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InMail on the Move: Attracting the Mobile Workforce in EMEA | Talent Connect London 2013


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Your next hire is likely reading your message on his or her smartphone. Learn tips from LinkedIn and Epicor on how to make data-driven decisions with the InMail Analytics report, and to enhance your messaging to tap into a mobile talent pool.

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InMail on the Move: Attracting the Mobile Workforce in EMEA | Talent Connect London 2013

  1. 1. InMail on the Move: Attracting the Mobile Workforce Ross Carvalho RPC at LinkedIn Shane Hicks VP Global Talent at Epicor
  2. 2. Why mobile and why now? >  Mobile devices now outnumber PCs  70% job seekers search for jobs on their mobile devices*  30% apply for jobs on their mobile device*  86% of job seekers would apply for jobs on their mobile device if there was an easy way*  50% of their workforce will be made up of Millennials by 2018* *Source: Simply Hired
  3. 3. LinkedIn on Mobile Nearly 30% of job views come from mobile devices Average of 33% unique visiting members come through mobile apps, versus 21% a year ago Support 15 total languages on iPhone and Android 26 people searches every second 90 profiles viewed every second
  4. 4. Optimize Your Profile for Mobile  Ensure you have the most current version of the LinkedIn app on your mobile device  Ensure your profile is 100% complete  Add your phone number in your profile  Add your IM to your profile  Get endorsements and recommendations  Ensure you have a link to your ATS or career page
  5. 5. 5 Tips for Effective Mobile InMailing 1. Determine if you're sending to a wireless device 2. Keep message short and sweet 3. Don't overabrv8. 4. Write a strong subject line 5. Skip the lengthy signature line
  6. 6. Best Practices from Epicor
  7. 7. A little about $1B Enterprise Software Company with 4,600 staff, operating in 140 countries
  8. 8. Staffing Team Current KPI‟s Hires Per Year – 1,400 Avg Cost Per Hire - $1,700 Direct Hires vs Agency – 98% Leavers within 1st 12 months of service – 4%
  9. 9. What has sending 23,000 inmails a year taught me? Start on the Right Track Make sure you start with a GREAT intro, which means putting personalisation up front: rather than stick with a bland opening, try something specific. “David, I am reaching out to you given your strong front-end development experience, particularly with JavaScript. Your unique mix of front-end and backend knowledge and experience that you have gained working at xxxxxxxxx really caught the attention of our development manager.” Typical openings like “I was impressed with your profile,” “Sorry for the email,” and “Hi, my name is,” do not really help you stand out and thus are ineffective
  10. 10. What has sending 23,000 inmails a year taught me? Tell a Story The Market Story Why do we exist? What‟s our potential? The Technology Story How is the Epicor product built? What‟s interesting? Challenging? The Relevance Story Why does the role matter to the candidate? Why do they fit?
  11. 11. What has sending 23,000 inmails a year taught me? You, Your, Yours Instead of saying: "Hi, I’m a recruiter for Epicor. We have some great positions over here. Call me," How About: "From what I understand you are a JavaScript expert. This would take your career more in the direction of enterprise software and I would love to learn more about you and your interests."
  12. 12. What has sending 23,000 inmails a year taught me? The subtle „call to action or response‟ An inmail campaign to „Internal Communication Managers‟ “I feel a little nervous about writing to internal communication managers…how am I doing?” An immail campaign to „Product Marketing Directors‟ “I’m looking for the most innovate, evanglislitic (is that even a word?)”
  13. 13. InMail Analytics
  14. 14. Powerful Analytics
  15. 15. Analytics Before Implementing InMail Strategy InMails Accepted Declined No response 102 6 17 79 6% response rate  Build templates based on skills and experience of members.  Create opportunity for customization in templates.  Focus on opportunity in the message, not the job.  Personalize the messages as often as possible.  Review Profiles Viewed to InMails Sent ratio. 100% Used templates 102 InMails, 102 with templates
  16. 16. Analytics After Changing InMail Strategy InMails Accepted Declined No response 78 23 6 49 29% response rate  Leverage templates that allow for personalization.  Ensure templates are resonating with the audience.  Focus more on the opportunity, and less on the job. 84% Used templates 78 InMails, 66 with templates