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Tracking Impact: Quantifying the Success of your Talent Brand


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A strong, unique talent brand is crucial to consistently making high-quality hires. But how can your company be sure its talent brand is performing? This presentation, created by LinkedIn Talent Brand Consultant, Stephanie Kender, will teach you how to measure the ROI of your company’s talent brand using key metrics such as social follower quality, talent response rate, and applicant quality. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to quantify the success of your company’s talent brand and understand how to make it more effective.

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Tracking Impact: Quantifying the Success of your Talent Brand

  1. 1. Tracking Impact: Quantifying the Success of your Talent Brand Stephanie Kender Talent Brand Consultant December 2016
  2. 2. Let’s Go On A Journey • Introductions • Talent Brand Overview • 3 Metrics To Measure Success • Craft the Candidate Experience to Improve ROI
  3. 3. Introductions Stephanie Kender Talent Brand Consultant LinkedIn Sarah Widdes Media Account Manager LinkedIn
  4. 4. believe talent brand strength makes a “significant impact” on ability to hire 77% Average reduction in cost per hire 50% Average reduction in turnover 28% talent professionals who say talent brand is a top priority in 2015 56% We know that Talent Brand is important Source: LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends Report, Nov 2014
  5. 5. Candidates tell us it’s important Source: LinkedIn Talent Trends Report, March 2014 Reputation as a “great place to work” Reputation for “great products / services” Reputation for “great people” Reputation for “being prestigious” 56%
  6. 6. LinkedIn lets you reach people when they’re in a professional mindset Patrick Kane Ivanka Trump Ali Landry 7-foot-tall Football Player Robert Griffin III Kim Zolciak Leadership Social media marketing Self-esteem Marketing Employee engagement Temporary placement Design thinking Management Time management Sales #HTGAWM #NewNFLTeams Redskins The Pope #GreysAnatomy #HeroesReborn Trending topics by social media platform 6
  7. 7. 8 Employer Brand n. How you, the employer, promote your company as a place to work
  8. 8. 9 Talent Brand n. the highly social, totally public version of your employer brand incorporating what talent thinks, feels, and shares about your company as a place to work a significant asset for both hiring/retaining great talent and promoting your corporate image to the market
  9. 9. 50% of professionals around the world discover new job opportunities through word of mouth
  10. 10. The content ecosystem COMPANY PAGE LEADERSHIP PROFILES EMPLOYEE PROFILES THE FEEDCOMPANY UPDATES (SPONSORED & ORGANIC) INDIVIDUAL UPDATES BRAND TOUCHPOINTS DISTRIBUTIONCONTENT INDIVIDUAL POSTS All content from owned properties is distributed through the feed to company followers and individual connections.
  11. 11. The Quest to Quantify Measuring the impact of your Talent Brand
  12. 12. Know the goal: Attract Engage Pipeline
  13. 13. 1. Follower Quality 2. Talent Response Rate 3. Quality of Applicant 3 Simple Metrics to Quantify Talent Brand Success
  14. 14. Follower Quality Adapt your talent brand strategy for different audiences #1
  15. 15. 10 Why Followers Matter Talent Acquisition: More Likely to Apply Customer Acquisition: More Likely to Buy 71% Are interested in updates on job opportunities from companies they follow 78% More likely to respond to a Recruiter’s InMail 61% More likely to share or comment on company content 49% More likely to purchase from a company they engage with
  16. 16. Tips for visualizing your success Visualize success: track follower changes as a whole, or for specific business-critical roles
  17. 17. Measuring your talent response rate setsEngaged with your brand No engagement with your brand Talent Response Rate Engaged candidates more likely to respond to your recruiters #2
  18. 18. Visualize success: track response rate as a whole, or by media investment
  19. 19. 20 Subjective  What does it mean to your company? • Good fit for the company • Good fit for the role • Length of tenure Who are the quality candidates for you? Applicant Quality Broadcasting an authentic talent brand increases retention #3
  20. 20. Branding opportunities that engage passive candidates across their personal path to hire creates interest and preference Prospect Hire Unaware • I don’t know what it’s like to work at LinkedIn • I don’t know that LinkedIn has a diverse environment with perks that support diverse backgrounds • I don’t know all the amazing accomplishments LinkedIn has made • I don’t know LinkedIn has a role that fits my background Interested Applied Aware Familiar LinkedIn has a team that inspires me and cares about what I care about. LinkedIn? I never thought about working there before, but see there’s a relevant job for me in my area. LinkedIn is on the hunt for talent like me, and I am really interested in them as a company.
  21. 21. The Common Trap Would You Apply?
  22. 22. From Familiar to Interested
  23. 23. Are You Ready To Apply? First Engagement
  24. 24. Are You Ready To Apply? Second Engagement
  25. 25. Are You Ready To Apply? You’re Interested!
  26. 26. Visualize success: track interested candidates by target companies or other key metrics
  27. 27. Visualize success: track Engaged with Talent Brand in Next Gen Recruiter  Follows, likes or shares your company page  Likes, comments on or shares a company update,  Applies to, likes, comments on, or shares a job on LinkedIn  Likes, comments on, or shares a sponsored update  Shares an article from the Elevate app  "I'm Interested" clicks from Talent Landing pages and Talent Direct (Sponsored InMail) messages
  28. 28. Visualize success: track influenced % new engagements through your media investments Candidate Hire Hired 5,681 Consideration Actions Considering 75,432+ Unique Members Made Aware Aware 37 Influenced Hires 1,246 Added Followers 3,781 Job Viewers 923 Company/Career Page Views 84% New Engagements
  29. 29. 1. Follower Quality 2. Talent Response Rate 3. Quality of Applicant 3 Simple Metrics to Quantify Talent Brand Success
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