Top Commencement Speeches by LinkedIn Influencers


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Get inspired by these commencement speeches from the top minds in business, which combine humor, practical insights and a dose of cheerleading:

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Top Commencement Speeches by LinkedIn Influencers

  1. Ilya PozinFounder of CiplexSimply having a college degree will not get you hired.The real question is “What can you bring to the tablethat makes you worth hiring?” Read more.
  2. Farhad ManjooWriter at Slate, Fast Company,Pando Daily, New York TimesLearn to write code, sure. But really learn towrite. Read more.
  3. Frank WuChancellor & Dean atUniversity of California HastingsCollege of LawYou’re not as smart as you think you are.Read more.
  4. Bob DorfCo-Author, The StartupOwner’s ManualDon’t pass over chances to be great.Read more.
  5. Ann WinbladCo-Founder, Managing DirectorHummer Winblad Venture PartnersDon’t sweat your first job.Read more.
  6. Randi ZuckerbergFounder & CEO atZuckerberg MediaBe careful what you get good at.Read more.
  7. Charlene LiFounder Partner atAltimeter GroupAlways question authority.Read more.
  8. Maria ShriverJournalist, Author, ActivistI’m hoping you’ll have the courage to press thepause button. Read more.
  9. Brad KeywellCo-founder ofLightbank and GroupOnTrust your gut. It is always right. Always. Readmore.
  10. Richard BransonFounder at Virgin GroupYou’ll never again be so unburdened. Dosomething bold. Read more.
  11. Jeff ImmeltChairman & CEO at GEYour careers will be volatile and risky. Learn tolove it. Read more.
  12. Emily ChangHost of Bloomberg WestTake the big risks now. Take that leap of faithnow. It only gets harder to take risks and leapsfurther down the line. Read more.
  13. Adam LashinskySr. Editor at Large,Fortune MagazineLife is not linear. Be informed. Get out of yourcomfort zone. Drink coffee in the afternoon.Read more.
  14. Glenn KelmanRedfin CEOLose yourself in work that still makes the worldoutside of yourself a better place. Read more.
  15. Adam NashChief Operating Officer atWealthfrontBe the type of person who always paintsbehind the refrigerator. Read more.
  16. Adam GrantWharton Professor &Author of Give and TakeDon’t make the right decision. Make thedecision right. Read more.
  17. Jacki ZehnerCEO Women Moving MillionsDo not be afraid to take a job that you knownothing about. Read more.
  18. Mickey McManusPresident & CEO atMAYA Designs, Inc.Failure isn’t someone who gets knocked down.It’s someone who doesn’t get back up.Read more.
  19. Brad SmithPresident & CEO atIntuitEmbrace vulnerability – people prefer theirleaders with flaws.Read more.
  20. Dan SankerPresident & CEO atCaseStack, Inc.Do stuff you don’t like!Read more.
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