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Top India Staffing Trends 2015 | Infographic


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Being a strategic partner to clients is becoming a higher priority. Meeting the demands of clients swiftly and efficiently should be key for staffing agencies. Download the full report:

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Top India Staffing Trends 2015 | Infographic

  1. 1. Top India Staffing Trends 2015 Amid a constantly evolving recruitment landscape. the most successful staffing agencies are agile and responsive to the latest trends. Here‘s how to get ahead of India's top staffing trends for 2015. Hiring volumes and budgets oontinue to rise. 2013 2014 Percentage of clients predicting an increase Competitive threats abound. Firms are most concerned about their competitors: (>0 U is 'nV35TlnQ Learning to use Building in feCfUltl“9 social media strong talent 100'? » more effectively pipelines Most professionals consider themselves passive candidates — only 13% are super passive and not open to opportunities at all. 42% Active Against this backdrop, what trends are shaping the staffing industry in India? Agree Top 3 staffing trends Growing cu’ base of new client: Acquiring new clients and being a g V strategic partner to existing clients Be'”‘9t~" 5'-’°'*‘3;‘.9'° - ~ ‘ « - in r 1~lE""’.3 are the top organizational priorities, pa‘ 6 ° ’ C = FT7CfO". ’lf"g soarcing techniques lrnprc-. -mg qJClllT*, " of hire Get ahead of this trend Arm yourself with tools such as data analytics, social media and new online search tactics to stay ahead. Social professional networks are the most important and fastest growing source of quality placements, closely followed by job boards. Referral programs are making a comeback. 73°: i_n ( ) on 33": 3371 2012 ‘. '.‘3‘3 ZS‘-‘ Social professional networks lnternet job boards Internet resume databases 0 Employee referral programs Get ahead of this trend Tap into social professional networks for quality placements. Online professional networks have become the top channel for promoting a firm’s brand. Traditional sources like company websites are declining. 201 3 201 4 Online Finn‘; Word of Traditional professional website mouth job boards networks Get ahead of this trend Support your brand strategy with sufficient resources and track your progress. Indian firms are above average for prioritizing and acting on talent brand. . SE Asia My company has a brand strategy Brand is a top priority for our organization to find out more about the trends that will shape the industry in the next decade. Linked in Talent Solutions