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It's All About the Candidate | Talent Connect Vegas 2013


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How do you ensure that your candidates feel as good about your company as your customers? Airbnb, Comcast, and RMS share how they built their candidate experience programs in diverse and creative ways.

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It's All About the Candidate | Talent Connect Vegas 2013

  1. 1. TheCandidate E x p e r i e n c e: Jill Riopelle …exploring the nee ds of our most critica l stakeholders Recruiting operations Manager Airbnb Amelia Merrill VP, Talent Acquisition and Employee Engagement RMS Raul Valentin VP Talent Acquisition Comcast Moderator: Gerry Crispin Chief Navigator CareerXroads
  2. 2. Jill Amelia Raul Audience Q &A Audience Polls Q&A
  3. 3. … attitudes and opinions… … regarding the recruiting process; the stakeholders in the process; the work itself; the company as a place to work… … actions taken Source: CareerXroads Candidate Experience monograph, March, 2011 #intalent
  4. 4. 2012 UK Candidate Experience Award Winners #intalent
  5. 5. Jill Amelia Raul Tell us a little more about your company and role before we get into the details of your Candidate Experience. #intalent
  6. 6. Jill Amelia Raul When you started down this path to improve your candidate’s experience did you have any ‘push back’? What were the first one or two ‘practices’ you changed, added or improved and why? #intalent
  7. 7. Jill Amelia Raul Beyond what you already said were there measures how you treat candidates you could tie back to business results? #intalent
  8. 8. Jill Amelia Raul The phrase ‘black hole’ has become a rallying cry highlighting candidate frustration. How do you handle the candidate’s interest in their status? #intalent
  9. 9. Jill Amelia Raul How do you handle questions prospects have before they apply…when they are researching your company? - Can prospects call, email, text message recruiters directly? - Do you have SM like Linkedin Groups, Talent Communities, Facebook fan pages where Q&A can take place? - Do you have interactive FAQs, recruiter blogs linked on your Company site’s career pages? - Do you have chat rooms or webinars emphasizing specific jobs? #intalent
  10. 10. Jill Amelia Raul How do you communicate with candidates who apply but, never make it to finalist? Do you differentiate between those who were qualified and those who weren’t? #intalent
  11. 11. Jill Amelia Raul What else would you like to do that you believe impacts candidate experience… (that you haven’t already done)? #intalent
  12. 12. Jill Amelia Raul Audience Q &A Audience Polls Q&A
  13. 13. Jill Amelia Raul What advice would you offer to your colleagues in the audience interested in ramping up their commitment to candidate engagement? #intalent
  14. 14. Jill Amelia Raul Thank You!
  15. 15. CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE #intalent
  16. 16. #intalent
  17. 17. Comcast Careers Website Fast Forward your job search on 11/4/13 #intalent
  18. 18. Placeholder for slide or two to show off some aspect of CE Amelia #intalent