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Modern Recruiting: 4 Fundamentals Every Recruiter Should Master Webcast


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Modern recruiters have to wear many hats: matchmaker, salesperson, researcher, technologist, and more. Click through for tips on how to master the four fundamentals of modern recruiting to help you reach your talent acquisition goals.

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Modern Recruiting: 4 Fundamentals Every Recruiter Should Master Webcast

  1. 1. Modern Recruiting: 4 Fundamentals Every Recruiter Should Master
  2. 2. Rob Humphrey LinkedIn Tim Johnson Epic Games Meet Your Speakers @therobhumphrey #hiretowin | @hireonlinkedin
  3. 3. LinkedIn = The Modern Recruiter’s Best Friend 3 0 0 M + M E M B E R S W O R L D W I D E 1 0 9 M + N O RT H A M E R I C A
  4. 4. The Agenda: 4 Fundamentals 1. Tell your story ! 2. Source like a pro ! 3. Promote your jobs ! 4. Build your brand ! !
  5. 5. A RT I S T S C I E N T I S T Matchmaker Marketer Salesperson Talent Advisor Data Nerd Researcher Technologist Psychologist
  7. 7. Your story starts with you… Viewing member profiles is the #1 activity on LinkedIn ! 45 Million profile views take place every day
  8. 8. Profiles That Inspire Emily Gabrian of Epic Games 01 Classy picture 02 Killer opening 03 Dress it up with media
  9. 9. Profiles That Inspire 04 Summary or Brand Ad? 05 Updates as Art 06 Volunteerism
  10. 10. Company Pages Epic Games 01 Bold, memorable visuals 02 Focus on employees 03 Updates fuel engagement
  11. 11. Metrics that Matter Experiment like a scientist with Sponsored Updates Grow you follower base
  12. 12. Jobs carry your story 01 Compelling opener 02 Encourage me to follow and share 03 Rich media is a must
  13. 13. 02 SOURCE LIKE A PRO
  14. 14. Passive What?
  15. 15. Get smart Get to know your talent pools
  16. 16. Technology LinkedIn Recruiter Shown 02 Filters 01 Boolean Search 03 Fun with result sets
  17. 17. Master Boolean Search “ “ E X A C T P H R A S E “ G A M E P R O G R A M M E R ” A N D N A R R O W S E A R C H P R O G R A M M E R A N D U N R E A L O R E X PA N D S E A R C H P R O G R A M M E R O R D E V E L O P E R N O T R E M O V E N O T R E C R U I T E R N O T C O M PA N Y ( ) G R O U P T E R M S “ G A M E P R O G R A M M E R ” A N D ( C + + O R J AVA )
  18. 18. Technology
  19. 19. The 9 Golden Rules of InMail
  20. 20. Hi Atalay, I noticed your insightful comment on Richard Branson's Influencer post last week, 'Disruptive Innovation in Financial Services'. It sounds like you know a thing or two about technology in the financial sector. At ABC we're working on cracking the digital wallet and have some high-priority projects that..." Make InMails Beg for a Response
  22. 22. Talent Brand is highly social, totally public version of what talent thinks and shares about your company as a place to work. ! !
  23. 23. Maximize your presence 01 Stretch your canvas. 02 Paint 03 Video
  24. 24. Targeted Status Updates Your update Yes, can add images Target audiences
  25. 25. Involve Your Organization Share and tell
  26. 26. Sharing Content ShareFollow Button
  27. 27. Jobs are ambient marketing for your brand 02 Write for mobile 01 Work with… 03 Test apply
  28. 28. A RT I S T S C I E N T I S T