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Babies and Toddlers


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We linku2 opportunities to promote your Babies and Toddlers business across the North Shore, Auckland

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Babies and Toddlers

  1. 1. When it comes to your business marketing do you? … • Have clear business goals? Have you used SMART goals? • Know where best to focus your marketing budget for maximum market exposure? • Use social media or find it time consuming and/or confusing? • Pay high charges for short term print exposure? If these sound like obstacles you sometimes face you are not alone, but what do you do? You could always work and market SMARTER
  2. 2. SMART marketing is a strategy Linku2 use to help businesses “Work Smarter, Not Harder” based on the strategy of SMART goals Specific Linku2 sections reach specific target markets on a regular basis through targeted campaigns Measurable Linku2 reports give stats and click rates to identify market reach Attainable Linku2 Plans offer a full range of options for promotion but are still in the marketing budget even for small or start up business Relevant Linku2 Promotions link to businesses and provide information of interest and value to the relevant target market by using their specified sections Time-Based Linku2 Promotions run on a continuous 16 week programme including an intensive targeted advertising programme for a min of 2 weeks with ongoing promotion for the balance of the programme
  3. 3. Babies and Toddlers Promotion through web, print database and social media Linku2 North Shore are currently updating our Babies and Toddlers section and offering opportunities to feature in our next feature and publications Web and Booklet Plans from $30 to $120 pm (min 6 months) and consist of (depending on Plan) - • Web advertising • Keywords and meta links for Searching • Logo branding • Print adverts • Onsite web pages • Social media and email database promotion Previous editions: Distribution of print booklets through over 150 Linku2 North Shore Distribution Outlets from the Harbour Bridge to Orewa
  4. 4. We promote our Babies and Toddlers campaign - • Through our online Linku2 Babies and Toddlers Web Section • Through our Babies and Toddlers booklets distributed across our North Shore Print Distribution Outlets • Plus copies sent to all North Shore Plunkets and other relevant baby and child services • Through a specific Google Adwords campaign • Through our social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Slideshare and Google+ • Through our regular community and business newsletters
  5. 5. For further details on all the above visit our website or call Jane on 09 283 7457 or email: * Our most popular option Below are details of our Web and Booklet Plans. Through these your business is represented both on our website and in the print booklets which correspond with our 10 “We Linku2” sections. Linku2 also use a rotating scheduled 24 week campaign including database newsletter promotion and social media for each section. Each Web and Booklet Plan is designed to give maximum exposure over the 4 media whilst offering the best value available. Your business is represented in all sections relevant to your services, eg a preschool will be in both Babies and Toddlers and Education sections. An insurance broker could be in Business Services, Health, Motor and Marine, Property and Senior Living depending on their specialised areas.
  6. 6. 223 total outlets (154 for all publications) All booklets and flyers to all outlets, extra distribution for education/holiday flyers, Visiting/Summer and Senior Living publications
  8. 8. • Newsletter database Nos: Over 2,300 contacts. Newsletter average open rate over 35% - Industry standard - 13.8%, Newsletter average click through rate over 7% - Industry standard - 2.1% • Print media - min 2,000 booklets per section and 1,500 per special occasion flyer, distributed each 16 week cycle through over 150 outlets • Social media: Facebook over 3,850 likes (3 pages/1 group), LinkedIn 1,450 connections, Twitter 315 followers, Pinterest - 18 boards, Slideshare 19 presentations with over 6,350 views
  9. 9. Linku2 has been developed as a service to encourage growth and support in a local region. Successfully operating on the Hibiscus Coast since 2004, and rebranded as Linku2, from 2014 we are expanding to Auckland’s North Shore and other areas of New Zealand. We encourage consumers to support local businesses through 10 “We Linku2” target market specific sections each with planned promotion schedules 2 x per annum through our 4 main target media including web, print, presentations, database and social. We also work closely with local community groups, schools and clubs giving them an outlet to reach the local community including free advertising of local events, classifieds, news, school holiday programmes and providing general information such as rubbish services, libraries, bus timetables, etc We also give back to the community through our unique Fundraising Programme with funds going back to local non profit services. We thank you for considering our SMART marketing services in your local promotion and are glad to help you to …
  10. 10. For more details on how Linku2 use our SMART strategy to work for your business call Jane on 021 0277 5454 or email