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What Inspires Me: 7 Posts from LinkedIn Influencers


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To celebrate LinkedIn's 10th anniversary, we asked LinkedIn Influencers to share their inspirations. Share your inspiration with us at

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What Inspires Me: 7 Posts from LinkedIn Influencers

  1. What Inspires Me: 7 Posts from LinkedIn InfluencersPhoto by Sarah Parrott via Flickr
  2. To celebrate LinkedIn’s 10th anniversary, we askedLinkedIn Influencers to share what inspires them
  3. Jennifer DulskiPresident & COO of Change.orgThe Struggle: Learning how to keepgoing, even when things get tough, is thecritical skill to master. Read more.
  4. Jeff HadenGhostwriter, Speaker,Inc. Magazine ColumnistThe flicker of desperation: The most valuable thingwe can give, no matter how faint or fleeting, is thegift of hope. Read more.
  5. Katya AndresenCOO & CSO at Network for GoodCovering a plane crash: A wake-up call to thefact that I was very much alive and to dosomething about that fortune. Read more.
  6. Joel PetersonChairman, JetBlue AirwaysMemories: A kaleidoscope of moments that haveshaped me Read more.
  7. Mary Pat WhaleyConsultant atwww.managemypractice.comCaregivers: Giving time, giving efforts, givingcomfort. Read more.
  8. Angie HicksFounder & CMO atAngie’s ListThe examples set by those around me: My favoritemotivators have always been just down the hall.Read more.
  9. Gretchen RubinBestselling author;Blogger atwww.happiness-project.comReading: my mental comfort food.Read more.
  10. Share what inspires you.