Marketing Solutions Sponsored Groups product sheet


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Marketing Solutions Sponsored Groups product sheet

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Marketing Solutions Sponsored Groups product sheet

  1. 1. Marketing Solutions Introducing LinkedIn Sponsored Groups Companies often talk about ‘joining the conversation’ and ‘thought leadership’. But how do you actually do it in a professional context and attract large numbers of qualified participants? LinkedIn Sponsored Groups are the answer. They let you reach out to 313M+ members worldwide (16M+ in the UK; 75M+ in Europe) and invite them into a discussion around a shared professional passion, interest or goal. Create a professional conversation Our members come to us looking for insights and information about companies, brands and topics that matter to them and there are already 1m groups in existence on LinkedIn worldwide – with over 1.5 million group memberships each week. This means you’re using a well-understood and popular tool for your message, when you sponsor a LinkedIn Group. How LinkedIn Sponsored Groups work • Create a branded discussion forum • Steer the conversation with community management tools and weekly emails to group members • Get ‘free’ members organically • Recruit more members using Join Group Ads and Sponsored InMail Messages • Generate valuable earned media, as group members ‘like’ comments and share discussions with their LinkedIn network – Members’ updates are posted to their 1st degree connections’ homepages in the Network Update Stream • Exclusively promote your content and messages in the right-hand rail with units that support rich media and video • Get valuable metrics and analysis Create branded discussion forums that underpin thought leadership and social media marketing campaigns. Add members, encourage conversation and build a lively community that endorses your brand. LinkedIn Sponsored Groups A thriving environment for thought leadership and engagement HP Business Answers Group
  2. 2. Why Sponsored Groups? Engage your influencers Invite your most valuable and influential professional audience into a private, focused space to share experiences, discuss relevant topics, network and collaborate with others Brand loyalty and trust Targeted thought leadership that actually generates measurable results and builds long-term preference and engagement. Gain insight and measure your impact Regular reports which measure the impact and effectiveness of the group including data on the number of new joiners, the percentage of active members, the number of new discussions and the click through rate on group content and ads Analytics from an IT-focused group Statoil Energy Innovation Group Discussions on a typical LinkedIn Sponsored Group Real customers, real benefits Philips runs two groups dedicated to thought leadership in health and lighting. They have seen a significant rise in net promoter scores and their health group has tens of thousands of members and thousands of active discussions, making it a role model for thought leadership on a large scale. Similarly, Microsoft’s Cloud Computing group has attracted more than 6,500 senior managers in relevant industries such as IT, engineering and consultancy. Additional Information For more information, contact your LinkedIn Account Representative or visit to learn more about our marketing solutions. 21% 15% 10% 7% 5% 4% Information Technology Engineering Consulting Operations Sales Program & Project Management Copyright © 2014 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.