Simple Yet Strategic Ways of Building Your Employer Brand | Webcast


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Employer branding - the art of effectively communicating an organization's talent strategies - requires a unique approach with the evolution of social media. Click through to see how organizations have simply leveraged their assets as talent magnets to attract quality professionals on LinkedIn.

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Simple Yet Strategic Ways of Building Your Employer Brand | Webcast

  1. 1. Talent Solutions Simple Yet Strategic Ways to Build Your Employer Brand Vibha Adlakha Solutions Consultant Employer Brand, India ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. Simple Yet Strategic ways to build your Employer Brand Concept Best in class strategies How to get started today? TALENT SOLUTIONS
  3. 3. Why should someone join your company?
  4. 4. Story Your Employer Brand is that : why should someone join your company
  5. 5. Employer Brand v/s Consumer Brand Why Should I join your company v/s Why Should I buy your product
  6. 6. All Companies HAVE an Employer Brand Good. Bad. Ugly
  7. 7. Strengthening your Employer Brand is an ongoing process
  8. 8. Communication of your Organization’s Employer Brand is Employer Branding
  9. 9. Your Employer Brand is as strong as its Voice
  10. 10. Small Companies can have a strong Employer Brand
  11. 11. Who is communicating your Employer Brand?
  12. 12. You are NOT alone… Employees Alumni Employer Brand Organization Potential Candidates
  13. 13. You are NOT alone… Employees Alumni Employer Brand Organization Potential Candidates Under Your Control TALENT SOLUTIONS
  14. 14. You are NOT alone… Social Proof Employees Alumni Employer Brand Potential Candidates Organization TALENT SOLUTIONS
  15. 15. Employer Brand has evolved to become Talent Brand Generate Influence Employees Alumni Talent Brand Potential Candidates Organization TALENT SOLUTIONS
  16. 16. WHY should I invest in my Talent Brand?
  17. 17. 3 reasons to invest in your talent brand Lower cost per hire by up to 50%. Reduce employee turnover by up to 28%. 91% of India companies increased or maintained their talent brand spend in 2012. Influence the conversation with candidates. If you don’t, someone else will. TALENT SOLUTIONS
  18. 18. Where should I communicate my Talent Brand?
  19. 19. Build your talent brand in channels which strengthens your social proof
  20. 20. The Big Three Network Dynamics • • • Who am I as a person Ways of sharing life experiences and belonging to a tribe Friends based activities • • Social Professional • Broadcast • • • This is what I am thinking My voice to the world Without any context other than what I choose Who I am as a professional Highlighting my experiences and career aspirations Professional activities
  21. 21. Professionals come to LinkedIn to develop their careers, not just to find jobs Identity Insights Everywhere Connect, find, and be found Be great at what you do Work wherever our members work TALENT SOLUTIONS
  22. 22. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to leverage your talent brand to drive desirable actions Connect/Apply Professional Context 23 Million+ Professionals Perceived Acted Upon Heard Context Matters! TALENT SOLUTIONS
  23. 23. What does best-in-class talent brand strategy look like? TALENT SOLUTIONS
  24. 24. Choose your areas of focus and proactively go after your hard-to-fill roles Implement the 80/20 rule The talent that matters to your business The talent that’s hard to attract today (vs peers) Where it’s important to “go big” (~80%) with your proactive branding efforts TALENT SOLUTIONS
  25. 25. Steps followed by our Strategic clients 1 Use data to understand key labor segments 2 Target with hard-to-find talent 3 Engage & Influence quality candidates 4 Empower employees to be ambassadors TALENT SOLUTIONS
  26. 26. 1 Understand Know what are your tough labor segments and follow a proactive approach to address those TALENT SOLUTIONS
  27. 27. Know what differentiates you in the “war for talent,” and amplify that message 1 Understand TALENT SOLUTIONS
  28. 28. Gain Insights from your talent pool to determine your content marketing strategy 1 Understand TALENT SOLUTIONS
  29. 29. Best-in-class only targets qualified talent pools to cut down the noise of applicants 2 Target In depth targeting to screen talent pools Linkedin helps you only engage with the talent you want TALENT SOLUTIONS
  30. 30. Best-in-class customizes its communication for different talent pools 2 Target TALENT SOLUTIONS
  31. 31. The impact followers have on recruitment efforts 78% 6x More likely to accept Recruiter InMail More likely to view LinkedIn Career Page 3x More likely to apply For jobs at companies they follow 10x 61% More willing to be your brand ambassador More likely to share Content distributed by companies they follow TALENT SOLUTIONS 31
  32. 32. One size doesn’t fit all! Customize your message for different labor markets 3 Influence Linkedin helps you customize your band messaging TALENT SOLUTIONS
  33. 33. Best-in-class leans on employees to be brand and talent ambassadors 4 Empower TALENT SOLUTIONS
  34. 34. Best-in-class leans on employees to be brand and talent ambassadors 350 links shared in 1 day 60% increase in referrals in week 1 4 Empower Reached 159,000 professional 40,000 companies – 25% Sales professionals TALENT SOLUTIONS
  35. 35. Leverage your employees’ network to hire quality talent in a short time 4 Empower BENEFIT FROM PROFILE TRAFFIC with Work With Us ads Clickthrough rates 20x industry average TALENT SOLUTIONS
  36. 36. 7 Simple ways to get started on LinkedIn!
  37. 37. Five steps to a strong talent brand STEP 5 Measure and adjust STEP 4 Promote and engage STEP 3 Craft your approach STEP 2 Listen and learn STEP 1 Get buy-in TALENT SOLUTIONS
  38. 38. Get started today! 1. Get in touch with your LinkedIn rep for your talent brand index and talent pool reports ( 2. Visit career pages of best in class companies from your industry on LinkedIn 3. Become the admin of the page and update your company page banner 4. Share and track talent related status updates on LinkedIn 5. Encourage your employees to be your brand ambassadors 6. Download Employer Brand Playbook 7. Read interesting case studies on LinkedIn Talent Blog TALENT SOLUTIONS 38
  39. 39. Case Study: Rapid 7 ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS 39
  40. 40. Start your journey of a strategic TA professional with LInkedIn!
  41. 41. ©2012 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. TALENT SOLUTIONS 41