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The five-step guide to finding the purple squirrel | Talent Connect 2016


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Melissa Thompson, Citrix
Michele Thompson, Randstad SourceRight

Join two talent acquisition executives—who also happen to be sisters—as they share insights into the synergies between recruiting and sourcing. This lively overview will set you up for success in finding the "purple squirrel." The session will cover how to maximize systems and technologies to boost ROI, leverage networks and engage stakeholders to identify elusive hard to find talent.

Session highlights:
Maximize systems and technologies to boost ROI.
Leverage networks and engage stakeholders to identify elusive hard to find talent.

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The five-step guide to finding the purple squirrel | Talent Connect 2016

  1. 1. telatn gemtnaaem
  2. 2. Talent Management
  3. 3. gihh incamatenen *clue – two words often used to describe Hiring Managers
  4. 4. High Maintenance
  5. 5. upplre riqrelsu
  6. 6. Purple Squirrel
  7. 7. ​Melissa & Michele Thompson ​Global Executive Director, Talent Acquisition, Citrix ​Client Delivery Manager – Sourcing, Diversity & Veteran Recruiting, Randstad Sourceright The Five Step Guide: Finding the Purple Squirrel
  8. 8. Today’s agenda  Defining the Hunt  Are you in the Right Forest?  Seeing the Forest for the Trees  Stocking the Toolshed  It takes a Village, People  Put a Bow on it  Takeaways  Q & A
  9. 9. ​ Purple Squirrel ​ ˈpər-pəl ˈskwə-rəl, noun ​ From the mythicus difficultus animal family ​ Defined as a rare yet highly coveted being. Possessing legendary skills, epic experience and encyclopedic industry know- how. This guru is absolutely essential for prosperity, success (and the sanity of talent acquisition staff) in companies large and small. Looking for me?
  10. 10. Last Purple Squirrel Sightings It’s Monday, your recruiter needs 17 purple squirrels who rollerskate backwards, speak Leprechaun and program for both Android and iOS hired for the Dayton, Ohio by next month. There are six known in the world. (Only 2 have US visas) HAPPY HUNTING!
  11. 11. Define the hunt: Recruiting v Sourcing
  12. 12. Creating Synergy Feedback Recruiting Sourcing If you don’t have a dedicated sourcing team, your recruiters must be skilled in sourcing methodologies to attract and engage purple squirrels.
  13. 13. Partnership Recruiting Funnel - Recruiter provides manager feedback - Sourcer provides market intelligence - Feedback loop drives successful hire Intake Calibration Market Intel Candidate Experience Successful Hire
  14. 14. Are you even in the right forest?
  15. 15. If you have no idea where you are going, the truth is – any road will get you there. Start with a plan. ​Melissa Thompson ​(who does not believe in chaos as a talent acquisition strategy) Variation on Lewis Carroll quote
  16. 16. Recruiting case study 4 7 11 6 7 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 Southeast Southwest Northeast Northwest Central Networking Sales Project - Americas  Hire 35 Networking Sales Specialists • Marketing – develop the value proposition for this role • Objections – identify and be prepared to combat objections • Process – weekly executive updates • Sourcing – job boards, ERP, research • Result – 34/35 hired in 60 days
  17. 17. Sourcing Case Study 35% 29% 11% 10% 8% Not in Market Comp not in range EVP unclear Competitor Near Interview Process • Solving for 30 Javascript Engineers in Richmond, VA • Wrong Forest • Wrong Bait (attraction strategy) • Other Hunters after the same Squirrel • Result – 27 hires out of 2 events in 6 months
  18. 18. Seeing the forest for the trees
  19. 19. If recruiting is like fishing with a net, then sourcing is choosing the correct bait and knowing where to drop a line. ​Michele Thompson ​(because the talent acquisition end game is to catch a fish)
  20. 20. Pipeline Management and Growth  Recruiters regularly review the system for new applicants  Sourcers pipeline continuously even without active reqs
  21. 21. Active vs. Passive  Recruiter  Career Website  Job Boards  Employee Referrals  Internal Movement  Silver Medalists  Sourcer  Email Campaigns  Social Media  CRM Management  Creative Search Methodology  Keep Warm Campaigns
  22. 22. ​Tip: For purples squirrels, stay warm and fuzzy, keep the generic email templates to a minimum.  17% response to “Hey, I saw your resume today.”  54% response to “Here’s what’s new at XYZ company, join our network if interested.” Source: Michele Thompson, 2014 – 2016 Randstad Sourceright client data
  23. 23. Stocking the Toolshed 1. Candidate Outreach 2. Two case studies 3. Tools to deploy while sleeping (not this kind) (this kind)
  24. 24. Outreach Objective: Candidate Response Candidate Outreach Recruitment Advertising Enhanced Recruitment Advertising Social Media Career Microsites Employee Referrals Events (Meetups, Hiring Days) Current CRM/ATS Associations / Business Networks
  25. 25. The problem: • Reqs aging over 90 days • Recruiters challenged to find time to source • Lack of dedicated sourcing support • Recruiters not finding the purple squirrels at a speed that meets business needs • Ruby on Rails example – 25 candidates in 30 minutes About that jam… Recruiter with Req RecruitersSourcers Project Folder
  26. 26. About that hour… Buy-in & Train Outreach Pre-Qualification/Interview Hire or Disposition Keep Warm!  Goal: Hire 8 Management Level Product Marketing professionals in 30 days  How: Go Digital! Host Invitation Only Virtual Hiring Event  Agree: We get what we get and call it a win and a learning opportunity
  27. 27. While you were sleeping: Sponsored email campaigns on LinkedIn Mobile Pop-Up ads Web Crawlers through CRM Branded Scheduled Email Blasts Word of Mouth*
  28. 28. It takes a village, people Not these guys. Much better.
  29. 29. ​Tip: Engage the Hiring Manager early and often. Deploy your inner Jerry Maguire: “Help me help you.” Source: LinkedIn Talent Blog- 2015
  30. 30. Everyone’s a talent scout. ​Melissa Thompson ​(Because hunting purple squirrels is a team sport.)
  31. 31. Everything’s an opportunity to attract or repel the purple squirrel. ​Michele Thompson ​(Because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.)
  32. 32. Candidate Experience – What’s the impact? 25% of candidates reported a bad experience when applying for a job.1 42% of candidates who had a bad experience would never seek employment at that company again.2 22% of candidates who had a bad experience would tell their friends and peers to never seek employment at that company.3 1. Blogging For Jobs – 2015 2. Social Talent, Candidate Experience – 2015 3. CareerBuilder, Infoshare - 2015
  33. 33. Candidate Experience – Where we lose them 56% of candidates said query email “sucked”.1 40% of candidates drop when site is not mobile-friendly.2 72% use mobile device to research and apply. 3 48% drop at ATS. “Too much drama” or “Application too long” 4 33% cite “terrible” interview with hiring manager or hiring team. 5 74% of candidates drop because of poor communication with hiring team. “Not knowing what’s going on”.6 1.– 2015 2. Smart Recruiters – 2015 3. Smart Recruiters – 2015 4. News Release – 2015 5. The Hiring Site, CareerBuilder Employers’ Talent Pipeline – 2015 6. RA Human Capital Management, - 2015
  34. 34. ​Tip: Candidate feedback is as vital to driving excellence from post to close. From a 2015 survey: only 50% of companies are measuring impact of poor candidate experience. Source: Talent Leaders Connect, London 2015
  35. 35. Put a bow on it
  36. 36. Sometimes just moving the needle is a win. And I’ll take all the wins I can get. And then I’ll declare my victory again and again. Until as far as you know, all I do is win. ​Michele Thompson ​(who loves to win)
  37. 37. Win v. Fail From a Win • Where/How did we find the hire? • What was the cycle time? • Can we make this win repeatable? From a Fail • Where did we go wrong (which step)? • What can do better? • Can we take a grey squirrel and train it to be purple?
  38. 38. Takeaways Synergy–togetheristheonlyway • Recruiting and sourcing must be in lockstep • They both feed each other, so they both grow strong together Useyourtools • Let your systems work for you • Data is your friend • Know what you are looking for before you start • Analyze your pipeline EffectivePartnerships • Hiring Manager engagement – early and often • Candidate engagement from brand to offer letter • Everyone recruits • Everything’s an opportunity for talent attraction. LessonsLearned • What do you learn from a win or a fail? • Find a win even if it’s a small one • Measure your ROI consistently