Talent Acquisition Team #Selfies


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We asked talent acquisition team leaders across to globe to snap their team #selfies and share why they are thankful for their team. Click through to see what they had to say.

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Talent Acquisition Team #Selfies

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  7. “…an amazing group of women who are dedicated to helping legal professionals find rewarding, enriching careers and embody Axiom’s core values!” Margaux Jacobus, Director of Attorney Recruiting & Professional Development, Axiom
  8. “…their endless enthusiasm and countless sacrifices they make to our candidate experience. Our trio hired 80 people this past year, so we are JUICED about 2014!” Anthony Kline, Head of Recruitment, AppDirect
  9. “…my team’s commitment to excellence, positive spirit and unique strengths which make us better as one team around the world!” Brendan Browne, Director of Global Talent Acquisition, LinkedIn
  10. “…successful partnerships, a wine fridge, OT bill rate and our anti-corporate culture!” Michelle Baker, CEO, Swoon Technology Resources
  11. “…their willingness to experiment, commitment to be innovative, and to find ways to do more with less!” Lars Schmidt, Senior Director Talent Acquisition & Innovation, NPR
  12. “…a team who helps their teammates in a time of need. Even though we’re global, we're a family. We're not about who gets credit, we're about collective success.” Emily Van Norden, Senior Manager Global Marketing, SapientNitro
  13. “…a rock star TA team who always strive to be the best and have fun doing it.” Lee Yeap, Head of Recruitment, British Sky Broadcasting
  14. “…for us, it’s all about collaboration – across teams and across regions.” Liam Hayes, Talent & Culture Leader and Danielle Bond, Marketing & Communications Leader, Aurecon
  15. “…our ‘Work from Anywhere’ culture. My team lives the brand to the fullest. We use our products to connect, collaborate and drive results for the business.” Melissa Thompson, Senior Director Talent Acquisition, Citrix Systems
  16. “…our team’s infectious enthusiasm, their commitment to working together and the fun we have while attracting top talent to Express Scripts!” Jennifer Shappley, Senior Director Talent Acquisition, Express Scripts
  17. “…the person who came up with this idea – we shared some laughs while taking the photo!” Lilly Sheahan, Talent Operations, ClearSlide
  18. “…for their passion, humor, togetherness, and for handling each candidate, hiring manager and the entire process with care, concern and urgency.” Miki Furnish, Talent Acquisition Manager, Carhartt, Inc.
  19. “…this isn’t a team. It’s a passionate, creative, committed global community that always gets the job done!” Craig Haydamack, Global Talent Acquisition Director, Intel
  20. “…LinkedIn for helping us realize our dreams, wonderful colleagues, a start-up culture and immense global exposure – truly transformational!” Manoj Kenadath, India Talent Acquisition Lead, LinkedIn
  21. “…the supreme ambassadors for our great culture. They’re passionate, fun and creative; the team camaraderie they have created makes it a joy to come to work every day.” Holly Paul, Chief HR Officer, Vocus
  22. “…my team because they are creative, dedicated, and passionate about our brand, the company and about our people. They rock!” Leigh Ann Bruhn, Director Talent Acquisition Center of Excellence, Johnson Controls
  23. “…this international talent team of rock stars: bright, creative, energetic, entrepreneurial and with a great sense of humor!” Noor van Boven, Global Director Talent & Organisational Development, TomTom
  24. “…for diverse colleagues spanning across 65 countries. We’re also thankful to work in a fun and exciting industry – what other company can celebrate beer o’clock?” Jennifer Candee, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, SABMiller
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