D7.8. Newsletter


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LinkedTV Deliverables Workpackage 7 - Dissemination

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D7.8. Newsletter

  1. 1. Deliverable 7.8 Newsletter Lyndon Nixon, STI International Simeona Pellkvist, STI International 4th October 2012 Work Package 7: Dissemination LinkedTV Television Linked To The Web Integrated Project (IP) FP7-ICT-2011-7. Information and Communication Technologies Grant Agreement Number 287911
  2. 2. Newsletter D7.8Dissemination level1 PUContractual date of delivery 30th September 2012Actual date of delivery 4th October 2012Deliverable number D7.8Deliverable name NewsletterFile LinkedTV_D7.8.docNature ReportStatus & version FinalNumber of pages 4Workpackage 7Task responsible STI InternationalOther contributors The LinkedTV consortiumAuthor(s) Lyndon NixonEC Project Officer Thomas KuepperKeywordsAbstract (for dissemination) This deliverable provides the first year newsletter of the LinkedTV project.1 • PU = Public • PP = Restricted to other programme participants (including the Commission Services) • RE = Restricted to a group specified by the consortium (including the Commission Services) • CO = Confidential, only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services))© LinkedTV Consortium, 2012 2/4
  3. 3. Newsletter D7.8Table of contentsTable of contents .................................................................................... 3 1  LinkedTV Newsletter ............................................................... 4  1.1  History of the document ......................................................................................... 4 2  Attachment: Print version of Newsletter (Issue 01) .............. 4 © LinkedTV Consortium, 2012 3/4
  4. 4. Newsletter D7.81 LinkedTV NewsletterDissemination is very important in the LinkedTV project. Hence to mark the first year of theproject activities and reflecting on its results and achievements, a 4 page newsletter hasbeen produced which can be distributed in print form at events and to interested contacts, aswell as provided online via the project website http://www.linkedtv.eu/newsletter.1.1 History of the documentTable 1: History of the documentDate Version Name Comment2012/09/20 V0.1 Simeona Created initial template Pellkvist2012/09/27 V0.4 Simeona Set up content structure within template, generated Pellkvist front and back pages2012/09/30 V0.8 Lyndon Nixon Inserted content on R&D for inner pages2012/10/04 V1.0 Simeona Minor connections following partner comments and Pellkvist QA2 Attachment: Print version of Newsletter (Issue 01)© LinkedTV Consortium, 2012 4/4
  5. 5. FutureTV workshop Selected Publications from LinkedTV’s First Year LINKEDTV ISSUE outcomes: sharing our • Semantic personalisation in networked media: determining the background NEWSLETTER 01 vision knowledge. OCTOBER 2012 Dorothea Tsatsou, Vasileios Mezaris and Ioannis Kompatsiaris. In proceeding of 7th International   Workshop on Semantic and Social Media Adaptation and Personalization (SMAP 2012), December 3-4, LinkedTV held on the pre-conference day of the 2012, Luxembourg. EuroITV 2012 the 3rd edition of the Future • What Fresh Media Are You Looking For? Extracting Media Items from Television workshop. After a full program of talks, Multiple Social Networks. we finished with an interesting demo and a group Giuseppe Rizzo, Thomas Steiner, Raphaël Troncy, Ruben Verborgh, Josè Luis Redondo Garcia and Rik discussion around what Future TV would be like. Van de Walle. In proceeding of International Workshop on Socially-Aware Multimedia (SAM12), October this issue 29-November 2, 2012, Nara, Japan. The outcomes have been summarized on this Introduction to the Project P.1 poster. Drawing on keynote speaker Silvia Pfeiffers • Antiques Interactive. L. Baltussen and J. Oomen. In proceeding of PATCH12: Workshop on Personalized Access to Cultural Highlights from the Research P.2 call to consider the possibilities of HTML5 for the Heritage, Nara, Japan, 2 November 2012. Factsheet   future of television, we began by noting the Highlights from Implementation P.3 probable co-existence of the classical, broadcast • Creating Enriched YouTube Media Fragments With NERD Using Timed-Text. Yunjia Li, Giuseppe Rizzo, Raphaël Troncy, Mike Wald and Gary Wills. In proceeding of 11th International TV with a new generation of Web-based TV offers. Start date: 2011-10-01 Publications & Events, Contact P.4 Semantic Web Conference (ISWC12), Demo Session, November 11-15, 2012, Boston, USA. While Web TV will continue to grow as an End date: 2015-03-31 alternative source of video material, many • Audio Fingerprinting for Media Synchronisation and Duplicate Detection. Duration: 42 months attendees defended the experience of TV as lean- R. Bardeli, J. Schwenninger, and D. Stein. In proceeding of Media Synchronisation Workshop, Berlin, Germany, October 2012. Project Reference: 287911 back, turn-off-and-relax viewing. As the Internet makes our daily content experiences ever more • Enrichment of News Show Videos with Multimodal Semi-Automatic Analysis. Project cost: 8 449 406 EURO What is LinkedTV? D. Stein, E. Apostolidis, V. Mezaris, N. de Abreu Pereira, J. Müller, M. Sahuguet, B. Huet, I. Lasek. In lean forward and interactive, this traditional role of Project Funding: 6 489 633 EURO As a result, not only commercial opportunities but also proceeding of NEM-Summit, October 2012, Istanbul, Turkey. LinkedTV is an integrated and practical TV will remain relevant to consumers. In the Web Programme Acronym: FP7-ICT opportunities for education, exploration and • Association Rule Mining Following the Web Search Paradigm. approach towards experiencing Networked TV world, in turn, there is an ongoing struggle strengthening European society and cultural heritage Radek Škrabal, Milan Šimůnek, Stanislav Vojíř, Andrej Hazucha,Tomáš Marek, David Chudán, Tomáš Programme type: Seventh Media in the Future Internet! between main screen offers and second screen arise. Imagine browsing from your local news to Open Kliegr. In proceeding of European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Framework Programme offers. While pure Web content may be transferred   Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD 2012), Bristol, UK, 24-28 September 2012. Springer- Government Data about the referenced location to see to the main screen alongside/replacing the Verlag. Subprogramme Area: Networked Networked Media will be a central element of the Next voting patterns or crime statistics, or learning more about broadcast material, enrichments and interactions Generation Internet. Online multimedia content is rapidly • Contextualised user profiling in networked media environments. Media and Search Systems animals and plants shown in the currently viewed nature will be more likely to be used on a personal, increasing in scale and ubiquity, yet today it remains Dorothea Tsatsou, Lyndon Nixon, Matei Mancas, Miroslav Vacura, Rüdiger Klein, Julien Leroy, Jaroslav Contract type: Collaborative project documentary without leaving that show, or jumping from second screen close to the viewer. Kuchar, Tomáš Kliegr, Manuel Kober, Maria Loli, Vasileios Mezaris. In proceeding of 2nd International largely still unstructured and unconnected from related the fictional film to the painting the character just Workshop on Augmented User Modeling in conjunction with 20th Conference on User Modeling, (generic) media of other forms or from other sources. Adaptation and Personalization (UMAP 2012), Montreal, Canada, 16 - 20 July 2012. mentioned to virtually visiting the museum when it can URL: http://www.linkedtv.eu Analysing the contents of the workshop talks, the be seen, or seamlessly accessing additional information following adjectives were found to cover the • Semi-Automatic Video Analysis for Linking Television to the Web. Subject index: Information, Media This cannot be clearer than in the current state of the that has been automatically aggregated from multiple D. Stein, E. Apostolidis, V. Mezaris, N. de Abreu Pereira, and J. Müller. In proceeding of FutureTV Digital TV market. The full promise and potential of Web foreseen characteristics of Future TV: social, Workshop, June 2012, Berlin, Germany. Consortium: sources in order to get better informed on an important and TV convergence is not reflected in offerings which immersive, crowdsourced, remixed, cross device, event that was just mentioned in the news. Centre for Research and multi device and augmented. In the closing • Antiques Interactive. place the viewer into an Internet closed garden, or   Lotte Belice Baltussen, Mieke H.R. Leyssen, Jacco van Ossenbruggen, Johan Oomen, Jaap Blom, Pieter Technology Hellas (GR) expect PC-like browsing on a full screen Web, or offer discussion, the focus came back to the still existing van Leeuwen and Lynda Hardman. In proceeding of EuroITV demo session, June 2012, Berlin, Germany. Technologically, this vision requires systems to be able Condat AG (DE) interesting new functionalities which however lack any barriers to Future TV – mentioned were content to provide networked audio-video information usable in rights, infrastructure, the tv “culture” (resisting • NERD meets NIF: Lifting NLP Extraction Results to the Linked Data Cloud. EURECOM (FR) relation to the current TV programme. the same way as text based information is used today in Giuseppe Rizzo, Raphaël Troncy, Sebastian Hellmann and Martin Bruemmer. In proceeding of 5th more interactivity) and complexity of FutureTV Workshop on Linked Data on the Web (LDOW12), April 16, 2012, Lyon, France. Fraunhofer Institute for Intelligent the original Web: interlinked with each other at different Our vision of future Television Linked To The Web offers. granularities, with any other kind of information, Analysis and Information Systems (LinkedTV) is of a ubiquitously online cloud of Networked LinkedTV Events (DE) Audio-Visual Content decoupled from place, device or searchable, and accessible everywhere and at every The good discussion provided a satisfactory close time. Ultimately, this means creating hypermedia at the source. Accessing audio-visual programming will be “TV” to the day, and let’s see what changes come in • 3rd International Workshop on Future Television (FutureTV 2012). Noterik BV (NL) level of the Web. Making Television Integrated and Interactive. A full day workshop at the 10th European Interactive TV regardless whether it is seen on a TV set, smartphone, television and in our expectations for future Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (DE) conference in Berlin, Germany, on July 4th, 2012. The workshop is co-located with the EuroITV 2012. tablet or personal computing device, regardless of television in the next year, also with the research The Web’s original success was the underlying hypertext http://www.linkedtv.eu/event/FutureTV2012/ STI International Consulting and whether it is coming from a traditional or new media and development work of the LinkedTV project paradigm built into HTML. Hypermedia has been • Social Event Detection 2012 Research GmbH (AT) broadcaster, a Web video portal or a user-sourced providing first insights into our LinkedTV vision of pursued for quite a while as an extension of the LinkedTV co-organized, jointly with EU projects GLOCAL, SocialSensor and Chorus+, the Social Event Stichting Centrum voor Wiskunde media platform. deeply interactive and enriched TV viewing! hypertext approach towards video information. But it Detection Task of the MediaEval 2012 International Benchmarking activity, http://www.multimediaeval.org/mediaeval2012/sed2012/ en Informatica (NL) needs complex video analysis algorithms and is still an Television existing in the same ecosystem as the Web Stichting Nederlands Instituut voor issue of research. Television Linked To The Web For more info please visit: http://www.linkedtv.eu/ means that television content and Web content should LinkedTV Newsletter 1st Year Issue (LinkedTV) provides a novel practical approach to Future Beeld en Geluid (NL) and can be seamlessly connected, and browsing TV and Networked Media. It is based on four phases: Université de Mons (BE) Web content should be so smooth and interrelated that annotation, interlinking, search, and usage (includingContact: Partners: Universität St. Gallen (CH) in the end even “surfing the Web” or “watching TV” will personalization, filtering, etc.). become as meaningless a distinction as whether the filmFor project related issues, Vysoka Skola Ekonomicka v Prazecontact the project coordinator Joachim Köhler is coming live from your local broadcaster, as VOD from The result will make Networked Media more useful andjoachim.koehler@iais.fraunhofer.de (CZ) another broadcaster, or from an online video streaming valuable, and it will open completely new areas of service like Netflix.For scientific issues, application for Multimedia information on the Web.contact the scientific coordinator Lyndon Nixonlyndon.nixon@sti2.org
  6. 6. LinkedTV: how to solve To enable a new generation FIRST of online applications which LinkedTV ImplementationSmartTV isn’t so the interlinking of Web can interweave TV and the LINKEDTVsmart! DEMO  and TV Web several research The first demo of LinkedTV was challenges need to beToday’s consumers are used to produced using content from overcome. These are thedevices which can connect to the the Sound and Vision scenario subject of the collaborativeInternet and consume online “hyperlinked documentary”. research in the LinkedTVvideo or TV together with other Based on content from the TV project.Web content. All TV series Antiques Roadshow, it ismanufacturers are selling called “Antiques Interactive”. Manually connecting TV andInternet connected sets (so- Objects of interest in the show Web content is costly bothcalled SmartTVs) which compete are hyperlinked to further to create and maintain, and itwith separate hardware (Set Top information and via simple does not scale.Boxes, games consoles..) which remote control interaction, theare also providing Web and viewer can browse to A key goal of LinkedTV is toolsonline video access. “Manually connecting TV and Web content is webpages, Wikipedia articles, and approaches to better costly both to create and maintain, and it does automate the preparation of The LinkedTV platform will maps etc. The demo has been shown at EuroITV 2012 andHowever SmartTVs are not not scale …. content via shared encapsulate a set of componentsdriving growth in the CE industry. ACM Multimedia 2012 and a into an end-to-end workflow, which A key goal of LinkedTV is tools and approaches to annotations, and the creationSurveys show that consumers do video will be online at of links between content based cover the research challenges ofnot purchase new TVs because better automate the preparation of content” http://www.linkedtv.eu/demos on those shared annotations. the project: media analysis,of the Internet connectivity. It annotation, hyperlinking,seems the current SmartTV offer enrichment personalization and Firstly, intelligent videois not meeting consumer Video Analysis analysis can identify concepts integrated playout. The platform is A HTML5 based hypervideo player will enable the LinkedTV experience acrossexpectations. Platforms are different devices include SmartTVs and tablets. The player will be implemented of interest in the spatial and complemented by two end userfragmented and the apps do not for both single and dual screen usage, providing an intuitive interface to the temporal segments of video. applications to check and correctintegrate with the TV content. LinkedTV scenario enrichments. Hybrid approaches combining annotations and linking outputs. oveo quibus premo tamen REALISING textual, audio and visualSamsung’s application platform The LinkedTV Scenarios LINKEDTV feature extraction maximizehas seen highest demand from Three scenarios guide and the accuracy of automatedconsumers for educational apps inform LinkedTV in terms of the analysis, lowering the overall(23%) and informational apps content to use and the exper- The concepts in the cost of generating annotations(20%). In the meantime, “second ience to offer. With public analysis results are of large scales of videoscreen” access to the Internet is broadcaster RBB the regional mapped into shared Web material.growing – using another device news can be enriched with based vocabularies, usingto browse Web content while Linked Data sources Video Annotation and Linking topical content addressingwatching TV – which indicates different viewers interests. With such as DBPedia orthat the main screen apps do not cultural heritage archive Sound GeoNames.meet the consumer’s need for and Vision, Europe’s rich This Linked Data basedWeb content while watching TV. heritage is brought closer by annotation is the basis for linking to it from TV the hyperlinking to WebClearly, richer interweaving of TV programming. Finally, more content, which has beenand Web content into a single explorative usage of interactive subject to annotation withexperience on one or two TV will be performed by the U the same conceptscreens is a key challenge for of Mons, for example by making vocabularies. As a result,Future Networked Media. use of the possibilities of video is enriched at a gesture control and behavioural fragment level with Web tracking in front of TV. based content.