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This is Mah Title


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This is Mah Title

  1. 2. Linux Academy is a specialist Linux Company proposing services around Linux and open Source Software with the strength of professionals who believe in Linux, enjoy the freedom of open source and dedicatedly working to promote these technologies. The company has following lines of businesses :
  2. 3. Corporate Trainings : Linux Academy is an specialist for corporate trainings. And, we offer corporate trainings in 1. Office and Desktop Essentials. 2. Inter communications through web. 3. Web Site Designing. 4. Presentation Designing. 5. System Administration. 6. Network Administration. 7. Database Administration. 8. PHP & MySql. 9. Operating System Essentials (Windows and Linux both).
  3. 4. We have already provided Corporate Trainings to various organizations. Some of the major organizations are:- a.) Rajeev Gandhi Technical University. b.) Life Insurance Corp. of India. c.) Indian Railways (Recently proposed) We also offer customized trainings according to the organizational requirement.
  4. 5. Enterprise and Institutional Networking Solutions : We take up network setups from small, medium and large enterprise and various technical institution institutions and other organizations. This involves development of Linux operating system with the implementation of various server technologies like mail server, web server, proxy server, file server, print server according to the need and requirement of the client these solutions are tailor made to actually meet the objectives and achieve the results desired by the company.
  5. 6. Professional and Corporate Trainings for : As OpenLX Learning services in country and Novell education Academic partner we have been delivering the Linux confidence to Linux aspirants. With our fully equipped and technology equipped infra-structure we provide our students the real time exposure and opportunities to develop skills, fully preparing them for the high – end workforce of tomorrow. We also impart on-site as well as off-site Linux and other open source based training to corporate.
  6. 7. Security and Firewall solutions : We specialize in inexpensive but effective network security using Linux based Solutions. We can built, install and configure highly effective and reliable Linux firewalls to provide you a fully secure network. We also help bring system administrators “up to speed” on security, what is dangerous, what policies are needed, how to choose good passwords, how to harden systems, how to prepare for attacks, and how to respond to even successful attacks.
  7. 8. Linux Based Software solutions : W have taken strong initiatives for software development on Linux and other open source technologies. We deal into customization and development of open source projects. We also focus porting / development of applications on-site locations.
  8. 9. Linux consultancy : We offer comprehensive on and off site consultancy services on Linux systems, associated storage and backup solutions. Our services and carried out by specialists experienced in business solutions and service delivery. Whether its an operating system installation, an upgrade or patching an existing system our engineers the skill and capability to match the growing needs of businesses.
  9. 10. Migration to Linux : Linux Academy’s experience and know-how can deliver successful Linux migration project on-time and on-budget. Our experts and their elite level of knowledge help organizations supplement their existing environments with Linux computers or switch over completely to the open operating system – Linux. Our Migration support is combined with best practices like survey of existing environment and compilation of operating concepts which are individually tailored to meet client specific needs.
  10. 11. Dedicated Data Center : Our dedicated data center offers a safe environment for a proof-of-concept pilot of the client operating system migration. The pilot Migration identifies potential issues and reduces risk so live system migration go smoothly.
  11. 12. Website Designing, Hosting and Maintenance : We also design, host and maintain ( Linux Based ) web sites with the expert skill of our creative designers. They develop designs that capture the essence of the company. Our web services incorporate pure ideas with our web principles to produce appealing and technically sound websites. We have fast a multitude of customized packages to address any one of a number of our clients hosting needs. We have fast Linux based servers that allow for managed Linux : The Operating System for this universe and beyond hosting solutions. We also offer a hosting / maintenance package that will address both the need to update a website, as well as a place to host it.
  12. 13. Certification : Linux Academy has joint a new path for IT certification suitable for 21st century. It is called vendor-neutral certification. This mode of testing validates the candidates actual hands on skills and expertise to keep him competitive in today’s validates and product varied technical environment. The academy offers two industrially important world class certification’s: LPI – The world’s No. 1 Linux Administration Certification ACSD – Vendor neutral entry level certification for software development.
  13. 14. Workshops / Seminars / Events : We also offer a wide range of workshops, technical seminars and events targeted to promotion of Linux and open source technologies. The sessions are taken by experts from their respective fields to deliver quality content to the participants.
  14. 15. Linux Box Product : We provide Linux Boxes and other open source products for enterprise and home needs. Linux Support center : We also offer the first level on-site support for Linux and open source products to different corporate, educational institutions, Industrial associates and hardware vendors. We provide web based and chat based support to technical students. With our Linux support center we aim to provide a commercial quality support in a cost effective, timely and reliable method in which anyone can participate and get benefited.
  15. 16. ABOUT US The Linux Academy is also working as a partner of OpenLx, operational in 17 cities across India. We are looking after MP and chattisgarth (central India) working in education, training, sales, deployment of Linux & open source solution’ Linux related and other open source cutting technologies. Considering the track record of the Linux academy – that has always been the first one to take the technical initiative with reference to Linux and other open source technologies in central India, Indserve InfoTech pvt. Ltd. Delhi has now launched its software development cell at the “Linux Academy” Bhopal. This is the first exclusive Linux + Open source development center of central India.
  16. 17. ABOUT US We are also a registered member of the community providing the corporate and other institutions with the open source office suit – products + training + support + solution. We are committed to provide the best education and other service on Linux and open source technologies. Madhya Pradesh and chattisgarh have come as adopters of Linux technologies. MP already known as the Linux state of India has become India’s Linux hub with major projects shifted to Linux last year. Taking the lead in conduction of seminars and workshop for Linux awareness we have conducted 57 workshops in central India with participation of Institutions, Corporate, Industries and Industry associates in last one year.
  17. 18. We have trained over 500 officers of LIC – Life insurance Corporation of India, on Linux platform. The LIC has made a great switch from UNIX proprietary system to open source Linux technology. In this short but successful period, students trained by us have been placed in TCS, Satyam, HCL, CMS, ACCEL, ICCM, and MPTC among others. We have also provided the basic Linux infrastructure that was required for the training of officers of Madhya Pradesh treasury (DTA – Department of Treasury and accounts). We are also offering the first level onsite support for Linux and open source products to different corporate, educational institutions industrial associates and hardware vendors. We have strong industrial and corporate relations with organizations like CMC, CMS, MP Treasury, LIC, MPTC, RGVP and various technical and Non-technical institutions. Simultaneously, we have started our operations in Raipur and Indore in the field of linux based solutions deployment and training. ABOUT US
  18. 19. OpenLX – Global Alliance of LINUX Companies Linux Academy is a founder member of the alliance. More about OpenLX is explained separately. We Believe in Linux With the faith of LINUX being the future, the future that has arrived, Linux Academy has focused on LINUX based working. Be it for in-house working, for portal Development, for consultancy business. Linux Academy works completely on LINUX environment.
  19. 20. OUR INFRASTRUCTURE LINUX ACADEMY in Bhopal is centrally located, about 7 Kms from the Bhopal Main station. LINUX ACADEMY has the faculty to train up to 80 participants simultaneously in 3 training halls (3 labs + 1 projector Hall). The head office and the corporate training center spanning about 1200 sq ft. have 3 training halls including a development center. There is ample parking faculty available near the center. The training halls are designed as integrated lab cum theory classrooms. The lab is furnished with up to date computer hardware facilities. Power backup is provided by uninterrupted power supplies. There is 24 hours availability of internet.
  20. 21. OUR EXPERTISE Training Software development module based on PHP, ASP, java and JSP with database as MySql, MS-SQL and Oracle. Linux based administration which covers server administration, Network Administration, System administration and Kernel compilation along with security administration. Database Administration along with the installation of Oracle and Linux. Basic operational training for corporate ( Customizable ) to use Linux and open source applications.
  21. 22. OUR EXPERTISE Support We are also offering the first level onsite support for Linux and Open Source products to different corporate, educational institutions, Industrial Associates and Hardware Vendors. We provide web based and chat based support to the technical students. Sales Sales of Open source products with different flavors of Linux. Also working as authorized partner for distribution of Kalculate and OpenLX.
  22. 23. Implementation We also provide Linux Deployment for small networks with the server features of mailing, web service, proxy, name resolution, etc. We can even handle LAN, WAN projects with CISCO routers. Software Development We have taken an initiative, with Indserve InfoTech Pvt. Ltd., Delhi and established an Software Development Cell with the name EULOGIK for Software development on Linux and Open Source.
  23. 24. <ul><li>OUR SUCCESS STORY </li></ul><ul><li>Dream comes true : We have developed OPENLX LINUX the FIRST TRULY INDIAN LINUX BASED OPERATING SYSTEM. </li></ul><ul><li>We now have an INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE (Germany, Japan, UK, UAE, India ). </li></ul><ul><li>Successful placement of more than 700 Academy students. Developer of world’s first accounting package on Linux ‘Kalculate”. </li></ul><ul><li>First to provide vendor neutral developer certification ‘ACSD’. </li></ul><ul><li>GOOGLE RANKING 6th in Linux Academy across the Globe. </li></ul>
  24. 25. <ul><li>With our partner-IIPL empanelled for providing Linux Training Services to Govt. of India. </li></ul><ul><li>We are the only partner to NOVELL in central India for Linux Technology, Trainings & software sales. </li></ul><ul><li>Strong Company tie-ups for service, support, Manpower and project outsourcing. </li></ul><ul><li>Software development unit on international standards ( POSIX & ANSI ) </li></ul><ul><li>Offering International special vendor neutral certifications : ACSD, LPI. LINUX and ACLS. </li></ul><ul><li>We are Leaders in Linux Trainings Highest number of trained Linux Administrators last years. </li></ul><ul><li>Successfully conducted Linux training for LIC officials in Central India in their migration to Linux. </li></ul>OUR SUCCESS STORY