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How Vedanta Ltd saved USD 1million with LinkedIn Talent Solutions


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Read how the world’s leading natural resource company, Vedanta Ltd, partnered with LinkedIn to deliver hiring ROI and USD 1.2m in savings in one year.

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How Vedanta Ltd saved USD 1million with LinkedIn Talent Solutions

  1. 1. CASE STUDY How a diversified natural resources company saved USD 1million with LinkedIn Talent Solutions Vedanta Ltd, world’s leading natural resources company, has operations across zinc- lead-silver, oil & gas, iron ore, copper, aluminium and commercial power. With over 60,000 employees, Vedanta is one of the largest global diversified natural resource majors in the world. A core industry leader, their efforts in mining and exploration have given rise to many geological discoveries.
  2. 2. As an industry leader, Vedanta has a technology oriented approach to growth. This tech-first mindset has made Vedanta a first among its peers to explore new age digital methods and sources of hiring key talent. Hiring For Core: The company was on the lookout for global talent with 10-15+ years of experience in specialised roles. The team needed a fast and efficient plan to reach out to this segment of talent, who could bring in global and industry best practices to drive growth. THE CONTEXT “We’re a company that considers technology, innovation & digitization as a key pillar in our overall business strategy. Since talent is a core aspect of our growth model, making a digital connection with talent seemed like a natural fit.” Sunil Duggal CEO, Base Metals
  3. 3. THE APPROACH Vedanta believes in, and has a strong program for developing internal talent for leadership roles. In fact, their Chairman’s workshop recently identified 600 leaders from within the company, preparing them for future leadership roles. However, with accelerating growth, there was a strong need to look externally at global talent, especially for some key roles. In order to hire efficiently, Vedanta was able to glean key insights via LinkedIn. Being able to access relevant information about potential candidates such as geographical preference enabled considerable results. Through their relationship with LinkedIn, they were able to: • Research and map talent in target countries and industries • Reach experienced, international leaders for long term leadership roles as well as short term assignments 1 Reaching out to international talent
  4. 4. THE APPROACH “One of the additional outcomes that we explored aside from hiring international and experienced candidates, was to create brand awareness amongst our target talent communities. This objective was met by building relationships with relevant candidates and creating a pipeline of talent.” Health Safety and Environment (HSE) leaders were one of Vedanta’s key hiring priorities. The HR team used LinkedIn’s Global Recruiter license to access global, senior and expat talent to hire for these important and specialised roles. Moreover, through the Recruiter tool, the talent acquisition team was able to identify candidates who are most likely to thrive in these niche roles. Madhu Srivastava CHRO – Cairn Oil & Gas Head Recruitment for Vedanta Group 2 Mining for leadership roles
  5. 5. THE APPROACH 3 Appealing to the highly skilled HSE roles are extremely hard to fill due to the global levels of compliance that Vedanta needs to have in their plants. These roles require highly skilled individuals with expertise in areas such as physics, geology, petroleum engineering, drilling and so forth. Most positions that needed to be filled required a minimum of 20 years of experience. LinkedIn enabled Vedanta to connect directly with those who fit the role. Relevant content published on their career page also facilitated an authentic connection between potential candidates and the company. “We took a talent engagement approach for this project, focusing on the complete candidate journey. This led to not just fulfilment of strategic roles that were open at that time, but also resulted in positive brand recall within our target talent pools on LinkedIn.” Richa Saraswat Manager – Talent Acquisition
  6. 6. Vedanta Career Page Company Overview Showcase your company culture Highlight jobs at the company
  7. 7. worth of cost savings in FY 2017-18 USD 1.2M Vedanta was able to noticeably increase brand awareness. Additionally, collaborating with LinkedIn resulted in a remarkable ROI and a significant decline in the cost to hire. THE RESULTS 43% growth in career page followers 80% of HSE leadership hiring closed via LinkedIn 29 critical positions closed during the year through LinkedIn *All result metrics for FY2017-18
  8. 8. “At Vedanta, we are driven by results and believe in an analytical approach. Partnering with LinkedIn enabled us to translate this ideology to hiring as well. The ROI driven planning empowered us to hire highly skilled global talent. Moreover, the ROI exceeded expectations as we opened doors to pioneering leaders.” Suresh Bose Head – Group HR
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