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Emirates Reaches New Heights with LinkedIn


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What can happen when you have a quarter of a million people following your brand on LinkedIn? You have the opportunity to make them part of your winning team or turn them into highly valued customers.

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Emirates Reaches New Heights with LinkedIn

  1. 1. ON LINKEDIN TOTAL FOLLOWERS260K 135K 113K 94K 71K EMIRATES BY NUMBERS EMIRATES ON LINKEDIN Senior Entry Manager 32% 30% 21% FOLLOWERS BYTITLE Aero & Auto Professional Services Finance & Institutions 24% 16% 8% FOLLOWERS BY INDUSTRY TOP HIRES BY FUNCTION MEMBER ENGAGEMENT MOST POPULAR POSTS ON LINKEDIN FOLLOWERS BY COUNTRY Countries 83 Aircraft 220 Destinations 144 UAE Continents 6 The number 1 travel brand on LinkedIn worldwide UNIQUE MONTHLYVISITORS 10,800 UK USIndia Pakistan 20,000 Employees on LinkedIn 1,102 New hires on LinkedIn (last 12 months) CAREER OPPORTUNITIES AT EMIRATES Catering manager 8% Sales Aircraft engineer 16% Support Pilot 45% Operations FOLLOWER GROWTH YOY growth119% FREQUENT BUSINESS TRAVELLERS 75,000 All LinkedIn Statistics are based on the activity on Emirates’ Company, Career Page and Status Updates on LinkedIn as of September 2014 |