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Sweden’s professionals go places with LinkedIn

Confident, ambitious and engaged with the world, LinkedIn’s members in Sweden are focused on making a difference in their lives and careers – and they trust the insight our platform provides to help them do it.

LinkedIn’s Swedish audience is mature, educated and affluent. 73% are aged 35 or over, 78% hold a university degree and 83% earn more than 300,000 SEK. Two out of five already hold manager-level positions, and as a group they are 65% more likely to see themselves as leaders. Unsurprisingly, this high-flying audience are frequent business travellers ‒ 40% made five international business trips in the past 12 months.

Our Swedish members don’t just take the lead in terms of their careers: 84% consider themselves early adopters and 89% view themselves as socially responsible. They value LinkedIn as a guide for both personal and business decisions, with 90% saying they trust the information they receive on our platform, 49% saying LinkedIn helps them drive business results, and one in three using our network to research their business decisions.

You’ll find more insight on LinkedIn’s audience in Sweden in the infographic below.

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LinkedIn's Swedish Audience 360 Infographic - English

  1. 1. LINKEDIN'S AUDIENCE YOUNG 50% EDUCATED 78% are aged between 25-44 AFFLUENT 83% have received a university degree or higher earn more than 300.000 SEK 2IN5 hold manager positions or above COMPANIES MOST REPRESENTED BY SWEDISH MEMBERS ARE LINKEDIN’S USERS IN SWEDEN ARE 89% 84% 65% Socially responsible and.. Early adopters More likely to be leaders than followers 90% say they trust the information they receive on LinkedIn PLATFORM ENGAGEMENT 63% 49% say LinkedIn helps them to facilitate opportunities say LinkedIn helps them to drive results via business leads When making informed business decisions more than 1IN3 LinkedIn users in Sweden research and seek advice on professional networks BUSINESS TRAVELLERS 2IN5 have made at least 5 international trips for business in the past 12 months ...and more than 1IN3 have spent over 15 nights in a hotel for business purposes Source - LinkedIn Swedish Member Data June 2013