You know you are a recruiter when...


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Here’s to the recruiters. The talent warriors. The needle-in-haystack finders. The best salespeople in the building. The hiring manager herders. The ones who see the candidate’s full potential. Yes, we’re talking about you.

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You know you are a recruiter when...

  1. ©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. You Know You Are a Recruiter When…
  2. …You have list of excuses why you can’t refer a friend, family member, or other terribly unqualified individuals for a job at your company.
  3. …You only go on vacation to places that have wi-fi.
  4. …You coach interviewers that asking questions such as: “if you were to come back as an animal what would it be and why” does not really add value to the candidate experience.
  5. …Everyone you know asks for career advice.
  6. …Someone you knew a previous company, whom you never actually interacted with, suddenly sends you an InMail asking "how are you doing?" or " we should catch up soon."
  7. …You know all the nice ways to say “better luck next time.”
  8. …The first thing you do after meeting somebody is connecting with them on LinkedIn.
  9. …You are the “go-to” resume proofer for your circle of friends
  10. …Your internal lie-detector is a whole lot more accurate than the CIA’s/MI6’s.
  11. …You can conduct an interview only looking at a resume for 5 seconds.
  12. …You have dreams (or nightmares) …about Boolean Search Strings.
  13. …You start every phone conversation (including with family) with "Have I caught you at a bad time?” or “Is this a good time?”
  14. ...You are interviewing babysitters and several times you try to close them.
  15. You've called your HR Leader at home at 6:45pm on a Friday night, requesting an outrageous exception be made for an offer… ….because the candidate has a competing offer from another company that expires at 7:00pm that night.
  16. …You spend as much time closing candidates, as you do coaching them on how to quit – to the point of role playing.
  17. …You prefer to do a drive-by of different company headquarters instead of touring celebrities’ homes.
  18. …You check out potential date's LinkedIn profile before saying yes to dinner.
  19. …You talk to 100+ students at a career fair and can barely speak the next day.
  20. …You pull up a friend’s profile on LinkedIn and start giving tips. Then without realizing you’ve set a date to take a new profile photo for them.
  21. …You know what a purple squirrel is.
  22. Photo credits: Sangudo, Thompson Rivers, Mel B., Smileham, Bill Roehl, Jeff Meyer, Daniel Foster, Vancouver Film School, Cindi Matthews,, Pedro Glez,, Exact Source, izahorsky. Special thanks to the LinkedIn recruiting team for the quotes in this deck.