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Connecting with your Content - UK - INFOGRAPHIC


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Connect with your Content - UK - INFOGRAPHIC

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Connecting with your Content - UK - INFOGRAPHIC

  1. 1. CONNECTING CONTENT WITH YOUR 1 31% All data is commissioned by Join the Dots research study, UK, April 2014 Learned of a new financial company Learned of a new financial product/policy Opened a new financial account 1 31% 3 13% 2 23% Recruit Industry insights Customer service Find vendors Find and source new employees 75% Obtain insights, learnings or best practices 67% Provide customer service support, handle complaints, retain customers 65% Find vendors or companies that can help my company 53% Growing businesses in the UK are highly engaged on social media 67% use LinkedIn 81% currently use social media LinkedIn is one of the most influential touch points when choosing a financial services provider Top 3 results of exploring financial content on LinkedIn Top 5 uses of social media for financial purposes Recommend a financial product to others Evaluate or re-think a previous financial decision Seek advice on a financial decision Gather preliminary financial information Keep up-to-date on financial trends1 35% 18% 42% 3 23% 2 4 They're more open to receiving financial content on LinkedIn than any other social media platform Top types of financial services content users want from social media 5 15% 73% of growing businesses have used social media for finance-related reasons LinkedIn 48% Facebook 35% Twitter 33% Google+ 29% purchased an insurance policy and/or investment product based on information they received on LinkedIn 38% Market and economic commentary Company background New product information Industry news Finance events How financial services have embraced social media Social media is now widely adopted – and seen as a vital channel to drive awareness for businesses