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Societe Generale Global Solution Centre: A Social Recruiting Journey that Yielded $200,000 in Savings


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Read how the HR team at Societe Generale leveraged the LinkedIn ecosystem to establish their talent brand in India, resulting in 2X ROI.
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Societe Generale Global Solution Centre: A Social Recruiting Journey that Yielded $200,000 in Savings

  1. 1. CASE STUDY Fintech major Societe Generale Global Solution Centre, provides services in Application Development and Maintenance, Infrastructure Management, Business Process Management and Knowledge Process Management, to Societe Generale's business lines around the world. Societe Generale Global Solution Centre A social recruiting journey that yielded $200,000 in savings
  2. 2. Societe Generale Global Solutions Centre (SG GSC), is a globally trusted consumer brand. But as a non-retail brand in India, they faced the following challenges: • Consumers and talent in India were not aware of the brand. • Despite being a focus segment, the tech community did not relate to SG GSC as an employer of choice. • Talent across industries were not aware of what it would be like to work with them. THE CHALLENGE
  3. 3. THE SOLUTION • Charting out a desired outcome. The team decided to plan daily activity, rather than be sporadic - thereby ticking off short- term recruitment goals and adding value to the industry in the long-term . • Referencing what other effective brands were doing on LinkedIn. SG GSC’s study of some successful brands on LinkedIn, confirmed what they themselves believed – that creating awareness and engagement helped pull relevant candidates instead of the brand having to push themselves. • Negotiating the executive team’s buy-in. The big picture was shared with the management and the case for a multi-year social recruiting strategy was built. This allowed the TA team to create the position of a Social Media Talent Manager from their existing budget. “A 3-step purpose-driven social recruiting journey” 1 Defining goals
  4. 4. • The first step was to identify the employer value proposition (EVP) and communicate it internally and externally. The “Life tab" of their LinkedIn Career Page was curated to appeal to prospective candidates, and particularly showcased what it would be like to work at SG GSC and why they should join them. THE SOLUTION 2 Putting the plan into action
  5. 5. LinkedIn Career Page
  6. 6. • Content formed an integral part of SG GSC’s talent brand strategy and they experimented with it to identify areas that resonated with their target audience: THE SOLUTION #1 Thought leadership posts on diversity and inclusion. Internal advocacy was also driven, with employees sharing work experiences. #2 Creating awareness amongst a broader consumer base with posts focusing on company principles like women empowerment, CSR, L&D.
  7. 7. THE SOLUTION #3 Reaching out to potential talent with contextual updates around stand-out company policies such as flexi-time, free-seating and merit-based hiring. #4 Leveraging the power of local storytelling by talking of what’s happening in their India offices and with Indian leadership, rather than re-using global content.
  8. 8. While the content strategy helped in creating a talent pipeline, it was important for the recruitment team to make the most of the increase in followers. • The HR team went through a systematic training module to ensure that they have the right skills to search and engage the most appropriate profiles. • Savings targets were set internally to create a sense of urgency amongst recruiters, to close profiles through their own efforts. THE SOLUTION “Strategic focus coupled with detailed planning, sustained effort and monitoring enabled us become strong adapters of this channel and contribute significantly to the organization in terms of great talent as well as savings.” Padma Kiran Rao Head - HR
  9. 9. SG GSC leveraged the LinkedIn ecosystem to broadcast their content via Sponsored Updates and an India-specific Career Page. Growth in followers, increased awareness amongst relevant candidates, and the return on investment were measured and critically assessed on regular intervals to ensure the effectiveness of the talent brand journey. Corrective measures were immediately taken to ensure SG GSC remains on the right track. THE SOLUTION 3 Pausing to measure “We turned to LinkedIn because we wanted to directly get relevant, quality candidates to proactively seek us out. We thus decided to first embark on a conscious talent brand journey with thought leadership and community initiatives instead of just reaching out to people for jobs.” Jatinder Salwan Senior Vice President Human Resources
  10. 10. leadership hiring in the last year done through LinkedIn – 18 senior level hires made 100% THE RESULTS SG GSC’s long term talent strategy focused on sustainable success rather than temporary quick wins. In Year 1 they accomplished an effective pull strategy by creating awareness and engagement. In year 2, methodical planning and implementation delivered RoI. worth of savings, resulting in 2X ROI USD 200,000 23% growth in followers in 1 year, resulting in over 68,000 followers as on date Highest Talent Brand Index in the industry as against peer average of 18% 26% of niche/expert roles closed via LinkedIn – 56 hires from Jan’17 till date 21%
  11. 11. “Business growth is powered by quality talent who are committed to a common set of values. Being a non-retail brand in India, we knew that communicating our values and the difference we want to make in the industry would get us the right people. We chose technical expertise, adding value to the industry, and thought leadership as ways to engage the community on LinkedIn and create a win-win situation for us, prospective talent and the industry”. Padma Priya S Director, Head – Business Development
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