Students on LinkedIn: What They're Doing and How to Engage Them | Talent Connect Vegas 2013


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There are over 30 million students and recent graduates on LinkedIn. Learn about LinkedIn’s latest initiatives, including our CheckIn app, to further engage the college and university crowd, the fastest-growing segment of our global membership base.

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    Welcome to our session.
    I’m Christina Allen and I head up the Education Initiative at Linkedin
    This is Rob Humphrey, who works on strategic solutions
    We’re delighted to be here today. In the past months, we’ve released a number of exciting new solutions for students, universities – and for you – solutions that can transform how you hire students.
    Let’s get started…
    Lets start with an overview of students on LinkedIn – who they are, what they need, and what we are doing to help them.
  • Millions of members have told us…
    where they went to school,
    what they studied
    What degree they got
    And everything they did in their careers after school
    We have the first and only large-scale dataset exposing the career outcomes of any education, for many decades, from any school in the world
    What we can do with this data – for students, colleges, companies, even governments - is mind blowing.
    In addition, our members keep their profiles up to date (drives data quality and coverage), and because they engage on LinkedIn, they are “reachable”
  • Everybody is flying blind. Think about it. $50-$250k for an education, and there is no credible data about how the choices you make – the school, or degree, or major you choose – what the consequences are. Same is true for companies – no way to find the best talent, expand their pool of applicants. Same for schools.
    Powerful discovery (and execution) engine for colleges, careers
    Level the playing field for more students to achieve goals
    Kick start building a foundation for the future
    Lifetime tracking for alumni relations and development offices
    Objective data to “enter conversation” with college ranking mafia
    Better student placement (drives better rankings, better students)
    Level playing field for more companies to access top new talent
    Improve career services & campus recruiting options
    Grads come better prepped (and supported) to succeed at work
  • We can help at every milestone – because we can answer questions with great scale – and at great detail.
    And, we have the network of professionals to support students at each of these milestones.
    Let me tell you a story of how LinkedIn can help students discover and achieve their dreams – opening them to possiblities they’d never imagined
  • Young Chip walks in with his father, and club members rise to congratulate him on his upcoming college graduation. 
    They ask where he is thinking of working after his last semester, and subsequent world world tour.  
    When he replies with a few ideas, they offer him advice and let him know they will make introductions for him in companies in the industry Chip wants to pursue. 
    After Chip returns from his world tour, he has interviews lined up at a number of prestigious companies, where his father's connections are ready to give him the benefit of the doubt. 
    Let's unpack this scenario to see how Insights, Connections and Cohorts can level the playing field  for students who aren't as lucky as Chip.  So what does Chip have as a result of being lucky?
  • Chip has spent his life steeped in the tea of daily, effective behaviors for successful professionals.  
    He overhears dinner table and country club conversations about work challenges, competition, the success stories and failures of his parents colleagues and friends.
    He has many people he can reach out to for advice on large and small decisions, techniques - both social and technical in nature - best practices for specific situations. 
    He is constantly hearing about the RANGE of opportunities – what’s trending – and opinions about good options.
    He is "one of the club" and is readily accepted into their social and professional events and gatherings.
    He has credentials that open doors for him and access to a network of people who will make sure he can walk through that door.
  • On the sidelines, a busboy named Joe watches Chip walk through the country club that snowy day. 
    Joe is the first in his family to attend college, and has moved frequently in his life with his family. 
  • This is what Joe’s network looks like. There are bright spots of opportunity everywhere, but he’s not connected to them.
    And, unlike Chip, he doesn’t know where to start to make these connections.
  • His university is huge – I’m not talking about size – although with 228k students and alumni on LinkedIn- that’s also true.
    I mean it’s a huge source of insight, support and path-finding for Joe.
    We launched University Pages two months ago – working closely with schools around the world to build pages that provide incredible insights – and the voice of the schools.
    Also features like Notable Alumni – to inspire students with the success of graduates.
    One of the most powerful features is the ability to explore the career outcomes of graduates of that school.
  • Joe knows that after he graduates, he wants to live in Austin – where his family is.
    Clicks on Austin – and all the other facets immediately update to show information about only those LinkedIn members who live in Austin.
  • Then, he clicks his major, and again all the facets update – he sees 8000 who studied what he studied, live in Austin.
    But it’s ot just charts and graphs. He can then drill down and explore the specific careers of individuals…
  • Then, he looks at the profiles of individual people at those companies, and sends some messages asking their advice about job opportunities, the work environment at their company - and when college recruiters will be coming to campus. 
    Because they went to his school, and they've walked in his shoes, they are happy to help. 
    He can also see people he has in common, who might be able to make an introduction.
  • He looks at the types of work these people are doing, and sees the list of top companies that have hired them recently. 
    Here you can research:
    What that company does
    Job titles of anyone on LinkedIn who works there or has worked there
    The career paths people pursued before working at that company and after. This is great if you have a company or two in mind and you want to expand your list of potential employers. Remember that even if you find the seemingly “perfect” employer, it’s never a good idea to put all of your eggs in one basket and only apply to one company
    You can see where that company has all of its offices, which is great if you’re thinking about relocating to a new city or country.
    You can find the profiles of people who will be interviewing you – great tip for job interview prep!
    And, of course, you can see if that company has available jobs.
  • And, of course, you can see if that company has available jobs.
  • He looks at the top skills they have, and compares them to his current skill set.  
    He sees a few things he should pursue, and makes a note to cover these skills in his final semester of classwork. 
  • Joe can join professional groups on Linkedin that focus on deep industry expertise - in hospitality - where he wants to work.  
    When he has questions about how to accomplish something at work, group members help him out with advice - and even some introductions. 
    The groups teach him things that Chip learns just by living his life:
    What people in this industry talk about
    What issues are top of mind
    HOW they talk, what acronyms they use, what conferences they attend – and who the influencers are
    It’s like a mini, virtual apprenticeship where he can “join the experts.”
  • Joe can follows industry news on Linkedin Today - along with great influencer articles about how to succeed as a professional
  • At the heart of it all, Joe can build a professional profile on LinkedIn. It’s so much more than just a resume. It lists his accomplishments in school, his internships, projects he’s created in our new portfolio section – and even the things he has shared and what his connections have endorsed him for.
    Investing in his profile pays huge dividends. He can use it to apply for jobs, and opportunities start to find HIM. When he checks in using his profile at a career fair – he can get immediate feedback from companies.
  • Most importantly, starting at college – he can build a powerful support network of people who know him, his work – and can support him at every milestone. The smart people he met in class, faculty, mentors, bosses at his internships. Maybe Even members of the country club.
  • And, of course, our goal is that in five years, Chip works for Joe – because Joe is ore connected, more current and more engaged with his industry and the people and information in it.
  • Remember our story about Joe? Let’s return to it to see how LinkedIn can help you
    BUILD YOUR BRAND with students early and often and everywhere
    CRUSH PROCESS so you can focus on the meaningful and creative parts of your job
    And GO WIDE & LONG to discover and reach the best student talent in the world – where ever they attend school.
    Joe can help YOU because he is active on LinkedIn – looking at all this stuff
  • Your company is ALL OVER Linkedin.
    On profiles, in job searches, company searches, in the news.
    Everywhere your company shows up – there is a link to your company page.
    What happens when a student clicks that link?
    How does your company page draw them in with great content?
    You only get one chance to make a good first impression.
    Invest in your company page.
    You want them to follow it –
    and use terrific content to keep them thinking about your company when it comes time to apply for jobs or attend that career fair.
  • These are amazing tools.
    Even if you kept doing this – they would help you enormously.
    But let me tell you some stories about companies that are using these tools to really puch the envelop.
  • Wide – Vastly exapnd
    Long- Relationships over time
  • 1.A friend mentioned he would be in Raleigh for on a campus recruiting TRIP for his
    company to hire Computer Science Majors for internships
    2. He mentioned he would be going to Duke and Carolina.
    3. Having lived in the area for over 10 years
    4.And knowing that ever major ranking has NC State Computer Science ranked ahead of Duke and Carolina
    5.Naturally I asked, “Why not NC State?”
    6.He said, “Funny the engineer that tagged along went to state and asked the same question”
    7.He went on to say:
    8.“I’m just following orders…”
    9.Today Student recruitment is about The Golden Schools and Following orders
  • Like this place
  • Building awareness doesn’t just happen in the months before a career fair. They sign up. You sign up.
    A few months later – you show up, you hope they show up. And in a crowded career hall, somehow they notice you.
    And that they like your swag
    Get them in early
    We Talked a customer, and old tech brand about getting them in early – before they hit campus
    Cause once they see the Google Building we are screwed
  • 1.Today your brand is your swag.
    2.And you think your swag is your brand.
    3.I am here to tell you – swag is a crutch.
    4.It’s a crutch. Its not brand. Like a posting a job is not recruiting.
    The opposite of what smart talent marketers like Trip Advisor, SAP, and
    State Farm and a bunch of companies you have never heard of are doing right now as we speak.
    These companies aren’t
    a.Employing more resume collection tools.
    b.They aren’t creating apps that no one will download.
    They are Building awareness in an ambient way.
    This doesn’t just happen the month before a career fair.
    Or your tech talk.
  • Tommorow Smart Talent Marketers will apply
    Ambient Branding to
    Reach Students Early and Often
    On their terms
  • TripAdvisor cant compete at MIT
    They meet CEO etc
  • Finally, we want to liberate you from process
    So you can engage more deeply with candidates
    To let know why your company is great.
    To connect student talent to the great opportunities in your company.
    We want to help you crush process to make you free to focus on the things that made you want your job.
  • You capture resumes
    Meet the kids w patience to stand in line
    They aren't the ones you want
    You want the
    ones to talented
    This is nit wy you tyoo this
    If if you get everything scanned into your ATS rapidly you communicate w them 4 weeks later
  • The largest technology conference in India for the student community went down two weeks ago in Bangalore.
    And SAP, the masterminds behind this event simultaneously CRUSHED PROCESS and increased their employment brands “cool factor”
    SAP runs this event, called Techniversity each year, where some 6,000 students from over 75 schools participate in competitions, concerts, and inspirational talks from chess champions and celebrities.5.This year they used our CheckIn product prior and during the event.6.
    Three things happened:
    aDays before the event they had detailed profile date on over 1000 of the students that where attendingb.Instantly everyone at SAP with a Recruiter license in any location, in any time zone had access to this information and any information that was collected. (NO MORE NOTES ON BACK OF RESUMES OF BUSINESS CARDS)c.Immediately after the event, AFTER they did away with old school process, they were able to message students personalized communications – achieving marketing Nirvana.
  • When Christina and I started I asked you to send a text to LUCKY
    In turn, this sent u a simple link. to use a simple web form powered by our Check-in product.
    How many of you texted – DOESN’T MATTER…
    I already know
    I can tell you that I know the following information about this audience:
    a. X hundred of you completed this form (Y % of the audience)
    Y of you studied _____UNC / NC STATE
    1 of you ______PPL –CUSTOM GIFT FOR PERSON *****
    3.And inside the next 60 seconds some of you will receive a message from one of my team members who isn’t even in this room.
    Alison creates template….
    CONTENT is mine..
    4.In fact not even in Las Vegas.
    5.But that team mate has access to each profile of each person that spent the 9 seconds on average it took for you to use Check-in.
    6.In the last 60 days 35,000 students around the world used to checkin to connect with employers.
    7.But this IS NOT about Check-in. It’s about TRANSFORMATION.
    And the first step is to crush process
  • Students on LinkedIn: What They're Doing and How to Engage Them | Talent Connect Vegas 2013

    2. 2. Our objective: Linkedin is Indispensible to students, companies and Universities
    4. 4. Industry Dates Title & Function Field of Study School Degree Skills Dates School Company Title & Function Company Industry
    5. 5. COLLEGES Career ct Students se strengths d careers of alumni COMPANIE Find Talent Attract, target hire the best talent – early! Students Find opportunities. Best fit for me. ni Relations ge alumni for fts, relations eer Centers students for ssful careers Community Informed decisions to help me succeed. Identity Insights Build Brand Start early so best students your compan Streamline P Improve your efficiency and impact
    6. 6. Choosing College Academic Planning Internships Choosing a Major Graduate School? Finding 1st Job Success at 1st Job Alumni Network Choosing a Direction §  What colleges send students to the top medical schools? §  What are my career options if I choose this major? §  I didn’t know a sophomores could get internships at SpaceX! §  What companies hire the most marketing graduates? Getting There §  Who can give me scoop on this sch §  Am I keeping up w students in my major? §  Who has internsh for people like me §  How do I keep in touch with the gre people I met along the way?
    7. 7. LUCKY or LINKEDIN?
    8. 8. The Club Prep School Chip’s Network InternshipS UNIVERSITY Family
    9. 9. Joe’s Network
    10. 10. w Can Joe Create His Own Luc
    11. 11. LinkedIn! OPENLINK: YOU HAVE A NEW MESSAGE" From: Christine Lee" Date: July 10, 2013" Subject: Internship with Hilton Hotels ! ! Hi Joe, " " I came across your profile and thought I’d reach out. I run the internship program for Hilton like to invite you to a special event we are holding next week in Austin. " 
 Christine Lee 
 Director of Talent" Hilton Hotels
    12. 12. Groups Internships Joe’s Network University The Club Family
    13. 13. ow can joe help You get lucky
    14. 14. udents are twice as ely to engage on mobile to-matching (JYMBII) & ive searches student jobs for free
    15. 15. ents join company, industry and skill-specific group re highly engaged
    16. 16. ote news, jobs & events to your target student audien
    17. 17. llecting details and paper umes is cumbersome" reasing competition results in t leads" or visibility into event and eline activity (ROI)"
    18. 18. age applicants: us on applicants skills you want" didate insights ong-term ionships" rce students 23k schools dwide "
    19. 19. Push the envelope
    20. 20. Go wide & long open a world of possibilities
    21. 21. TODAY = 20 GOLDEN SCHOOL
    23. 23. Ambient Branding reach students early and often
    25. 25. Crush Process freedom to create, engage