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Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Has Ambitious Goals for the United Nations

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon shares his ambitious goals and hopes for his legacy.

Some of our favorite excerpts:

"Our vision is that by 2030, another 15 years from 2015, that we will have abolished the whole of extreme poverty. There should be nobody left behind. There should be nobody who goes to bed every night with a hungry stomach. And there should be no women and children who'll be dying from preventable diseases.

And we have to abolish at least HIV/AIDS transmissions from mother to children, and polio and measles. And there are several major killers which we really want to abolish. And by that time, we should also give universal access to energy. And there should be nobody who is suffering from lacking safe drinking water. Those are some very important visions which we will set by the end of next year."

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