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Investeer in een lange-termijnrelatie en emotionele band met uw doelgroep

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Follower Ecosystem Product Sheet

  1. 1. Introducing Followers on LinkedIn 75%1 of all Europeans use social media, spending on average 28 minutes per day on social sites2 . 47% of active social networkers follow brands1 and 68% log onto a social media site daily via a smartphone1 . People are talking about brands and sharing their experiences with peers and the global online community. The truth is consumers now expect brands to have a presence on social media and want to be able to engage with them. Invite members to follow your company on LinkedIn and post regular status updates to create a valuable, always-on communications channel with a loyal, up-market audience. Engaged, Influential, Trusted LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network and our members come to us to hear news from companies and brands. Take advantage of this by activating your Follower Ecosystem and harness the power of 313M+ educated, affluent, professionals in our unique, low-noise and trusted environment. How the Follower Ecosystem Works 1. Create your Company Page on LinkedIn and provide value to your customers (and our members) by posting relevant content that fits our professional context (news, insights and information) 2. Extend your Company Page with Showcase Pages focused on particular brands, business areas and initiatives, and providing a highly relevant environment for different audiences 3. Attract members by working with us to devise a media plan using Follow Ads and Sponsored InMails to find and engage your target audience 4. Use Company Updates to share content with your followers, from either your Company Page or Showcase Pages. You can extend the reach of your best performing updates using Sponsored Updates, and you can test, personalise and improve the peformance of updates by publishing them as Direct Sponsored Content 5. Amplify messages through earned media and implied endorsement as your followers comment on and share updates with their own network 6. Refine your content using our state-of-the-art Follower Analytics to optimize your efforts and eliminate waste, ensuring every update hits home LinkedIn Company Page Marketing Solutions LinkedIn Follower Ecosystem Build a long-term relationship and emotional connection with your target audience
  2. 2. Source: 1 Social Media around the World 2012; 2 ComScore; 3 LinkedIn European Follower Report 2012, n=1,679 Copyright © 2012 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. Why Activate Your Followers? Increased brand awareness and consideration As a result of a company engaging with its followers, our members are saying they are more likely to: • Be aware of the company’s products or services (59%)3 • Consider the company’s products or services when making a purchase (43%)3 • Purchase products or services from that company (43%)3 • Recommend that company’s products or services (40%)3 Brand loyalty and trust Engaging followers is a means of building long-term brand favourability and trust. Customer Insights Beyond driving sales, followers can be a valuable source of customer insights to inform future strategy and gather feedback on new ideas. They might even be able to give you an early heads-up on product or service issues. Top Tips for managing Status Updates • Segment your message and keep it short • Use video and visuals to drive engagement • Devise an editorial calendar and time your Status Updates for maximum reach • Assign multiple admins to your Company Page, to split the work and control content for specific lines of business • Post at least 20 status updates a month, to maximize unique followers reached • Encourage audience participation by posting updates that elicit a response • Monitor, analyse and refine Real customers, real benefits Exact software engages customer opinion using a LinkedIn Company Page, resulting in recommendations from 40% of their accountancy clients in The Netherlands Additional Information For more information, contact your LinkedIn Account Representative or visit to learn more about our marketing solutions "Our company page on LinkedIn enables us to interact with millions of professionals, provide useful information about our products and services and gain valuable insights about our customers and prospects." Jeroen Ederveen, Marketing Communications Specialist, Exact Exact Software Follow company ad Exact Software Status Updates