe household! Why not run through thegarden sprinklers, investigate the gardenwith a magnifying glass, play with thegarden hose, wash the car, hunt for bugs,make chalk patterns on the drive then washwith the hose, dig in the garden, watch thecloud shapes, make mud cakes, build withstones or rocks in the garden or pick daisiesand get Mum or Dad to make a daisy chain.We are always interested in ideas you mayhave so please email us atadmin@linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nzTODDLER DISCIPLINEBefore you can enforce discipline and rules foryour toddler you need to ensure there is ahealthy relationship between you. Knowing andunderstanding your particular child can make itthat bit easier to discipline. Once your childtrusts you to meet their needs, they will trustyou to set the limits.The following gives some ways for toddlerdiscipline:Time out - This is one of the most commontoddler discipline method. Keep the time briefaround one minute per year of age. Toddlersdont usually stay in the corner so you need tostop what you are doing and stand over themmaking sure they cant engage your facial/bodylanguage. Once time out is over, remind themgently but firmly what they did wrong in simplelanguage and then if they do it again (often theimmediate case until they fully understand)repeat. Discipline must occur at the time of theaction and not later. So even if you are out ofyour home, you must be prepared to disciplinethem. Be discreet, and don‘t do it in front ofothers to avoid bringing down their self-esteem. Remind toddlers of the rulesfrequently when out on an outing or in theWhere people come first andcommunication is a priorityPh: 424 2499Andrea: 027 477 0889 - Wisia: 027 464 1331www.homefromhomechildcare.co.nzHomebased Education & CareMORE TODDLERACTIVITIES...For some great craft ideasfor 3-5 year olds check ou tthe video link by scanningthis QR code. Or visitwww.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | WeLinku2 | Babies and Toddlers - Scrollingitem or link in Summer/Autumn Articles
  15. 15. house if necessary.Distract and divert - The best form oftoddler discipline is redirection. First, youhave to distract them from their originalintention and then, quickly divert them towarda safer alternative. Give them something elseto do for example, helping with the householdchores and soon they will be enjoyingthemselves rather than investing a lot ofemotional energy into the original plan.Ignoring temper tantrums - Ignoring thebehaviour or making statements such as―when you throw a tantrum I can‘t hear you‖or ―I don‘t like watching temper tantrums soUnit 5, 26 Karepiro Dr Ph: 428 4831E: kidsrepublic@paradise.net.nzW: www.kidsrepublic.co.nzWe Linku2 our recommended …HIBISCUS COAST PRESCHOOL, EDUCATION ANDCHILDCARE SERVICESFairy Godmothers, 21 De Luen Ave, Tindalls Bay, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 424 8868, Fax:09 424 8868E: f.g.inc@xtra.co.nz, W: www.fgi.co.nz - Fairy Godmothers Inc is a fun, safe and stimu-lating environment for youngsters aged 0-5.Home from Home Family Childcare, 10 Walbrook Road, Manly, Whangaparaoa, Ph:424 2499, Mob: 027 477 0889, Fax: 424 2499E: info@homefromhomechildcare.co.nz, W: www.homefromhomechildcare.co.nz -Home from Home Family Childcare Ltd helps your child grow and develop through train-ing and teaching in a homebased environment.Pukeko Early Learning Centre, 159 Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay, Whangaparaoa,Ph: 424 2173E: pukekoelc@xtra.co.nz, W: www.pukekoelc.co.nz - Warm, caring environment for ag-es 2 to 5 years. Full and sessional places available. Programme includes Gym‘N‘neesgymnastics classes, music and dance sessions and swimming lessons with qualified in-structors. We also offer 20 Free ECE hours to eligible children.Sure Start Early Learning Centre, 26 Brixton Road, Manly, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 4242315E: sure.start@vodafone.co.nz - We provide your child with specialised areas of learningtailored for their needs in a caring environment.The Leisure Centre, 159 Brightside Road, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 424 1914W: www.theleisurecentre.co.nz - The Leisure Centre offers great after school pro-grammes for your kids! With basketball, gymnastics, squash and more your child cankeep active!Whangaparaoa Kindergarten, 7 Motutapu Ave, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 424 5130E: whangaparaoa@naka.co.nz, W: www.naka.co.nz - We provide an environment thatis welcoming, where everyone feels socially, emotionally and physically safe. Children,teachers and parents are involved in a Child Centred Programme where we work to-gether to build on children‘s interests.Kids Republic, Unit 5, 26 Karepiro Dr, Whangaparaoa, Ph: 428 4831Email: kidsrepublic@paradise.net.nz, W: www.kidsrepublic.co.nz
  16. 16. let me know when you are finished and wewill talk‖, will both show and tell the child thattheir display will not gain control over thesituation or the parent.Temper tantrums are usually dramatic,intense and full of emotion. With a littlepractice and persistence, parents can learnhow to stop the drama of a temper tantrumand change the situation to a calm, quietdiscussion. Keep control and keep the peace.Encourage co-operation - Your child is morelikely to do what you say if you uses softapproaches. Ask rather than tell. Say "Wouldyou give me the crayons, please?" instead ofdemanding "Bring me the crayons right now!"Set Limits - Much of your toddler disciplinedepends on your ability to set limits.Boundaries provide security for those with anadventurous nature, but inexperience canlead them astray. For example, your toddlerdoesnt want to hold your hand as you cross astreet or parking lot together. You firmly set alimit: street or parking lot crossing is onlydone while holding hands. There is no option.It is important to achieve the right balancebetween freedom and constraints.Limit-setting teaches a valuable lesson forlife: the world is full of yeses and nos. Youdecide what behaviour you cannot allow andstick to that limit. This will be different foreach family and each stage of development.Toddlers want someone to set limits. It makesthem feel secure and loved, and helps themto understand boundaries. As a parent youhave to ensure the rules you set are simple,easy to understand, and consistent.Provide structure - Set up conditions fortoddler discipline that encourage desirablebehaviour. Structure protects and redirects.With a bit of preplanning you can removemost of the "nos" so a generally "yes"environment prevails.Structure changes as the child grows. At alllevels of development restructuring thechilds environment is one of your mostvaluable discipline strategies.Positive reinforcement - Studies showtoddler discipline using positivereinforcement works far better thanpunishment. Rather than focusing only onthose things that irritate us and becominghabitual scolders, "catch your kids doingsomething right and reward them."Toddlers tune out a lot so if you are alwayssaying "No" this is all they hear. Try andgive them lots of positive feedback.TODDLER SAFETY INTHE HOME ...Now you know the rules fordiscipline it can be easier tokeep your toddler safe butfor some practical tips tosafe you stress scan this QR code. Or visitwww.linku2hibiscuscoast.co.nz | WeLinku2 | Babies and Toddlers - Scrollingitem or link in Summer/Autumn ArticlesHibiscus Coast Kindergarten - 88 Riverside Rd,Orewa, Ph: 426 4543Email: hbc@naka.co.nzSilverdale Kindergarten - 2 Longmore Lane,Silverdale, Ph: 426 9600Email: silverdale@naka.co.nzStanmore Bay Kindergarten - 36 Waiora Rd,Stanmore Bay Ph: 424 8847Email: stanmorebay@naka.co.nzWhangaparaoa Kindergarten - 7 Motutapu Ave,Manly, Ph: 424 5130Email: whangaparaoa@naka.co.nzwww.naka.co.nz
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