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Maximize Your Quality of Hire Through Strong Partnerships | Talent Connect Vegas 2013


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Partnerships matter! In this presentation, LinkedIn's Katharine Coombes and Kim Beinborn teach you how you can join forces with your hiring manager to identify and source top talent.

10 Tips for a Knockout Relationship with your Hiring Manager:
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Maximize Your Quality of Hire Through Strong Partnerships | Talent Connect Vegas 2013

  1. 1. Maximize Your Quality of Hire Through Strong Hiring Manager Partnerships Kim Beinborn Strategic Product Consultant Katharine Coombes Head of Talent Acquisition, ANZ
  2. 2. #intalent
  3. 3. SERVICE V Partner #intalent
  4. 4. Talent organizations are becoming more strategic.. Strategic Foundational Developing Strategic: Low cost Efficient Quality of hire focus Proactive pipeline-based process Traditional Reactive: High cost Labor-intensive Applicant quantity focus Req to req process 4 #intalent
  5. 5. “You can‟t build a great building on a weak foundation” Strategic Foundational Established metrics and benchmarks Data driven decision making Metrics Traditional Understanding of employee value proposition Defined employer brand strategy Influential talent brand engaging employees and candidates Brand Post-and-pray Jobs on niche boards and social platforms Targeted engagement to attract highly qualified candidates Talent segmentation and prioritization Jobs Reactive, over-reliant on agencies Build internal capabilities to focus on passive talent Engage with strong pipeline of leads and „silver medalists‟ Team-wide pipelining with engaged talent communities Sourcing Talent Acquisition siloed from HR Engage HR counterparts and Hiring Managers Strong collaboration with Marketing, PR, Communications Strategic business advisor to C-Suite Partnership Developing #intalent
  6. 6. “Your job is not what you do, but the goal you pursue” Fred Kofman #intalent
  7. 7. Leverage LinkedIn data to pipeline collaboratively #intalent
  8. 8. IN- TAKE, Or taking the brief…. #intalent
  9. 9. Future of Recruiting: Are You Prepared for What‟s Ahead? CareerBuilder 2011 #intalent
  10. 10. “47% of workers say that a company's online reputation matters as much as the job offer.” -Harris Interactive UK 225 human resource managers and 2,035 employed adults #intalent
  11. 11. A Shared Vision At what point do you stop Marketing? • • • • • • • • Online brand Communications Interview Process Coordination Offer Process Reference Checks Notice Period Onboarding EVP Employer Brand Talent Brand #intalent
  12. 12. Don‟t have an EVP?  What do your employees value?  What do you offer that is different?  A chance to design, build and own a new experience together! This becomes your competitive advantage #intalent
  13. 13. The most successful employers use data to measure their talent brands qualitatively and quantitatively Believe organization utilizes data well to make hiring decisions 23% Regularly survey new hires to understand brand position 34% Regularly measure employer brand in a quantifiable way 33% #intalent
  14. 14. Future of Recruiting: Are You Prepared for What‟s Ahead? CareerBuilder 2011 #intalent
  15. 15. “Be the change you wish to see” Gandhi #intalent
  16. 16. Transformation to Partnership 1 Leverage LinkedIn data to build a target market and pipeline 2 Understand candidate motivations to secure aspirational talent Incorporate your EVP to inspire candidates 3 4 Utilize data to make informed, collaborative and timely decisions 5 Establish expertise, know your partners, bring your passion! 16 #intalent
  17. 17. Poor Hires produce damaging results  Productivity Loss  Loss of Customers  Loss of Brand Equity  Legal Liability  Separation costs  Replacement costs #intalent
  18. 18. How does partnering improve quality of hire? “Worldwide, hiring manager and recruiter skills were nominated as the most important influences on quality of hiring” Hudson RPO Report 2013 #intalent
  19. 19. 2013 Global Recruiting Trends Report To learn more…. Global and Additional Countries: 2013 Talent Brand Playbook LinkedIn's Employer Brand Playbook shares the 5 steps you need to build a highly social talent brand. You'll get vital info that you can use today:: Stay in touch: Subscribe to our Blog: Follow us on SlideShare: Follow us on Twitter: @hireonlinkedin Follow us on YouTube: Discover additional insights: Follow LinkedIn: #intalent
  20. 20. You have to be constantly reinventing yourself and investing in the future. – Reid Hoffman #intalent