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Quarterly Product Release Webinar - Dec 2018


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Watch the Product Release Webinar to get an inside scoop on all the new product updates rolling out in LinkedIn Talent Solutions this season.

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Quarterly Product Release Webinar - Dec 2018

  1. 1. December 2018 Quarterly Product Release Webinar
  2. 2. Stefan Karadzic Senior Customer Success Manager Bobby Brenman Product Marketing Veliz Perez Product Marketing LinkedIn Talent Solutions Quarterly Product Release Update
  3. 3. Housekeeping • Muted by default • Use Chat window to post questions • Questions will be answered throughout the session • Recording and slides will be shared We will do our best to answer as many questions as possible throughout the sessions via the chat window
  4. 4. Agenda 1. Talent Connect recap 2. Talent Insights launch 3. Product updates 4. Diversity by design deep dive 5. Q&A
  5. 5. Talent Connect
  6. 6. Talent HubTalent Insights Glint Diversity by Design
  7. 7.
  8. 8. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E LinkedIn helps talent-first companies develop winning teams by providing intelligent tools and unique insights.
  9. 9. Groups revamp Engagement in feed Active community LinkedIn Pages Easy onboarding Daily news rundowns
  10. 10. PLAN | Drive business strategies D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E
  11. 11. LinkedIn Talent Insights
  12. 12. With LinkedIn Talent Insights, you’ll have the data to make an informed recommendation in minutes. • Where should you look for engineers in a saturated local market? • Why attrition is skyrocketing on the Sales team? • Where should you open a new office, based on hiring difficulty?
  13. 13. The Talent Pool Report: understand the landscape.
  14. 14. Unlock real-time insights to help you make smarter talent decisions with the new Talent Insights.
  15. 15. The Company Report: a company-level understanding.
  16. 16. Hiring strategy Employerbranding Competitive intelligence Geolocation decisions Workforce planning Inform recruiting strategy and set expectations with hiring managers. Identify target audiences, inform campaigns, and allocate branding budget. Gain insights about peer companies and industry leaders. Understand how the talent market and competition varyby region to support location decisions. Craft data-driven plansfor talent acquisition, development, and retention.
  17. 17. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E HIRE | Find & recruit the best talent efficiently
  18. 18. Attract Pages
  19. 19. View analytics by custom date ranges and monitor applicant behavior in Talent Brand analytics. Analytics Revamp
  20. 20. Jobs
  21. 21. 20 million active jobs
  22. 22. • Commute time filters. • Highlight benefits and required certifications. • Job match by skills/qualifications. • Career growth paths. • “Ask for referral” from connections. Job Seeking
  23. 23. Insights in Jobs Report show how job views and job apply rate varies by gender. Reporting | Gender for Jobs
  24. 24. Source
  25. 25. Search more precisely in Recruiter in 2.4M more cities and 2K new states/provinces. Improved Location Search
  26. 26. Get more accurate and reliable search results with over 1,000 regions across the globe updated in Recruiter using the latest government census data from each country. Improved Location Search
  27. 27. Before After Find locations you’re looking for faster. Now you’ll see better,more intuitive search suggestions that populate in your Recruiter search bar. Type less and search faster. Improved Location Search
  28. 28. Manage Pipeline Builderleads with a more intuitive workflow in Recruiter. Pipeline Builder: Lead Management Workflow
  29. 29. Add scheduling links to any InMail message. • Save time by sharing your real time calendar availability. Scheduler
  30. 30. Reporting | Gender for InMail Insights in InMail analytics reports show how InMail results vary by gender.
  31. 31. Recruiter System Connect Connect LinkedIn Recruiter and your ATS. • Save time. • Collaborateefficiently. • Ensure accuracy.
  32. 32. LinkedIn integrates with other services to streamline your end to end recruitment process
  33. 33. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E DEVELOP | Nurture & develop talent
  34. 34. Engage people in the moment with LinkedIn Learning.
  35. 35. Diversity by design
  36. 36. Predictions for 2017 Everything is Becoming Digital (Bersinby Deloitte) • Generate 2.3x more cash flow per employee • Generate 1.4x more revenue • Rate themselves 170% better at innovation Highly inclusive organizations.
  37. 37. What is Diversity by Design? Using LinkedIn’s unique data and insights to build diverse teams. It’s not a separate diversity product or filter. Diversity insights are integrated across your tools and every step of your talent process.
  38. 38. We’re taking our first steps with gender diversity insights. What is Diversity by Design?
  39. 39. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E PLAN | Inform inclusive recruiting goals
  40. 40. LinkedIn Talent Insights Company Report • Gain a private view of your company’s gender representation. • Benchmark against the industry to inform recruiting goals. What is Diversity by Design? Leverage insights to make the business case for strategic initiatives.
  41. 41. DE M O
  42. 42. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E HIRE | LinkedIn Recruiter and Talent Media
  43. 43. Leverage LinkedIn Career Pages to amplifyyour culture and D&I efforts. • Build out pages to showcase your commitment to culture. • Spotlight D&I leaders at your company. • Showcase employee testimonials and employee resource groups. • Highlight thought leadership – why is diversity important to your team? What is Diversity by Design? BENEFITS | Candidates are 1.8x more likely to apply to a job if they know about your company
  44. 44. In LinkedIn Recruiter, use Military Veterans targeting to find more than 2.2 million US veterans on LinkedIn. BENEFITS | Veterans on LinkedInhave: • 26% moreconnections • Follow28%moreLinkedIn Pages • Are 25% morelikelytoaccept an InMail What is Diversity by Design? Filter your search for candidates who have a background in the US military
  45. 45. InMail analytics What is Diversity by Design? Gender insights help you understand how your team’s outreach is performing by gender.
  46. 46. Job reports Gender insights in your Job reports flag discrepancies in apply rates and signal opportunities for more inclusive outreach. • Job descriptions – what tone and language am I using? • Job requirements – what’s required and what’s nice to have? • Employer brand – does this signal an awareness challenge for job seekers? What is Diversity by Design?
  47. 47. D E V E L O PP L A N H I R E DEVELOP | Learning modules to build an inclusive culture
  48. 48. LinkedIn Learning offers a platform to coach and educate teams on unconscious bias and inclusive recruiting. What is Diversity by Design?
  49. 49. Sample LinkedIn Learning Courses on Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging • Confronting Bias: Thriving Across our Differences by Verna Myers and Ariana Huffington • Diversity, Inclusion and Belongingby Pat Wadors • Managing Diversity by Catherine Mattice Zundel • Inclusive Leadership by Dr. Shirley Davis • Creating Change: Diversity and Inclusion in the Tech Industry by Aubrey Blanche, Craig Newmark, Tracy Chou and Kimberly Bryant • Unconscious Bias by Stacey Gordon
  50. 50. What’s our path to add additional demographics? What is Diversity by Design?
  51. 51. Key takeaways • Learn/Share: Bookmark • Make informeddecisions: LinkedIn Talent Insights • Diversity by design: Close the gender gap with the built-in insights to plan, hire, and measure results. • Hire efficiently: Get more precise and accurate location search in Recruiter and get your company and jobs noticed faster by creating a more custom experience with the new LinkedIn Career Pages. • Let the tools do the work for you: Talk to your LinkedIn Relationship Manager or ATS provider to get the most out of our apply integrations.
  52. 52. Questions?