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The 10 Most Influential Global Brands on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

Revealed: Europe’s most influential brands on LinkedIn

The most influential content is the content that audiences make use of every day: that equips them to be better at what they do, get closer to what they want in life and demonstrate what they are about. For the first time, LinkedIn has quantified the brands that generate the greatest awareness and engagement through the professionally relevant content that they share – and revealed the secrets of Europe’s most influential brands.

From the UK it’s The Financial Times and Ernst & Young; in France it’s Capgemini, L’Oréal and LVMH; SAP, Siemens and Deutsche Bank take the lead amongst German brands, whilst Shell, Phillips and Rabobank are the most influential voices in The Netherlands. Red Bull dominates amongst Austrian brands, with OMV and OSCE filling out the top three. And from Switzerland there’s the World Economic Forum, ABB and Roche.

Our ranking of the most influential brands uses the LinkedIn Content Marketing Score: a tool for quantifying how marketers’ content efforts stack up against their competitors, and generating recommendations for how they can keep doing better.

It’s clear that no one category dominates when it comes to sharing content that makes a difference. Media brands rub shoulders with luxury marques, business consultants, tech specialists and FMCG leaders. What all have in common though, is an understanding of where they can genuinely add value to audience’s lives – and a commitment to adding that value on a continual basis. They meet professionals’ need to be in the know through frequent updates on their industry and the sharing of relevant insights from third parties; they are committed to original content that is tailored to specific audiences’ needs, and they make themselves a part of the conversations their audiences care about.

Of the European brands, four (World Economic Forum, Financial Times, Capgemini and McKinsey & Company) feature in the global top 20 topped by Forbes magazine, with the World Economic Forum at number two.

Scroll down for our Infographic with more detail on Europe’s and the world’s most influential brands.

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The 10 Most Influential Global Brands on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

  1. 1. World Economic Forum Switzerland ABB Roche Content Marketing Score The World's Top Content Marketers: Top 10 Global Best-in-Class Content Marketers Based on global Content Marketing Score for 2014 Leading International Content Marketers Based on global Content Marketing Score for 2014 as Measured by LinkedIn's Content Marketing Score A score that quantifies and benchmarks the influence companies have on LinkedIn through their content marketing. Content Marketing Score based on LinkedIn global active members in April 2014 United States # 1 # 2 Inc. Magazine # 3 # 4 Salesforce # 8 Financial Times # 5 # 6 # 7 Mashable # 10 # 9 Brazil Forbes Magazine JapanFrance Netherlands Indonesia India Singapore United KingdomCanada Germany Austria Switzerland Hong Kong Malaysia Australia United States Microsoft Inc. Magazine Canada BlackBerry Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts Queen’s School of Business United Kingdom Ernst & Young Brazil AmBev Petrobras BP ValeFinancial Times France LVMH L'Oréal Capgemini Australia Germany Deutsche Bank Siemens SAP Commonwealth Bank CPA Australia BT Financial Austria OSCE OMV Red Bull Malaysia AirAsia AET Singapore DBS Bank Flextronics Netherlands Rabobank Philips Shell Hong Kong Indonesia Talisman Energy Club Bali Resorts Japan Rakuten Nissan Motor Corporation Toshiba Corporation Cathay Pacific Airways Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Tata Consultancy Services India Wipro HCL Technologies Learn more about the Content Marketing Score.