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Talent SolutionsFacing a Hiring FrenzyIn 2010, Tim Potten joined Emerson Process Management,one of the company’s five busin...
Streamlining and Elevating the CorporateProfileEmerson Process Management’s efforts alone were no smalltask, but based on t...
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Talent Acquisition Transformation at Emerson | LinkedIn Case Study


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Read how Emerson saved $200,000 in recruiting costs, significantly increased productivity and transformed it's talent acquisition strategy using LinkedIn Talent Solutions.

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Talent Acquisition Transformation at Emerson | LinkedIn Case Study

  1. 1. Talent SolutionsFacing a Hiring FrenzyIn 2010, Tim Potten joined Emerson Process Management,one of the company’s five business platforms, as TalentAcquisition and HR Systems Manager. Recruiters acrossProcess Management were charged with hiring the talent tosupport the business’s rapid growth. There were hundredsof open roles around the globe, from hourly manufacturingworkers to global marketing managers, many including veryniche skill sets.To help address this challenge, Tim started by sharing hisknowledge of LinkedIn with HR leaders in the organization toshow, when implemented with a solid strategic plan, LinkedIncould offer great recruiting results.Talent AcquisitionTransformation at EmersonEmerson Case StudyCompany ProfileEmerson (NYSE: EMR) is a manufacturing and technologycompany that offers a wide range of products and services inthe industrial, commercial, and consumer markets.Comprised of five business platforms, Emerson hasapproximately 135,000 employees and 235 manufacturinglocations worldwide.Emerson’s Transformations at a GlanceGlobal – By reducing complexity and creating best practicework flows between HR and Marketing, Emerson hascreated a unified brand and strategic messaging platformto support key recruiting and marketing objectives. Indoing so, they reduced the number of Emerson businesspages on LinkedIn from 62 to six.Company Wide – In 2012, Emerson Process Managementreduced recruiting costs by 32 percent and increasednumber of hires via LinkedIn by 200 percent usingSourcing Accelerator. The program was so successfulthat an expanded global initiative is in progress for theentire company.Personal – LinkedIn has fueled many success stories atEmerson.“We exceeded every goal we set out to achieve. In justfive months, we saved $200,000 in recruiting costs,increased number of hires by 200 percent, and reducedtime-to-hire by nearly 20 percent. We reversed a keytrend too: we were no longer losing talent to ourcompetitors.”Tim PottenGlobal Talent Acquisition LeaderEmerson
  2. 2. Streamlining and Elevating the CorporateProfileEmerson Process Management’s efforts alone were no smalltask, but based on the strong results, Tim, along with hiscolleague in Marketing, Sarah Beadle, saw an opportunity toleverage LinkedIn solutions around the world, across all ofthe diverse Emerson businesses. He recognized that whileroughly 20,000 Emerson employees had LinkedIn profiles,most linked to an unbranded Corporate Company Page withvery little information.The first challenge was a core tenet of Emerson’s marketingstrategy: complexity reduction. Emerson had 62 separatebusiness sites with an existing Company Page on LinkedIn.The goal was to boil it down to just six Company Pages (onefor each of the five key businesses, and one from thecorporate perspective).This new approach and strong collaboration between HRand Marketing opened doors for a whole new integratedapproach to Emerson’s messaging and global presence onthe LinkedIn platform.By aligning HR and Marketing, Emerson was able tobroaden its scope and showcase its unique culture andinnovative spirit. The team has moved from simply leveragingcareer opportunities, to also sharing insight on Emerson’sglobal leadership, culture and relevant industry news viastatus updates.Through this approach, Emerson has been able to harnessthe strong sense of community - already present on othersocial channels - across its audience base, with increasedengagement and interest in the brand.With buy-in from HR leadership, Emerson ProcessManagement invested in 81 Job Slots to post open positions,21 Recruiter seats to target passive candidates, and a GoldCareer Page to build the company’s brand by targetingdifferent audiences with relevant messaging.The solutions were a step in the right direction, but Timwas determined to get even better results. He felt thatwithout enough jobs and “Work With Us” Ads to targetindividuals networking with Emerson employees, he wasunderutilizing the platform.Going All-In with LinkedIn - the SourcingAccelerator BoostTim was convinced that he had to put more into LinkedIn inorder to get more out of it. To do this, he adopted SourcingAccelerator, a bundled solution designed to engagecandidates with Emerson’s jobs and brand across LinkedIn.By layering “Work with Us” Ads and six times the number ofJob Slots on top of their existing Recruiter seats and GoldCareer Page, he was able to experiment with the entire suiteof solutions, and experience how they worked synergisticallyto drive greater results. Before diving in, he and his teamdefined their success metrics, such as number of Career Pagehits, conversions to website, and total job applications.Costs Down, Productivity UpBy leveraging Sourcing Accelerator, Emerson ProcessManagement:Reduced third-party fees by 32 percent, saving $200KReduced time-to-hire by nearly 20 percent, from 68days to 55 daysIncreased LinkedIn-generated salaried hires by 200percentIncreased traffic to Emerson Process ManagementCareer Page by 6xIncreased apply clicks per job by 2.5xIncreased Engineer ‘followers’ by 8x and Engineerapplicants by 2x“Candidates from LinkedIn were generally bettermatches, so recruiters could spend more time targetingtalent and less time sifting through unqualifiedapplications.”Tim PottenGlobal Talent Acquisition LeaderEmersonEmerson Work With Us Ad on LinkedIn
  3. 3. Copyright © 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail, are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation inthe United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved. 10-LCS-143-G 0513Unifying Your Global Brand - FiveLessons from EmersonReduce complexity. Emerson’s HR and Marketingteams recognized the value of showing a unitedfront from the brand perspective by simplifying theirLinkedIn presence and building a centralized forum.Step outside your comfort zone. LinkedIn can be aplatform for conversations beyond specific careeropportunities. Share a bit about the culture,showcase employees all over the world, and discussyour role in the future of the industry.Communication is key. By implementing a powerfulLinkedIn strategy, Emerson was able to break downfunctional barriers between HR and Marketing. Thisnew, more fluid approach has greatly improved thecompany’s success across social platforms.Layer solutions for big results. Tim chose SourcingAccelerator because he needed outstanding resultsquickly – it was the fastest and most effective way toramp up hiring and strengthen the company’s brand.Talk cost reduction and number of hires. Byshowing data that directly impacted the bottom line,Tim demonstrated potential value on a company-wide, global scale and convinced the entireorganization on the benefits of an “all-in” approach.Transforming Careers – and LivesTim described the impact that LinkedIn Talent Solutions havehad on Emersons ability to put the right talent in the rightroles. Heres one story he shared.“We were looking for an Oil & Gas Marketing Manager for abusiness unit in Boulder, CO. We sent an InMail to a qualifiedcandidate who was happily employed at another organization,but who replied because of our proximity to her home. Weultimately hired her and she joined about a month later.“On her first day, she graciously thanked me and explainedhow that one InMail changed her life: now she was part of abigger organization with more advancement opportunities,and could spend more time with her family now that hercommute was shorter. Thanks to LinkedIn, wonderful passivecandidate stories like this are routine at Emerson.”LinkedIn Talent Solutions not only transformed the company’stalent stream, they helped transform the global profile of thecompany. Further, Emerson’s LinkedIn strategy has trulybecome a unified company-wide effort rather than beingsegmented across different businesses and regions of theworld. HR and Marketing teams at Emerson are nowcommunicating on a regular basis and integrating content toachieve like goals. By sharing best practices and ensuringalignment across the businesses, Emerson has developed astrong social platform and given the company a louder,clearer voice.