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The Myntra Employer Brand Story


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Learn how a strong culture and employer brand at Myntra, India’s leading e-commerce company, helped their recruiting campaigns outperform the industry average by 17x.

Myntra is committed to making fashion and lifestyle products accessible to everyone. The organisation evolved rapidly and wanted to attract a new breed of talented people where innovation and thinking outside the box was a way of life.

Positions spanned across Technology, Supply Chain, Creative, Retail as well as international talent, hence the brand needed to engage employees with messaging tailored to their role and lean heavily on digital and social channels.

Myntra started with demonstrating how they are a great place to work by showcasing values, work culture and cool policies. The brand’s efforts paid off as existing employees began to feel a sense of purpose. Prospective candidates were attracted to join the exciting Myntra journey.

Check out Myntra's LinkedIn Career Page here:

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The Myntra Employer Brand Story

  1. 1. CASE STUDY Myntra Myntra is a leading Indian online fashion marketplace. Founded in 2007 by IIT graduates, the brand started out as a customisation start-up. Myntra’s mission is to use technology to democratise fashion and lifestyle to help people look good.
  2. 2. THE CHALLENGE Keeping prospective candidates abreast of the rapidly evolving organisation Myntra has transformed rapidly and fashioned itself differently along the way. Their challenge was two-fold, as they had to start by reinventing themselves in a dynamic market, and then embark on sharing their story with the world and prospective candidates. It started with reiterating their core; their values, vision and mission. This helped shape the employer brand. When they went back to the drawing board, Myntra made sure the most important stakeholders, their employees, were involved in the process. Focused group discussions and interviews helped define their identity as an employer. The brand’s endeavour was to build a team in line with their culture of diversity – in terms of opinion, skills and background. They wanted to attract a new breed of talented people who thrive in a non-hierarchical environment. At Myntra, innovation, thinking outside the box, and going that extra mile is a way of life and they needed individuals who could leverage phases of uncertainty and ambiguity as opportunities to reinvent and lead the organisation through change. Positions spanned across Technology, Supply Chain, Creative, Retail as well as international talent, hence the brand chose to engage with prospective employees through offline as well as digital initiatives. “We have been able to establish Myntra as a strong consumer brand because of the collective efforts of our employees who have put in their best at work. In order to continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences it is very important to attract and retain the right kind of talent and having a strong employer brand will help us achieve this.” Amit Mathur, Head of Talent Acquisition, Myntra
  3. 3. THE SOLUTION Social recruiting became the mantra for Myntra The idea of building an employer brand is to attract as well as retain talent. Myntra started with demonstrating who they are and why they are a great place to work by showcasing values, work culture and cool policies. This helped engage the right prospective talent, as well as instil a sense of pride among existing employees. Social channels were used extensively to attract potentials via word-of-mouth, especially across domains of technology and design. The brand’s efforts paid off as existing employees began to feel a sense of purpose. The brand had hoped that employees would be encouraged to uphold the Myntra way of life, while prospective candidates would be attracted to join the exciting Myntra journey. This is exactly what followed. And it didn’t just stop at showcasing what working for Myntra was like. Once a month, as part of a speaker series, a senior leader from the organisation discussed a subject of interest not just with employees but with the community at large and shared insights on Myntra’s role.
  4. 4. THE RESULTS LinkedIn’s Career Page helped showcase all facets of life at Myntra to their diverse talent pool. The brand created one generic career page and 4 other targeted pages to appeal to diverse talent pools across Technology, Supply Chain, Retail, Myntra Fashion Brands and International Talent. Rich media including videos, employee posts, showcased the Myntra culture and what it takes to succeed there. Their efforts have yielded a high Inmail acceptance rate of 27% resulting in them ranking 2nd amongst their top 10 peers. Myntra’s Talent Brand Index (TBI) is 24%; ranked 4th amongst their top 10 competitors. The team also created a strong talent pipeline via the ‘Myntra Work with us’ campaign that performed 12x the industry average. The ‘Myntra Recruitment’ advertising campaign also outshone the industry average by 17x due to a strong employer brand and effective targeting. “The new format of LinkedIn Career Pages is very appealing and helps us articulate our employer brand effectively through engaging videos, unique content views, tagging employee articles, and adding creatives and work-space pictures.” Urvashi Bhatnagar, Manager HR, Myntra
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