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LinkedIn Economic Graph Research: New York City



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This research was presented at the inaugural Tech Talent Pipeline advisory board meeting on February 12.

Over the course of three months, we analyzed aggregate LinkedIn data from more than 3 million LinkedIn members in the New York City region and 150,000 NYC-based businesses to provide the Tech Talent Pipeline with insights on the current state of the city’s tech industry. This research is now informing the Tech Talent Pipeline team’s decisions on how to deploy $10 million in funding to help NYC schools, government, nonprofits, and companies better prepare New Yorkers for in-demand tech jobs and fuel the continuing growth of NYC tech businesses.

The numbers show that there are real opportunities to train New York City’s diverse workforce for tech jobs at companies in many industries and at all stages of growth. And with this data and workforce training funding, the Tech Talent Pipeline can now begin to train New Yorkers in a targeted and efficient way for jobs in the city. These needs will continue to evolve, so we’re committed to regularly updating the data. The more insight we have, the easier it will be for New York City workers and employers to use this knowledge to bridge the gap in technology skills and hiring. In the coming months and years, we’re hoping to provide similar research and insights to other cities in pursuit of our vision to create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce.

LinkedIn Economic Graph Research: New York City

  1. 1. Economic Graph Research
  2. 2. 2 Tech, financial services, marketing & advertising, and media & entertainment lead hiring of tech talent in NYC 1 in 5 NYC companies currently employ technology talent 31,858 companies in NYC that employ members with technology skills 16,727 companies in NYC that have hired members with technology skills in 2014* *September 2013 to September 2014 150K 32K 16K 150,712 companies in NYC represented on LinkedIn
  3. 3. 11 Marketing Specialist 12 Vice President 13 Technology Manager 14 Information Technology Consultant 15 Business Owner 16 Business Analyst 17 Research / Graduate Assistant 18 Manufacturing / Mechanical Engineer 19 Administrative Employee 20 Web Developer 1 Software Developer/Engineer 2 Information Technology Generalist 3 Salesperson (e.g. Account Executive, Sales Representative) 4 Consultant 5 Graphic Designer 6 Project Manager 7 Business / Corporate Strategist 8 Founder / Partner / Business Owner 9 Information Technology System Administrator / Engineer 10 Information Technology Support Specialist 3 Not just software engineers; salespeople, project managers, and corporate strategists are also likely to have tech skills  Most common job titles among NYC’s technology-skilled members
  4. 4. 4 217K have technology skills 63K have in-demand technology skills Data current as of Oct. 23, 2014 3.1M 217K 63K 3.1M LinkedIn members are located in NYC 7% of NYC members have tech skills
  5. 5. 5 2% of NYC members have in-demand tech skills 1 User Interface Design 2 Python 3 Mobile Development 4 Web Development 5 C/C++ 6 Computer Graphics & Animation 7 Algorithm Design 8 Cloud & Distributed Computing 9 Game Development  Skills most likely to be found among recently employed tech talent in NYC Data current as of Oct. 23, 2014 3.1M 217K 63K
  6. 6.  More graduates from NYC-area schools are entering the tech industry compared to 2008, but at a rate far below San Francisco 6 Graduates are reentering the tech industry *Based on US News Report: Caltech, Columbia, Duke, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Yale SF Bay Area schools Top 10 schools* NYC Schools 17% 2014 7% 2014 13% 2014
  7. 7.  In 2013, only 2.9% of US members obtained a bachelors degree from a US-based school in a technology-related field* 7 US technology graduation rate near 30-year low 2.9% 2013 5.7% 1985 In 1985, 5.7% of US members who graduated from US schools indicated that they earned a bachelors degree in a technology- related field. Near the end of the first tech boom, this number was 4.8%. Twelve years later, that number has dropped to 2.9%. The same pattern holds true for graduates of schools located in NYC. *computer science, software engineering, electrical engineering and computer science (EECS), computer application, and computer engineering NYC schools All US schools 2.2% 2009
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