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How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Company Pages (PDF)


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LinkedIn Company pages offer a wealth of information on employment trends, career pathing, networking opportunities and more. Follow these tips to make sure you are making the most of this valuable resource.

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How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Company Pages (PDF)

  1. 1. How to Make the Most of LinkedIn Company PagesA LinkedIn Company Page is a centralized location to learn about a company’s operations,current news, products, services, employees, job opportunities and more. There are over twomillion company pages on LinkedIn, spanning a vast number of industries, company sizes andgeographic locations. How can you use Company Pages to help your career? Follow these tips: Followthe leaders.Just as you read the daily news headlines in your industry, keep track of the leading companies in your field by following them on LinkedIn (simply click the “follow” button on any LinkedIn company page). Follow your clients, customers, competitors, vendors, potential future employers, companies you invest in and more. You’ll receive up-to-the- minute notifications about each company’s news, status updates, job postings and employee movements right on your LinkedIn homepage. Uncover hidden opportunities. LinkedIn can also tell you which companies should be on your radar screen by highlighting Companies You May Want to Follow and by providing a way to search companies based on location, industry, size, whether they are currently hiring and how you are connected to that organization. For instance, you can filter a set of results to include only those companies that are hiring AND those where you have 1 st or 2nd degree connections (so you can ask a personal connection to refer you for a job). Glean insider employment info. Click on the “Check out insightful statistics” link on any Company Page to find helpful intelligence about what an organization looks for in its employees. For example, you can learn what job functions and educational degrees are most common, and you can view the 10 most frequently listed skills on employees’ LinkedIn profiles (which are great keywords to include in your own profile if you’re seeking a job at that organization). Learn more about a potential career. Many companies have “Careers” tabs on their LinkedIn page where they share more information about working for their organization, such as videos, employee testimonials, awards and recognitions. This is information you can use to customize your cover letter or research that organization before a job interview. Cast a wider net. On the “Check out insightful statistics” area of any Company Page, you’ll also find a listing of where that company’s employees worked before joining that company and where employees worked after leaving that company. These additional companies, often competitors or vendors, are organizations to research you might also want to research as potential customers or employers. Engage.Don’t be shy about reaching out to a company based on what you’ve learned from its Company Page. For instance, you can comment on a status update about a company’s new product by mentioning that you recently read a positive review of it. You never know who at the company might see your comment and click over to your LinkedIn profile for more information about you. Show your support. Like (or dislike) the offerings of a particular company? Click on that firm’s “Products & Services” tab and write a recommendation of your favorite product or share information about it with your LinkedIn network. Remember that LinkedIn is a social network, so the more social you are, the more value you’ll receive.