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Your Most Important Connection On LinkedIn


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Your Most Important Connection On LinkedIn (It’s NOT Your Customer) full post:

Imagine if every marketing campaign you did delivered $10, $20, $30 or more per $1 you invest.

How would that change things for you and your business?

What if I told you there was a strategy out there you could use RIGHT NOW to grow your business:

- Faster
- With less stress

Well you can. It's called: partnership marketing.

Some call it JV’s or joint ventures, others strategic alliances.

But put simply it’s a matter of sitting down and identifying what other products or services your clients are using before, during and after your service.

Then connecting with those partners to create offer, promotions and campaigns that add value to them and their customers

In our recent article we share why this is one of the best ways to grow any business and how you can start leveraging this strategy using the powerful of LinkedIn.

To start implementing this strategy in your business check out the details below and follow the step by step instructions:

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Your Most Important Connection On LinkedIn

  1. 1. WORLD’S LEADING LINKEDIN TRAINING COMPANY Your Most Important Connection on LinkedIn (It’s Not Your Customer)
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION What if you could grow your business faster, with less stress, using the same (or less) resources, by accessing money can’t buy marketing and databases full of your ideal customer (ready to buy from you) often for free?
  3. 3. PARTNERSHIP MARKETING You can. It’s called partnership marketing. Some call it JV’s or joint ventures, others strategic alliances. It simply means joining forces with an aligned partner, who has complementary products or services, to access more resources and provide a more compelling offering to your shared ideal customer – so you all win you, your partner and both your audiences or shared customers.
  4. 4. PARTNER2GROW To gain further insight into the power of partnership we caught up with Simone Novello, founder of of Partner2GROW. Simone is Australia’s foremost authority in partnership marketing. “Look at the core of any fast growth company and chances are you’ll find a well executed and considered partnership strategy. It’s extremely exciting to see our clients transform their business from frustrating slow growth and cash-flow anxiety through ‘pay and pray’ marketing, to fun, fulfilling and thriving businesses with common returns of 25 to 1 through simple marketing partnerships.” says Simone.
  5. 5. FINDING PARTNERS Chances are, if you’re in an industry you love, or you’ve been in it a while, you’ll have potential connections you could be better leveraging right now. This is where LinkedIn comes in. Start connecting with a genuine win win attitude using a proven system and you’re setting yourself up to be a top performing business). Below Simone shares her 6 steps to partnership marketing success.
  6. 6. 1. BE PARTNER READY Be clear on your objective, target market, and how much growth you can handle or risk at best, wasting time, and at worst, sending yourself broke by landing a partnership you can’t support! Be careful what you wish for. With great power comes great responsibility.
  7. 7. 2. IDENTIFY YOUR ASSETS Uncover all the amazing assets in your business that a partner would love to access and leverage for the benefit of their audiences. Don’t forget your personal as well as your business assets. For example, use LinkedIn to position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Ensure your profile is polished. What first impression will you give a prospective partner? Are you putting your best foot forward?
  8. 8. 3. GET PARTNER PROSPECTING The right partner wants you as much as you want them. Think about your customer journey – who does your customer encounter when they need or are looking for you? Who do you already know? Go for your low hanging fruit first to get quick results. Reconnect or connect with them on LinkedIn – make it personal and make it relevant.
  9. 9. 4. MAKE YOUR PARTNER AN OFFER THEY CAN’T REFUSE How? In the simplest and fastest way simply seek to add value. Only if you’re unprepared and nervous will you end up giving away more than you want or need to without getting the return you’re after. Metaphorically speaking, start with the coffee before you go out to dinner.
  10. 10. 5. SEAL THE DEAL Understand your partner by doing your research and asking the right questions – they’ll tell you what they want and you’ll know what you can offer to meet that need if you’ve done the right preparation.
  11. 11. 6. BUILD ON YOUR SUCCESS Simone sees so many great partnerships that fail due to neglect. When you’ve landed a great partner it’s important to build on the wins in the relationship and maintain strong relationships that are immune from the pull of competitors.
  12. 12. DISCOVER THE 3 STEPS TO LINKEDIN MASTERY Want to learn more about LinkedIn? Download our FREE digital guide today and learn how you too can start using LinkedIn to generate a ton of media exposure, secure joint venture partnerships and build hundreds of new leads for your business. Over 14,000 businesses have now benefited from this methodology. Access it Here!