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Quarterly Product Release Webinar: Discover our Fall 2019 Product Enhancements


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This edition of the Quarterly Product Release Webinar explores LinkedIn Talent Insights Integration, Talent Hub, and Social Profiles, now in Recruiter.

Delisha Yang, Senior Customer Success Manager
Allison Macur, Senior Customer Success Manager
Sankar Venkatraman, Global Product ​Evangelist​

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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Quarterly Product Release Webinar: Discover our Fall 2019 Product Enhancements

  1. 1. Quarterly product release webinar December 2019
  2. 2. Delisha Yang Customer Success Manager Sankar Venkatraman Global Product Evangelist Allison Macur Customer Success Manager Meet your hosts
  3. 3. Before we get started • The audience is muted so no one can hear you. • Submit questions in the chat box: common questions will be answered throughout the session. • Please fill out the survey to share feedback after the session. • We’ll share a recording via email after the webinar. We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible throughout the sessions via the chat window.
  4. 4. 1 Introduction Agenda 2 Product updates, including… New Recruiter & Jobs, Talent Hub 3 The future of recruiting 4 Talent Connect recap 5 Key takeaways
  5. 5. Introduction 01
  6. 6. Vision Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. Mission Connect the world’s professionals, to make them more productive and successful.
  7. 7. Members First” is our most important company value. “
  8. 8. Business Insider Intelligence’s 2019 Digital Trust Ranking Ranking based on overall Digital Trust scores D I G I T A L T R U S T R E P O R T Source: Business Insider Intelligence Digital Trust Report 2017, 2018, 2019 2017* 2018 1 2 3 4 5 6 Rank 7 2019 N/A N/A N/A * Ranking methodology changed for 2018 onward.
  9. 9. Hiring marketplace 645M Connections Education Skills Open candidate Industry Location interest Salary Job searches Job views Content views Companies followed Connections at company Hires Industry Company size Experience Current employees Similar companies Macro labor trends Alumni Location Culture & values COMPANYJOB SEEKER members 20M open jobs 50K skills 90K schools
  10. 10. LinkedIn Talent Solutions helps talent-first companies build and develop winning teams by providing intelligent tools and unique insights. Plan Build an informed strategy Talent Insights Hire Recruit more efficiently LinkedIn Recruiter LinkedIn Job Postings Recruitment Ads LinkedIn Career Pages Develop Empower your employees LinkedIn Learning Glint
  11. 11. Product updates 02
  12. 12. Plan Hire Develop Pla n Build an informed strategy.
  13. 13. of talent acquisition professionals say that analyzing talent data to drive decisions will become more important in the next five years. Data is transforming the way we work. Source: LinkedIn Talent Solutions. (2019). The Future of Recruiting.
  14. 14. LinkedIn Talent Insights • Make smarter talent decisions. • Create a competitive advantage for your business. • Build credibility for you and your team.
  15. 15. LinkedIn Talent Insights customers now have key talent market insights integrated into their existing Recruiter workflow. • Find new talent pools • Hire faster • Become a strategic advisor It's now easier to use data to: Talent Insights now embedded in Recruiter
  16. 16. Pla n Talent Insights H i re New Recruiter H i rePla n Talent Insights New Recruiter + Talent Insights and New Recruiter are now integrating.
  17. 17. New Recruiter & Jobs and Talent Insights demo
  18. 18. Realize the benefits of data-driven recruiting. Data-driven recruiting gives recruiters an edge, making them more effective. 77% Find new talent pools. Recruiters with Talent Insights reach out to candidates at new companies 77% more than those without Talent Insights. +13% Hear back more often. Recruiters who use LinkedIn Talent Insights see an average +13.5% lift in InMail response rates. Hire talent faster. Talent Insights customers report filling roles faster.
  19. 19. Plan Hire Develop H i re Find and recruit the best talent efficiently.
  20. 20. Resume download notification Keep candidates engaged through progress updates. • Customer has ability to turn on/off per job in NRJ. • Today, candidate is sent notification when application has been viewed. • Second notification will now be sent when resume has been downloaded.
  21. 21. Social links on profiles Gain a holistic view of candidates before deciding to reach out. • Links to profiles on 10 professional networks are available on candidate profiles in Recruiter and Talent Hub. • Profiles include Twitter, GitHub, and View on Bing. • These links help cut down on research time and simplify the decision to make contact.
  22. 22. LinkedIn Talent Hub
  23. 23. Introducing LinkedIn Talent Hub Talent Hub combines the power of all the LinkedIn products you love with a completely reimagined candidate management experience – across the entire candidate journey.
  24. 24. Why LinkedIn Talent Hub? Tap into LinkedIn data to make more-informed hiring decisions. Intelligent insights Foster collaboration and provide visibility for the entire hiring team with dashboards and collaborative tools. Greater collaboration Source, manage, and hire on the same platform. Single system of record for all hiring activity
  25. 25. • Combine the power of your Talent Solutions tools with a completely reimagined applicant tracking system at the core. • Provide more strategic input and business impact by hiring higher quality talent, faster. • Get actionable insights fueled by LinkedIn data. • Drive efficiency and effectiveness for your team with best-in-class collaboration tools.
  26. 26. ü Your team is already using Recruiter and Jobs. Talent Hub could be perfect for you if: ü For more info, reach out to your rep or check out the Talent Hub webinar recording: ü Your company has 1,000 or fewer employees. ü You are looking to buy a new ATS or switch from your existing one. ü Your company is based in North America (other markets coming soon).* *Not currently available for agency-use ü ü ü
  27. 27. Attract
  28. 28. He checks his LinkedIn feed to read the latest news He views a job posted by Flexis He looks at Trending Employee Content He clicks on the recruiter’s profile from Flexis LinkedIn serves Emmett a sponsored job by Flexis [Enter the hiring funnel] He clicks to view the job He checks Flexis’s career page He receives an InMail from a recruiter at Flexis He clicks to apply to the role at Flexis The way candidates make decisions has changed. Candidates are increasingly influenced by their peers, reviews, and research as they make employment decisions. Emmett’s journey LinkedIn moment of influence (LMI) Hiring funnel line Before the funnel He likes an update shared by one of his connections Your investment engages target talent with a relevant message at every touch point.
  29. 29. Applied Screened Interviewed Offered Hired Unaware Considering Engaged Aware Members you haven’t previously engaged with They may not know who you are as an employer or have likely never engaged with your company. Members who have engaged with your brand They have a good idea of who you are as an employer. Warm member = Visiting company/career page, viewing a job, following your company, impressions and clicking on recruitment ads and clicking and interacting on updates. Know your member audience before you reach out.
  30. 30. Trending employee content Key benefits • Showcase your employer brand through the voice of your employees. • Aggregates employee photos and videos with a company hashtag (ex: #WeAreNetflix) on Life Page. • Minimal effort, massive scale
  31. 31. Introducing Pipeline Builder analytics In-product reporting includes: • Leads over time • Lead InMail response rate • Lead demographics
  32. 32. Introducing talent leads metrics in campaign manager Select the “Talent Leads” column to see the new metrics. You must use the talent leads objective to see data.
  33. 33. The future of recruiting 03
  34. 34. Three ways recruiting will change: Visit to download “The Future of Recruiting Report” to gain more valuable insights and all seven predictions. Tech tools will unleash your team's potential Metrics will track outcomes, not just actions Three skills will redefine recruiting: • Engaging passive candidates • Analyzing talent data • Advising business leaders and hiring managers
  35. 35. Talent Connect recap 04
  36. 36. Dean Carter Head of HR, Legal and Finance at Patagonia Jeff Weiner CEO at LinkedIn Cynthia Marshall CEO at the Dallas Mavericks Talent Connect keynote speakers View content here:
  37. 37. Also at Talent Connect, we introduced...
  38. 38. Recruiter mobile in your pocket (literally) • Send, receive, and manage messages on the go. • Search the entire LinkedIn network with smart filters and keywords. • Review candidate profiles wherever you go. Note: Full functionality of the Recruiter mobile app is only available to customers who have access to our upgraded Recruiter experience (New Recruiter & Jobs). Customers that don't yet have access will have more limited functionality until they get upgraded.
  39. 39. Skill assessments Find better matches faster and help members show off and sharpen their skills.
  40. 40. Skill assessments in Recruiter • Improve recruiter efficiency. • Find hidden gems (engage with a more diversified talent pool). • Source more confidently.
  41. 41. Key takeaways 05
  42. 42. New Recruiter & Jobs: • Increased productivity • Improved collaboration • Smarter results Things to remember Future of recruiting report: Download at: Check out Talent Connect content: Keynote speakers, interviews, and breakout sessions:
  43. 43. Q&A Thank you for joining us! Before you leave: Please take the survey. Your feedback is valuable to us. You can access it by clicking on the survey icon in your console.
  44. 44. Thank you