Getting started with content marketing on LinkedIn


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  • Linkedin management is doing commendable job in different directions.There is plenty of good .to write home about.They are creating more space for talented people.It is becoming more beneficial & remunerative for the professionals.
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Getting started with content marketing on LinkedIn

  1. 1. Getting Started with Content Marketing on LinkedIn
  2. 2. Content Is Our Core 6x More Engagement with Content vs. Jobs
  3. 3. Get started with content marketing on LinkedIn by using our platform to: Target Publish Extend
  4. 4. TARGET Target with accuracy to reach a high-quality audience
  5. 5. Our rich member data allows you to target exactly who you want to reach
  6. 6. And we offer tools to help you understand the content they seek... but your content must match their needs and interests
  7. 7. On LinkedIn, our members are thinking about how to achieve their ambitions and grow their professional brand
  8. 8. We call this The Professional Mindset
  9. 9. As an result, LinkedIn members are highly receptive to advertising, content, and other brand experiences
  10. 10. Understand your target audiences needs and interests: Take Time To Listen follow influencers, channels and groups that your buyers are engaged in
  11. 11. READY? Jump in
  12. 12. PUBLISH Publish with a purpose in a professional context
  13. 13. 1 Bring your content directly to your audience
  14. 14. Sponsored Updates Have your content appear in the LinkedIn feed, driving sharing through the network and reaching our members across devices. learn more at:
  15. 15. Content Ads Distribute rich media assets in standard formats to audiences in a professional mindset.
  16. 16. 2 Build an audience by utilising LinkedIn Content Hubs
  17. 17. Company Pages Showcase your organisation’s most important content and ideas, as well as your products and services.
  18. 18. SlideShare Channels Drive the awareness and sharing of your presentations, white papers, and video content with SlideShare.
  19. 19. Groups Build interactive communities by showcasing thought leadership, engaging customers and prospects, and gaining feedback and insights
  20. 20. For your Content Hubs, remember to… Customise your environment Upload the best content Assign admins
  21. 21. EXTEND Extend engagement on LinkedIn
  22. 22. Your content is a conversation, not a billboard. To ensure your target audience shares it with their networks, make sure your content is…
  23. 23. The content marketing sweet spot Valuable to share Snackable: Quick to consume
  24. 24. Consider enhancing your content marketing by including Sponsored Inmail and Display
  25. 25. REMEMBER, content marketing is all about…
  26. 26. The Conversation
  27. 27. Inform Listen Inspire Ask questions
  28. 28. It’s that simple
  29. 29. Getting Started with Content Marketing on LinkedIn Learn more at