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Australia Financial Services Professionals | Talent Pool Report


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While Sydney is the financial capital of Australia, it's interesting to see financial professionals are most in demand in Perth. Why? Download this report to engage with this critical group.

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Australia Financial Services Professionals | Talent Pool Report

  1. 1. Talent InsightsWhich skills are in short supply?The most in demand skills amongst this talent pool rightnow reflect the current economic environment, withmergers and corporate restructuring amongst the top 3.Governance, strategy and risk management are also keyskills. Recruiters are using keywords to find talent withrelevant talent, skills are a vital way for companies to findthe right candidate.Executive summaryCompanies looking for financial services professionalscan look to LinkedIn for this talent pool. Did you knowwhile Sydney is the finance capital of Australia witharound 40% of this talent pool, financial professionalsare most in demand in Perth, evidence the mining andenergy boom’s impact is having knock on effects.• There are over 94,000 financial professionalsthroughout Australia, in audit, accounting andanalysis functions• Sydney is the most predominant region for thistalent pool, with almost 40,000 members• Demand is lagging in Melbourne and Adelaide,with a member in Perth, 2-3 times more likely to beapproached by a recruiter• Strategy skills are most in demand, along withmerger and acquisition experience and as a sign ofthe economic environment, corporate restructuringand risk management are also sought after• Unsurprisingly, these professionals are financiallydriven, they value excellent compensation andbenefits above other value propositions whenconsidering jobsOverviewLinkedIn data can be used to evaluate the supply anddemand profile of talent pools. Our data shows thatthere is disparity in the demand amongst the variousregions in Australia for financial services talent. Themajority of this talent pool resides in Sydney, Melbourneand Brisbane. A higher demand index means thatthe average professional in a region is receiving morecontact from recruiters than peers in other regions.Where should you look for talent?• Untapped: These mid-sized markets have relativelylower demand, meaning hiring is likely to be easier• High-Demand: These are the largest markets, whereoverall demand is also highest and hiring may bedifficult• Saturated: These small to mid-sized markets also havevery high demand, meaning hiring is likely to be difficultMay 2013Financial Professionalsin AustraliaAudit, accounting and analysis focus500 1,000 2,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 50,000 100,000010203040506070SydneyPerthNewcastleAdelaideMelbourneBrisbaneHIGH-DEMANDUNTAPPEDSATURATEDMembersDemandIndexRegion Quadrant
  2. 2. What are financial professionals looking for?Percentage who believe each attribute is important when considering a job opportunity1. Employees’ NetworksEngage with the talent already connected to your employeesA world of LinkedIn members – including your employees – are connected to this talent pool2. Company FollowersPost relevant information about your company and industryMembers are nearly 3x more likely to apply for jobs at companies they follow3. Company/Career PageGive candidates a picture of what it’s like to work for your companyShowcase your employment brand with focused, targeted content4. Targeted AdvertisingDynamically deliver your message to members that fit your opportunity - on and off LinkedInDrive traffic to your career page and jobs, or reach out to passive candidates directlyWant to learn more about how your company is already connected to this talent pool and how you can best leveragethese assets to reach this important talent pool for job opportunities? talent.linkedin.comSource: Australian LinkedIn financial services members July 2012 – Online survey – 106 respondentsCopyright © 2013 LinkedIn Corporation. LinkedIn, the LinkedIn logo, and InMail are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation inthe United States and/or other countries. All other brands and names are the property of their respective owners. All rights reserved.How can you reach out to this critical talent pool?Financial professionals value compensation and benefits above work life balance and a strong career path, but comparedto other professionals they value a career path more by 26%. They are also more interested in cultural fit (+25%) and jobsecurity (+26%) but in comparison, less interested in work life balance. So when recruiting for this talent pool, you can bemore competitive by ensuring your messaging and value propositions align with these attitudes.Reach this critical talent by leveraging the assets you already have on LinkedIn. Beyond that, posting your financialservices roles positions on LinkedIn allows our matching algorithms to put those jobs in front of relevant candidates –active or passive.EXCELLENT COMPENSATION & BENEFITSGOOD WORK/LIFE BALANCEFLEXIBLE WORK ARRANGEMENTSSTRONG CAREER PATHCHALLENGING WORKSTRONG EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENTJOB SECURITYCULTURE THAT FITS MY PERSONALITYFinance Avg47.0%41.0%40.0%37.0%32.0%26.0%25.0%50.0%50.0%53.0%32.0%32.0%29.0%31.0%24.0%26.0%