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Love, Passion and Dream Jobs 2013


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A look at English-speaking professionals around the globe to see how many included “love”, “passion” and “dream job” in their LinkedIn profiles.

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Love, Passion and Dream Jobs 2013

  1. Love, Passion and Dream Jobs Valentines Day 2013©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved. 1
  2. Where do professionals who love their work live?A visualization of where English-speaking members mention “love”, “passion” or “dream job” on their LinkedIn profile.
  3. OverallUS, Canada, UK, Australia, India Top 10 Metro Areas 1. Fort Collins, Colorado 2. Harrogate, United Kingdom 3. Brighton, United Kingdom 4. Queensland, Australia 5. San Luis Obispo, California 6. Asheville, North Carolina 7. Vancouver, BC, Canada 8. Truro, United Kingdom 9. Launceston, Australia 10. Bristol, United Kingdom©2013 LinkedIn Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
  4. United Statesand Canada Top 10 Cities1. Fort Collins, CO2. San Luis Obispo, CA3. Asheville, NC4. Vancouver, BC, Canada5. Greater Denver6. Santa Barbara, CA7. Santa Fe, NM8. Medford, OR9. Bellingham, WA10. Portland, OR More Mentions of Love
  5. UnitedKingdom Top 10 Cities1. Harrogate2. Brighton3. Truro4. Bristol5. Leeds6. Bournemouth7. Huddersfield8. Manchester9. Bath10. London
  6. Australia Top 10 Regions1. Queensland2. Launceston3. New South Wales4. Sydney5. Brisbane6. Newcastle7. Melbourne8. Cairns9. Adelaide10. Tasmania
  7. India Top 10 Regions1. Ganganagar2. Jalandhar3. Gurgaon4. Mumbai5. Shimla6. Bengaluru7. New Delhi8. Patiala9. Chandigarh10.Marmagao