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Top 10 Tips from Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of announcing the Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012. Since then, we’ve heard from a lot of you asking for tips on how to take your Company Page from good to great. So what better way to answer that question than to hear directly from our Company Page winners.
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Top 10 Tips from Best LinkedIn Company Pages of 2012

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  2. Want to take your Company Page from good to great? Here are 10 tips directly fromLinkedIn’s Best Company Pages of 2012
  3. Adobe “Add a variety of cover images to reflect a range of business priorities, products, campaigns, or events.”
  4. Aurecon “Create banners that show the vibrant nature of your business and culture.”
  5. Magna Powertrain “Never leave the Products & Services section blank. No matter what yourcompany does, products and services should be listed there.”
  6. HubSpot “Don’t be shy about asking for recommendations on your products.”
  7. CNBC “Before posting an update, ask yourself – Would I want to read this story? Would I want to share this with my connections?”
  8. Xactly Corporation “Post content thatinterests your followers and less about how great your company is.”
  9. HireVue “Publish photos & content from top events to show everyone what you are all about.”
  10. The IT Media Group “Encourage employees to like and share your updates with their network. This helps grow your follower base.”
  11. The Walt Disney Company“Stay fresh by reachingout to your followers at least once a day, if not more.”
  12. Pacific Dental Services “Listen to your audience. Look at Company Page insights, read comments, make connections.”
  13. Inspired to improve your Company Page?Here are 3 steps to get started:1. Add an image that welcomes visitors to your page and showcases your brand.2. Post status updates to start a conversation with your target audience.3. Add your products or services so your target audience can learn about what you have to offer. And don’t forget to gather recommendations to bring your products & services to life!