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IT Purchasing Goes Social


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IT decision makers are flocking to social networks to learn and validate information about their B2B purchases. And it's changing the game for marketers. New research from Forrester, Research Now, and LinkedIn reveals what you need to know to reach this influential audience in today's social landscape. This deck represents a role up of the UK, France and Germany.

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IT Purchasing Goes Social

  1. 1. IT Purchasing Goes Social The Pervasive Influence of Social Platforms on IT Buying Commissioned study conducted by: UK, France and Germany
  2. 2. 2 Key drivers of channel use are trust, efficiency, relevance, and access Social networks influence the entire decision-making process ITDMs are active users of social networks, especially for business Key Findings
  3. 3. …and use social networks throughout the ENTIRE decision making process 3 48% 43% 42% 34%39% Awareness Scope Plan Select Implement Stages of decision making 65% Increase in past 2 years Source: Q3 2012 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LinkedIn. UK, France and Germany 86% Increase in past 2 years
  4. 4. Why do ITDMs turn to social networks? 4 TTrust learn from trustworthy peers (51%) EEfficiency quickly find information (43%) RRelevance relevant to my needs (48% ) AAccess access a broader network (46%) Source: Q3 2012 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of LinkedIn. UK, France and Germany
  5. 5. LinkedIn is the preferred choice for IT decision makers 5 85% 34% 41% LinkedIn Personal Social Networks Microblogs Among ITDMs who use at least one for business Social networks used for business in the past year*: * Source: LinkedIn/Research Now study of ITDMs in UK, France, and Germany, Q3 2012
  6. 6. 3X more connected 40% more likely to use LinkedIn Today 4X more likely to follow tech companies on LinkedIn ITDMs are especially active in leveraging features and tools on LinkedIn, compared to the average professional 6 Compared to the average user, ITDMs on LinkedIn are: ITDMs: members in IT function, Manager+ UK, France and Germany Q3 2012 Source: Internal data, August 2012
  7. 7. 7 Key Take-Aways  Develop a trusted presence on the most relevant channels  Communicate during the entire purchase process  Target influencers who can spread your message  Provide insights that are relevant to the context  Listen to when, where, and how ITDMs want to engage