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The pitfalls of metrics and how to track the right ones | Talent Connect 2016

Sydney Busch, Netflix

Metrics and success are tightly intertwined in most recruiting teams, but metrics only describe a small piece of the larger puzzle. We’re building complex strategies, learning industry trends, using multiple channels, avenues and tactics to find and attract talent - that can’t be simply defined in a number. So how can we transform how metrics are used - from solely defining our success, into how we can use them to build, refine and enhance our recruiting strategies.

At Netflix, we had the opposite problem where data was originally viewed as something that took away from our work and lead our hiring managers to focus too much on quantity (vs. quality). Partnering and hiring for the “Data Engineering and Analytics” organization created a paradox that I’m solving by using data to enhance my story, not tell it for me. I’ll take you through a few ways we’ve done this - how it led us to have not only successful hires, but successful long term recruiting strategies.

Key highlights:
Find the right tools to help you collect data. How to use Linkedin, internal ATS tools and ad hoc tracking to glean the right insights.
Choose the parameters that will help tell your story. Data can be a rabbit hole; we’ll look at a few parameters that help re-aim a sourcing strategy, instead of just showing success. Let time (and trends) help you tell a more robust story. One day, one week or even a few weeks aren’t going to give you a robust sense of the problem you’re trying to solve.
Find the balance of regularly checking metrics over a longer period time to help illuminate longer arching trends.

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The pitfalls of metrics and how to track the right ones | Talent Connect 2016

  1. 1. Pitfalls of Metrics & How to Track the Right Ones ​Sydney Busch ​Engineering Recruiter, Netflix
  2. 2. Success Data Hire s Calls ConversionDiversity Metrics Pipeline Candidates Responses Onsites Time Interviews
  3. 3. Data and trends help show the success of the entire recruiting strategy - not the individual.
  4. 4. Rules of Using Data Know the story you want to tell Is your data actually proving your point? Focus on broader trends Trends vs. seasonal shifts Make it actionable Plan next steps - what now? Come with all the facts Percentages, numbers, scale, comparisons
  5. 5. “No one is making it onsite” • Story/Problem: Talking to the wrong candidates • Data Exploration: Pipeline conversion • Timeline Trend: 2 months Sourced Candidates: 14 58% Applicants: 17 Recruiting Screen Manager Screen 25% 50% 100% Total Next Steps: • Focus energy on passive candidates • Build Strategy for networking and referrals.
  6. 6. “I want more hires, now” • Story: Diversify your funnel • Data: Source of Hire • Timeline Trend: 1 quarter vs 2+ quarters • Next Steps: Divide your efforts
  7. 7. Other Datasets you can start using now • Linkedin Reports • Interview Feedback - text analysis • Google Analytics • Source of hire • ATS reports
  8. 8. Remember the Rules Know the story you want to tell Focus on broader trends Make it actionable Come with all the facts
  9. 9. You’ve got to feel what’s not there as much as what is. ​Daredevil
  10. 10. Questions?