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Mastering the Open Talent Economy


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The mobile landscape has led to the phenomenon of “open talent” - professionals are more open than ever to the right opportunity, but not actively searching for a new job.

In order to tap into this highly qualified candidate pool, hiring managers and recruiters need to adapt their strategy to work for today’s job seeker.

Drill into:
*How candidate behavior is changing in the open talent economy
*How to reach and interact with candidates via mobile
*Tips on how to make your job posts stand out
*What’s new with LinkedIn Jobs and what’s in store for 2017

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Mastering the Open Talent Economy

  1. 1. Tips and Tools for the Modern Recruiter Open Talent Economy Adapt your hiring strategies to today’s job seeker Mastering the
  2. 2. Meet your presenters Madi Shove Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions Jessica Guro Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions
  3. 3. What we’ll cover today • How digital is changing the world of work • The open mindset of today’s professionals • How to adapt your hiring strategy to mobile • Tips for reaching and interacting with candidates
  4. 4. Welcome to the open talent economy • Info about careers, companies, jobs is widely available • There was only active and passive - but no longer • Now the market is more fluid and talent is more open
  5. 5. Open talent lives on their phones People browse for jobs in short bursts: ON LINKEDIN 60% of job views are from mobile devices • Between meetings • On the commute • While chatting at lunch
  6. 6. Job boards aren’t ready for mobile • On mobile, people expect ease and relevance • Smartphone job seekers face a wide range of problems online Mobile job seekers are dissatisfied Survey conducted by Pew Research Center June 10-July 12, 2015; sample size =2,001 1 Say content doesn’t display properly 47% 38% Asked to enter a large amount of text 37% Need to submit files or supporting docs As a social network, LinkedIn is built for mobile
  7. 7. PRO TIP #1 Test how jobs look on your ATS when accessed from a mobile device. PRO TIP #2 Consider mixing bullet points with paragraphs in your job descriptions. It’s time to optimize for mobile
  8. 8. No one wants to search on mobile • Netflix gives recommendations • Google News offers answers • But most job sites haven’t adapted • Long sessions of sifting through search results won’t work
  9. 9. LinkedIn embraces mobile browsing 50% more candidates on mobile are viewing jobs Added a Jobs tab to our mobile app • Optimized new job postings for candidates browsing on the go • Made it easier for people to discover new jobs
  10. 10. What’s next: Today’s Job Matches • Personally curated list of positions • “You meet 10 of the 15 required skills” • Recommendations improve based on feedback • On iOS now; on Android this summer
  11. 11. Planning a job change is different too • Long lead times are common when planning a move • The job exploration process starts 5 months before someone applies The way people think about a job has shifted PRO TIP #3 Try to be the first company they interact with. Be there at every step.
  12. 12. Make your opportunity stand out When people are open, they have more options • Invest in your talent brand • Write stronger job descriptions the qualified leads when job descriptions speak to growth opportunities 3xTo stand out:
  13. 13. Relationships are key to great hires 70% of new hires have a personal, alumni, or coworker connection at the new job Relationships are now the most important part of a job search PRO TIP #4 Encourage employees and hiring managers to share jobs with their networks.
  14. 14. Make applying for jobs an easy next step • Many are discouraged by the pain of applying on a mobile device • 75% of people who start apply for a job do not complete the application 3 4out of If not optimized for mobile, applicants will drop off
  15. 15. Mobile applications on LinkedIn? Easy. people share their profile every week 2M+ response rates from Apply Starters 4X Candidates can apply with their profile in one tap Apply Starters captures the profile of people who click to apply but drop off
  16. 16. In summary: Job browsing is mobile • Mobile reinvented the job search • Professionals are open to opportunity - but may not be actively searching • LinkedIn makes mobile job seekers a priority • Personalized listings, apply in one tap, and more
  17. 17. LinkedIn Talent Solutions offers a full suite of tools to help you find, attract, and hire top candidates. Contact us to learn more. Call 855-655-5653 Or request a to be contacted in the survey Let’s connect! Madi Shove Product Marketing Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions Jessica Guro Customer Success Manager, LinkedIn Talent Solutions
  18. 18. Thank you!