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Pipelining Success Against All Odds | Talent Connect London 2013


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Catch a glimpse from this Talent Connect London panel on talent pipelining from a medium and large business point of view featuring Jagex Games Studio, BASF and LinkedIn.

Read these 12 Tips for Building a Stunning Talent Pipeline:
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Pipelining Success Against All Odds | Talent Connect London 2013

  1. 1. Pipelining Success Against All Odds Ute Richter Wendy Murphy European HR Marketing at BASF SE EMEA HR Director at LinkedIn Lindsay Browning Peter Lovell EMEA Talent Acquisition Manager at LinkedIn Talent Acquisition Manager at Jagex Games Studio
  2. 2. Business asks “I need to hire ASAP, what candidates do you have in pipeline?” “We have no pipeline” Addressable Market-not identifying and optimizing key talent pools. Recruiter starts from scratch “I’ve spoken to a couple of potentials already” Met for coffee, pre-screened. Exploring conversations have happened. Start discussions “We have candidates who are in “Talent Tribes” and you have previously interviewed them.” Benchmarking previously interviewed candidates can lead to valuable conversations about candidate quality, capability and build credibility.
  3. 3. Pipeline Projects Tags Custom Fields Sources Status Naming Skills (Java, Willing to LinkedIn New Prospect How many? Mobile) relocate Referrals Outreach Talent Tribes Business Units Compensation Recruiter Underway Amount? Availability Job Boards Future Prospect Keywords Not a fit (language) Moved to ATS